ES Key numbers for 3-14-11

Here are the key numbers from Fridays trade and a chart with the volume showing why they are key. On your own charts you can compare where your high volume is with price.



1288 - 1289
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The upper zone not shown on the chart is up near 1308 just in case we rally in the O/N session on Sunday
i'll take one off at 1285.25... and raise my stop. Being cautious here because of that darn 30 min chart....
took my 2 @ 1284.75 and running with them. time to get into the office. have a great day everyone. see ya tomorrow. :)
Great Trade Optimus !

New Low Vol Node at 85.75
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have good confluence from my 5min and 13 min charts still down at 82-82.25...but the 78 munber looms large right below, so longs have to be quite quick imho
I have new hV at 84 even......typo in my other post that zone was 81 - 82.50 from Fridays ON
i agree kool, the 78 level shows up on my 161 extention, i would be very leary of that level especially with all the Chaos going around in Japan,Libya and jordan..any flare-ups and you could slammed. have a great day. AHH i'm late
ideal for me would be to have new lows and divergence in Volume to set the long for the 84 retest
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long from 82
at least thats what seasonals hint at