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ES Key numbers for 3-14-11

Here are the key numbers from Fridays trade and a chart with the volume showing why they are key. On your own charts you can compare where your high volume is with price.



1288 - 1289
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The upper zone not shown on the chart is up near 1308 just in case we rally in the O/N session on Sunday
note that avg daily range for the last 5 or 10 days is around 22 handles.. and todays high 1300.75-22=1278.75!
i think i will start looking to buy here at the 1283-1282 level
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es 06 11 60 min 3142011
btw, great call Optimus!!! so far my 1283.25 was hit but no dam fill!
Optimus..I have a number also down at 82.50 - 83 as it was a Volume node made by TIME in the O/N on friday....
1282.25 = old gap fill
Hope so guys!...long now from 1283.25 (usual stop to start)
still looking at old contract for numbers
Originally posted by koolblue

Hope so guys!...long now from 1283.25 (usual stop to start)
but keep in mind that 30 min projection!!!
i'm long 1282.75
so about 6 points to go. Sorry today fingers re faster than brain
at least thats what seasonals hint at
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