ES 3-16-2011

Thought I'd post profile for Monday/Tuesday along side last weeks profile. These are RTH only profiles. Quite a few unfilled gaps over the last several trading days. Have we found an important bottom here or more downside to come?

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Thanks PT....I'm much more patience when I have taken something off and trying to hold for further gains......the thing I'm trying to get better at is being less stubborn and more objective on my final exits....

and that's been a slow process.....
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Bruce, great patience through a very choppy trade !

I was in and out 3 times in all this chop...

Floor seems focused on the gap fill at 75.30 in the bigs.
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some beleive in an OR close which would be the closing minute of trade. IF you beleive that the opening range is defined by the one minute high and low like I do then it may pay to not get greedy and look at the closing range lows and highs on gap fills...

good little reactions there sometimes
good point Bruce, going by opening print I have 72, and the first 3 - 15 min candles have closed below
given the current geo political problems, the petro numbers coming out in 3 minutes may give us a pop 1 direction or another.
VWAP is like a brick wall.
It is possible that HAL, the computer, is in charge today. If this is right, he takes perfect trades off the VWAP - 2 points.

When he is in charge, he takes the market almost to the target (say yest's close), then "PrepH" small players, and gloriously gets to the target. We will see. Still have a runner
Yahtzee!!! there's my 75!!
I'm keeping the day in context and that is that we opened inside YD range and are trading on both sides of the open....and look at Lorns O/N profile.......consolidation is somewhat other words, today would be a much harder day to hold for trends I think..

probably better to sell rallies above the gap fill and if that
sorry, actually filled at 74.75
cool ..congrats to those who held ....
YM has NOT entered the gap. IF it does, we may run up to that gap close. Just a thought. Watching
Out at 1275. Whew. Exhausting trade. See my prev post re "PrepH"
look at that right down into that 47.50 in the O/N session......perfect magnet