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ES 10-09-08

buying @ 998.5

stop 994.5

i think it goes to 1010 - 1015 and back to the lows.
Looking at a 3 minute NYSE TICK chart for today I count 22 candles whose low has pierced -1000. I can't recall ever seeing that many before in one day.
i dont know how can u lose on any trade. 90 % of ur every prediction out there comes true.
Behold the power!...out at 976.00 plus 4.5.. now up nicely
Cause i dont always listen to myself!!! Remember when i bought earlier right in front of my expected peak at 1:24 i think? GOT CRUSHED!
WELL, I THOUGHT 970 WOULD HOLD! headin into a good low soon tho!(see Akola , im not always right!)
950 ?

short 971
we havent had 7 losing days in a row since 1996.( course the fat lady isnt singing yet)
covered breakeven
Originally posted by koolblue

YEAH, Joe .. as i said i did! But i was sure it could be mastered and after using every system known at the time , i decided to be my own 'expert' and develop my own thing! been fine ever since!

Well said, You can hear it a million times but its whats needed...a system. I am counter trend trader most of the time so its a given that you'll draw down a fairly large amount at times. But my draw downs are smaller than my winners, and once losses occur I go smaller on contract size and then add back to it when things go back to normal. I don't need a new system I just wish I knew how to flip the counter trend trader off and turn on the trend trader in an instant.