ES 3-16-2011

Thought I'd post profile for Monday/Tuesday along side last weeks profile. These are RTH only profiles. Quite a few unfilled gaps over the last several trading days. Have we found an important bottom here or more downside to come?

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added at 68.75....key area now
first target is now OR low
13500 bought at 1268.50, according to M-Delta
thanks Lisa //I'd like to see $ticks get on board and get above OR highs to get that 75.50
Book thin again this morning... feels like I am trading CL !
another 5000 bought at 1269
runners stopped at 69.....trying again from 68.25....hoping they don't want to push to 66 first.....OR low is target again...if this zone fails then 62 is also way down there
trying to trade from VOlume to 68 - 70 should hold in theory to go for upper volume at 75.50
c'mon lets push through this OR ...this time!!
I think that the "big wig" who bought the first 13.5K contracts came back to finish the "'fill" with the other 5K. My crystal ball says we will close the gap - those guys are
look at that right down into that 47.50 in the O/N session......perfect magnet