NLP Trading Psychology

Chameleon chat 31 Jan 2006 in Market Profile trading room

NLP a psychological technique for changing behavior and improving trading goals

NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming. A technique to model and study superstars (in this case superstar traders) and by doing so (theoretically) we can model and duplicate their behavior and become superstars ourselves.

MP3 Audio of Chameleon's Chat

This is the transcript in the room that accompanied the MP3 chat. You'll need to line up the time stamps with the audio:

(12:00 PM) B_J_B: good
(12:00 PM) lizacb: good
(12:00 PM) SandyGrenoble: ok
(12:00 PM) plantpro: perfect
(12:00 PM) traderant999: sound like greenspan
(12:04 PM) jpjtrading1: i wont share my lunch
(12:04 PM) jpjtrading1: or my beer
(12:05 PM) cfa-too: not necessarily in that order
(12:05 PM) kajak: ?
(12:06 PM) eagle9: y
guy003: ?
(12:06 PM) DM_ 13: y
(12:06 PM) plantpro: y
(12:06 PM) lizacb: y
(12:06 PM) vac4life: y
(12:06 PM) johnah_1: y
(12:06 PM) frank_s: y
(12:06 PM) B_J_B: ?
(12:06 PM) kajak: ?
(12:06 PM) redbeard_663: y
(12:06 PM) robert_t: y
(12:06 PM) amwamw: y
(12:06 PM) sherrie44: y
(12:06 PM) nightengale3: y
(12:07 PM) lizacb: n
(12:07 PM) amwamw: n
(12:07 PM) plantpro: n
(12:07 PM) johnah_1: no
(12:07 PM) eagle9: n
(12:07 PM) kajak: not me
(12:07 PM) sherrie44: n
(12:07 PM) B_J_B: n
(12:07 PM) vac4life: n
(12:07 PM) frank_s: n
(12:07 PM) DM_ 13: n
(12:07 PM) axmeister: n
(12:09 PM) kajak: you doing great
(12:12 PM) eagle9: wow
(12:15 PM) lizacb: y
(12:15 PM) eagle9: y
(12:15 PM) sherrie44: y
(12:15 PM) robert_t: y
(12:15 PM) jseto: pee break
(12:15 PM) dave1_9: born
(12:15 PM) plantpro: y
(12:15 PM) tulioand: y
(12:15 PM) DM_ 13: y
(12:15 PM) kajak: y
(12:15 PM) vac4life: yip
guy003: 1. Not taking set-ups
guy003: 2. Pre-exiting stops
guy003: 3. Pre-exiting targets
guy003: y
(12:19 PM) deedee217_3: y
(12:19 PM) eagle9: y
(12:19 PM) frank_s: y
(12:19 PM) sherrie44: y
(12:19 PM) dave1_9: y
(12:19 PM) B_J_B: y
(12:19 PM) johnah_1: y
(12:19 PM) zonez: y
(12:19 PM) Robert9012: Y
(12:19 PM) vac4life: y
(12:19 PM) kajak: y
(12:19 PM) plantpro: y
(12:19 PM) robert_t: #
(12:19 PM) traderant999: y..i wanna be a star
(12:19 PM) aceadolph: overtrading
(12:19 PM) robert_t: y
(12:19 PM) traderant999: lol
(12:20 PM) amwamw: patience
(12:20 PM) eagle9: y
(12:20 PM) aceadolph: y
(12:23 PM) dave1_9: cham, has a very smooth voice
(12:23 PM) eagle9: agree dave
(12:26 PM) lizacb: yes
(12:26 PM) plantpro: y
(12:26 PM) eagle9: y
(12:26 PM) lizacb: excellent
(12:26 PM) DM_ 13: y
(12:26 PM) axmeister: y
(12:26 PM) B_J_B: y
(12:26 PM) sherrie44: y
(12:26 PM) eagle9: excellent
(12:27 PM) amwamw: got iyt
(12:27 PM) goody789: yes very good
(12:27 PM) Ken _T: y
(12:27 PM) vac4life: with you
(12:27 PM) dave1_9: what if your stuck on the pain
(12:27 PM) Rex-0: y
(12:27 PM) dave1_9: how do you change it
(12:27 PM) dave1_9: OK great
guy003: 1. How not changing your behavior will be more painful than changing it.
guy003: 2. How changing it will bring you pleasure.
(12:31 PM) lizacb: ty cham
(12:31 PM) lizacb: this has been wonderful
guy003: agree - thanks 1chameleon !! you're excellent
(12:31 PM) B_J_B: ?
(12:31 PM) plantpro: applause
(12:32 PM) eagle9: excellent cham
(12:32 PM) jseto: cfa is a great trader because he links pleasure to pain ?
(12:32 PM) cfa-too: no pain no gain
(12:33 PM) cfa-too: zb @ dbl ib here
(12:33 PM) zonez: i think my dominatrix is gonna need a new client
(12:33 PM) traderant999: lpol
(12:34 PM) skook: LOL
(12:34 PM) traderant999: and lol
(12:34 PM) cfa-too: dominatrix just got aquited of murder yesterday here zonez
(12:34 PM) bankj: sound check please
(12:35 PM) jseto: zonez is on her waiting list ?
(12:35 PM) zonez: lol
(12:35 PM) dogfoot_1: thought cham went out to have a cigarette
guy003: you're describing JP
(12:36 PM) dave1_9: thx guy for making the posts
guy003: y/w
(12:37 PM) dave1_9: i could hear Cham, but i was in kitchen making a sandwhich
(12:37 PM) eagle9: lol
(12:38 PM) eagle9: y
(12:38 PM) bloomie: y
(12:38 PM) dave1_9: y
(12:38 PM) lizacb: y
(12:38 PM) deedee217_3: y
(12:38 PM) plantpro: ready
(12:38 PM) DM_ 13: sure
(12:38 PM) vac4life: y
(12:38 PM) sherrie44: y
(12:38 PM) frank_s: y
(12:38 PM) tulioand: y
(12:38 PM) zonez: will it hurt?
(12:38 PM) dave1_9: LEts GET IT ON!
(12:38 PM) SandyGrenoble: y
(12:38 PM) traderant999: ? git r dun
(12:40 PM) 1chameleon: what is the pain you associate that has kept you from taking action
(12:41 PM) sherrie44: done
(12:42 PM) lizacb: ok
(12:42 PM) Rex-0: ?
(12:42 PM) bloomie: done
(12:42 PM) robert_t: done
guy003: Chameleon - what is the name of the person who converted the Jesus nut?
(12:42 PM) johnah_1: wtg
(12:42 PM) vac4life: done
(12:42 PM) DM_ 13: y
(12:42 PM) eagle9: done
(12:42 PM) SandyGrenoble: ok
(12:42 PM) omni72: bandler
(12:42 PM) B_J_B: done
guy003: Richard Bambler
(12:42 PM) DigitaLNomad88: ?
guy003: thanks
(12:42 PM) traderant999: ?
(12:42 PM) 1chameleon: all the pleasure youve gotten from not taking this action
(12:42 PM) dave1_9: exactly
(12:42 PM) zonez: ?
(12:42 PM) jpjtrading1: brb
(12:44 PM) 1chameleon: what will it cost if you dont follow through on this action
(12:47 PM) Ken _T: hold on Ineed to go to office depot to buy more paper
(12:47 PM) vac4life: lol ken
(12:47 PM) 1chameleon: all the benefits you will gain byu taking this action
(12:48 PM) 1chameleon: NOW
(12:50 PM) dave1_9: great
(12:50 PM) dave1_9: nice prema
(12:50 PM) sherrie44: ?
(12:50 PM) tulioand: me
(12:50 PM) DM_ 13: y
(12:50 PM) eagle9: me
(12:50 PM) johnah_1: m
(12:50 PM) bloomie: me
(12:50 PM) calvin_15: y
(12:50 PM) blownout: y
(12:50 PM) DigitaLNomad88: ?
(12:50 PM) aceadolph: y
(12:50 PM) Robert9012: Y
(12:50 PM) axmeister: m
(12:50 PM) plantpro: y
guy003: y
(12:50 PM) zonez: ?
(12:50 PM) SandyGrenoble: ?
(12:50 PM) dave1_9: ?
(12:50 PM) B_J_B: ?
(12:51 PM) vac4life: y
(12:51 PM) nightengale3: y
(12:51 PM) teemac2: y
(12:51 PM) deedee217_3: me
(12:51 PM) Ken _T: y
(12:51 PM) skook: y
(12:51 PM) jseto: y
(12:51 PM) john h_1: y
(12:51 PM) gris2: y
(12:51 PM) frank_s: me
(12:51 PM) bankj: me
(12:51 PM) cweed: Y
(12:51 PM) glars: y
(12:51 PM) sherrie44: me
(12:51 PM) frank2218: y
(12:51 PM) traderant999: ?
(12:51 PM) whit6436: y
(12:51 PM) robert_t: great job chamelion
(12:51 PM) kajak: ?
(12:51 PM) omni72: y
(12:51 PM) dave1_9: Dude your a natural
(12:51 PM) zonez: ?
(12:51 PM) lizacb: m
(12:51 PM) lizacb: ty cham..awesome
(12:51 PM) tulioand: with a great appreciattion
(12:51 PM) lizacb: truyely
(12:51 PM) 1chameleon: 3 keys to lasting change
(12:51 PM) 1chameleon: 1
(12:52 PM) 1chameleon: leverage
(12:53 PM) 1chameleon: 2
(12:53 PM) 1chameleon: pattern interrupt
(12:54 PM) dave1_9: sorry can you repeat please
(12:54 PM) dave1_9: yep thanks
(12:55 PM) 1chameleon: 3
(12:55 PM) 1chameleon: change your focus to what will be the pain if you dont change
(12:57 PM) dave1_9: lol
(12:57 PM) johnah_1: Ill try that with my wife tonight
(12:57 PM) dave1_9: lol
(12:57 PM) zonez: ok gotta but waterproof keyboard
(12:58 PM) dave1_9: sounds like she needs dr phil
(12:58 PM) johnah_1: lol
(12:58 PM) eagle9: this is great stuff
(12:58 PM) dave1_9: no doubt
(12:58 PM) dave1_9: lmao
(12:59 PM) jpjtrading1: i was a perfect child
(12:59 PM) jpjtrading1: lol
(12:59 PM) dave1_9: lol
(12:59 PM) dave1_9: does anyone have the shock therapy chair
(12:59 PM) dave1_9: and can we tie that into Market Profile, or just give JP the buzzer
(12:59 PM) Ken _T: next week is brain repalcement
(1:00 PM) john h_1: knitting needle in leg works
(1:00 PM) eagle9: ken lol
(1:00 PM) dave1_9: ouch!
(1:00 PM) aceadolph: snap a rubber band on wrist
(1:00 PM) dave1_9: Drop a weight onyour toe
(1:00 PM) jseto: pubic hair on fire
guy003: Have a naked wire coming out of the socket in the wall - always works with me
(1:00 PM) dave1_9: TMI JSETO
(1:01 PM) dave1_9: lol
(1:01 PM) cweed: LOL
(1:01 PM) zonez: lol
(1:01 PM) dave1_9: lmao Guy
(1:01 PM) plantpro: stand up and look up
(1:01 PM) omni72: punching bag
(1:01 PM) lizacb: 100 sit ups
(1:01 PM) omni72: ?
(1:01 PM) dave1_9: how do we know when to interrupt
(1:01 PM) redbeard_663: pinch yourself
(1:01 PM) B_J_B: imagine erasing thoughts on chalk bord
(1:02 PM) lizacb: wash hands
(1:02 PM) omni72: write it on a whiteboard and erase it bjb?
(1:02 PM) eagle9: stand up and stretch
guy003: run some paper through the shredding machine...
(1:03 PM) B_J_B: yes or imagine it
(1:03 PM) dave1_9: this is very interesting stuff
(1:03 PM) traderant999: take pic of omni and throw darts at for me
(1:03 PM) omni72: just trying to get the physical aspect
(1:03 PM) vac4life: run fingernails down a blackboard ?
(1:03 PM) omni72: lol
(1:03 PM) blownout: looking at pictures of your family
(1:03 PM) cweed: burn a dallar
guy003: well - i thought that it was both physcial and a metaphor - example - write down what the problem is and then shred it
(1:03 PM) johnah_1: take a toke
(1:03 PM) omni72: i know the kind of 'darts' you throw Ant ?
(1:04 PM) traderant999: lol
(1:04 PM) aceadolph: how do you stay out of that place or pattern
(1:04 PM) dave1_9: no just send to me dave1_9
(1:04 PM) dave1_9: i will give you my address later
(1:04 PM) aceadolph: keep going back
(1:05 PM) cfa-too: take a hit off the bong
(1:06 PM) robert_t: turns fear into paranoia
(1:06 PM) johnah_1: lol robert
(1:06 PM) 1chameleon: 3 conditioning yourself
(1:06 PM) cfa-too: +6
(1:07 PM) cfa-too: orry cat stepped on keyboard
(1:08 PM) zukal: hit your chest like a gorila
(1:09 PM) jpjtrading1: 1 thru 10 should be to improve your trading!!!!
(1:10 PM) jpjtrading1: lamborghini
(1:10 PM) jpjtrading1: owing the mirage casino
(1:10 PM) jpjtrading1: owning
(1:10 PM) jpjtrading1: lol
(1:10 PM) zonez: lol slip there JP
(1:11 PM) jpjtrading1: yup
(1:11 PM) jpjtrading1: lol
(1:11 PM) johnah_1: he wants to hire johhny mathis
(1:11 PM) sherrie44: no small goals for jp ?
(1:11 PM) sherrie44: totally agree
(1:11 PM) nightengale3: that is so true!
(1:11 PM) bloomie: yes do it again
(1:12 PM) johnah_1: please do another one; awesome chameleon
(1:12 PM) cweed: yes please
(1:12 PM) jseto: You get what u deserve
(1:12 PM) tulioand: Sure I do want it again as many time as you can do it for us
(1:13 PM) cfa-too: i beleive i need to win powerball '
(1:13 PM) jpjtrading1: lol
(1:13 PM) jpjtrading1: loser
(1:13 PM) jpjtrading1: lol
(1:13 PM) cfa-too: hahaha
(1:14 PM) cfa-too: if that dumb ass can do it so can i ?
(1:14 PM) jpjtrading1: goofy
(1:14 PM) dave1_9: damn
(1:14 PM) jpjtrading1: lol
(1:14 PM) traderant999: roflmao cfa
(1:14 PM) traderant999: what were the 2nd 10 reason cham?
(1:14 PM) jpjtrading1: i am so broke i cant pay attention
(1:15 PM) jpjtrading1: lol
(1:15 PM) omni72: why you know you can make this change in your life right now TA
(1:16 PM) traderant999: thks mr bb
(1:16 PM) omni72: np bb
(1:16 PM) jpjtrading1: exactly
(1:16 PM) jpjtrading1: thats it
(1:16 PM) jpjtrading1: thats the whole point i have been trying to make
(1:17 PM) jpjtrading1: 10 pt buck--yummy
(1:19 PM) cfa-too: is he hypnotzing us
(1:19 PM) cfa-too: ?
(1:23 PM) lizacb: awesome
(1:23 PM) jseto: clap clap
(1:23 PM) eagle9: awnsone...THANKS
(1:23 PM) omni72: wtg cham, good stuff
(1:23 PM) SandyGrenoble: ? Applause ?
(1:23 PM) lizacb: thank you cham
(1:23 PM) goody789: bravo cham
(1:23 PM) redbeard_663: thanks
(1:23 PM) dave1_9: hey Thanks Chameleon Your ROCK
(1:23 PM) bloomie: yea!
(1:23 PM) frank_s: great
(1:23 PM) tulioand: TY,Cha
(1:23 PM) zonez: and the crowd goes wild!!!!!
(1:23 PM) sherrie44: ty and awesome job cham!!
(1:23 PM) traderant999: ? ? ? BRAVO!!!
(1:23 PM) eagle9: awesome
(1:23 PM) goody789: ?
(1:23 PM) cweed: great
(1:23 PM) robert_t: ty
(1:23 PM) deedee217_3: Thanks so much cham
(1:23 PM) aceadolph: thks cham-good job
(1:23 PM) bloomie: bravo
(1:23 PM) nightengale3: applause!!!
(1:23 PM) johnah_1: great
(1:23 PM) B_J_B: very good chameleon, thank you very much
guy003: ?
(1:23 PM) DM_ 13: thanks Chameleon
(1:23 PM) Robert9012: THANKS
(1:23 PM) zonez: thx so much
(1:23 PM) axmeister: thx a bunch cham
(1:23 PM) kajak: we should have this psycho powwow more often
(1:23 PM) vac4life: ? Thanks Chameleon
(1:23 PM) bankj: excellent, chameleon, thank you so much.
(1:23 PM) kajak: tkx cham
(1:23 PM) john h_1: thnx chameleon....very helpful
(1:23 PM) jseto: Just like Tony Robbins but he didn't throw water at us ?
(1:23 PM) zukal: very well done Champeon
(1:23 PM) 1chameleon: all my pleasure ?
(1:23 PM) gris2: thanks cham!!
(1:23 PM) plantpro: wow..what a blessing
(1:23 PM) traderant999: feet dont burn either
(1:23 PM) johnah_1: well said cfa
(1:24 PM) eagle9: lol
(1:24 PM) SandyGrenoble: yes, this is the way to spend ahead of big news events
(1:24 PM) zukal: lol
(1:24 PM) lizacb: he has a california accent
(1:24 PM) lizacb: lol
(1:24 PM) DigitaLNomad88: very generous
(1:24 PM) skook: like riding a bike you were great
(1:24 PM) teemac2: How about a monday morning pep talk
(1:25 PM) aceadolph: thanks for giving
(1:25 PM) Ken _T: the teacher is many times teh best student
guy003: thanks chameleon
(1:25 PM) Ken _T: the
(1:25 PM) prema: well done swami ?
(1:25 PM) johnah_1: mahalo
(1:26 PM) cfa-too: do it now
(1:26 PM) teemac2: can you suggest some reading material?
(1:26 PM) 1chameleon: any tony robbins books
(1:27 PM) zukal: he sound more sexy than you pj
(1:27 PM) cfa-too: you know too many guys" totrust ?
(1:28 PM) 1chameleon: JP its easy for you to do do it naturally ..what this is about is really modeling what you do and teaching others the process
(1:28 PM) amwamw: jp, 'b' on the ES. Didnt you say we should look for this up here?
(1:31 PM) omni72: good point cfa ... if you are used to jumping off with 2 or 3 ticks, why wait for a 6 tick stop?
guy003: JP - week before last you hit 10 points on Wed and Thu and would have hit 10 if you'd come in on the Friday
(1:34 PM) cfa-too: es for sure is a "b"
(1:34 PM) johnah_1: this HAS to be the best trading room anywhere
(1:35 PM) plantpro: agree johnah
(1:35 PM) cfa-too: i learned em
(1:35 PM) cfa-too: oh good more newbies to make fun of ?
guy003: NLP
guy003: neuro linguistic programming
(1:36 PM) 1chameleon: JP how does someone thats interested iget in for the trial
guy003: We don't want a new group
(1:36 PM) zonez: lol
guy003: Let's be selfish and just keep to ourselves
(1:37 PM) cfa-too: no brits allowed
guy003: ?
guy003: no brits allowed to use the mic
(1:38 PM) plantpro: applause
(1:39 PM) amwamw: skipper
(1:39 PM) john h_1: skippy
(1:40 PM) zonez: yea that's the ticket, and CFA can feed ya straight lines to set up the jokes!
(1:41 PM) zonez: lol
(1:41 PM) bloomie: chicago eeeze is ok w/ me
(1:41 PM) bloomie: appears russel took off some
(1:41 PM) amwamw: quit drinking
(1:42 PM) DigitaLNomad88: I had to quit drinking for a while in order to quit smoking
(1:42 PM) bankj: JP, I have trouble moving my stop to B/E too soon. How do you decide when to move stop to scratch?
(1:45 PM) bankj: ty
(1:46 PM) teemac2: me too digit
(1:46 PM) prema: the trial starting next week?
(1:46 PM) DigitaLNomad88: jp did you say you're having an open room Feb 7- 10
(1:47 PM) prema: have them email you
(1:47 PM) dave1_9: guy your mic is not working
guy003: i was
guy003: LOL
(1:48 PM) omni72: lol
guy003: that was it
(1:48 PM) dave1_9: TMI MAN
(1:48 PM) scottx: well thats always good for a laugh
(1:48 PM) bloomie: lol on nooner
(1:48 PM) traderant999: The trem "superbowl" is trademarked and the sec therfore prohibits it use..thanks for your understanding ?
guy003: i've pushed her away
guy003: I will type my question:
(1:48 PM) dave1_9: whats a trem?
(1:48 PM) traderant999: im taking the steelers
(1:49 PM) bloomie: true cbot trader
guy003: I get the impression that the chicks in this room are better at following your setups than the guys are - do you also get this impression?
(1:49 PM) amwamw: What's the spread?
(1:49 PM) amwamw: 4.5 seahawks
(1:49 PM) frank_s: warshington
(1:50 PM) dogfoot_1: we only have 1/2 of a profile today
(1:50 PM) scottx: im waiting for esig to crash eagle
(1:50 PM) aceadolph: looking at a potential 60/80 in the Russ
(1:51 PM) amwamw: er going higher
(1:51 PM) Light_3: lol, scott
(1:51 PM) scottx: ym re
(1:51 PM) SandyGrenoble: price is starting to go for the stem of the b
(1:51 PM) Light_3: hope esignal doesn't lag as long as it did after the last fomc announcement
(1:51 PM) johnah_1: good point light; that sucked
guy003: JP/chamelon - did you see my gender bias question? If, the ladies in the room are doing better than the guys on average then can we learn anything from the ladies approach?
(1:52 PM) bloomie: plan on esignal delay
(1:52 PM) dave1_9: if they speaking in Arabic, immediately imo
guy003: so if we grew up we'd be better traders then? ?
(1:53 PM) redbeard_663: they don't have the ego's
(1:53 PM) 1chameleon: guy same internal processes that create change are not gender specific
guy003: thanks chameleon
for those interested in investigating NLP, along with the biggies like Bandler, Diltz, and Robbins, i came across some interesting material by Charles Faulkner. Schwager profiled him in one of the "Wizards". he's done a lot of work with traders and finance type people. anyway, i've heard a couple of his presentations and found them useful (well, thought provoking, to say the least). just passing along the name ...

anyone else have any experiences, feedback, resources, etc they would like to share or discuss?

It's been a long time since I read the 2 Market Wizards books. Was Charles Faulkner a psychiatrist or psychologist or a trader?

I have seen that Alexander Elder has published a new book called Entries & Exits : Visits to 16 Trading Rooms. The title sounds a lot like the Market Wizards books - i.e. interview style of successful traders. I haven't read it yet so I don't know if there are any Charles Faulkner style people in it.
you know, i really don't know if CF traded (or trades). CF was in New Market Wizards, under the Psychology section. Krausz was also interviewed, and i think he is also a NLP guy.

i have to admit, when i read Wizards, i didn't read all the interviews; i cherry-picked. mostly the biggies like Marty, LBR, PTJ, seykota, and so forth. CF is one that i haven't read yet.

regarding elder, two things:

1. the book seems to be getting really good reviews. sounds like it's mostly real-world, nitty-gritty, trading people.

2. it's hard for me to really wanna purchase anything from AE. a friend of mine had a rather disturbing experience with AE. after hearing about the crap that AE pulled, it is currently impossible for me to respect and, certainly, endorse anything from AE. in my mind, it casts a suspicious light on everything associated with AE.

if you (or anyone else) decides to check out the book, bring us back a review and synopsis.

Originally posted by omni72

...a friend of mine had a rather disturbing experience with AE. after hearing about the crap that AE pulled, it is currently impossible for me to respect and, certainly, endorse anything from AE. in my mind, it casts a suspicious light on everything associated with AE...

Remember that psychopaths often have rare talents in one area of expertise and you can still learn from them. For example, somebody may be sitting on death row for a heinous crime but that doesn't alter the fact that they might be a star trader and have some brilliant trading strategies. Even though Hitler was a psychopath he obviously had some rare and unique talents that allowed him to get to that position of abuse.
Originally posted by day trading

It's been a long time since I read the 2 Market Wizards books. Was Charles Faulkner a psychiatrist or psychologist or a trader?

I have seen that Alexander Elder has published a new book called Entries & Exits : Visits to 16 Trading Rooms. The title sounds a lot like the Market Wizards books - i.e. interview style of successful traders. I haven't read it yet so I don't know if there are any Charles Faulkner style people in it.

i thought this would be MW-esque as well. it is not. basically, it is a group of Elder's traders. each trader picks one winner and one loser to highlight, analyze, comment, and so forth. plus, AE adds his $.02 on each trade and trader.

many colorful (but not necessarily cluttered) charts throughout the book. i think just about everyone (i stopped reading after about 100 pages) uses MACD, EMAs, RSI, and/or Stoch.

it's all very AE-centric. traders from his camps, traders who have worked with him, etc. the trading room is their actual personal trading space.

bottom line, is it worth the price of admission? yes, because of one statement by Sherri Haskell (from Entries & Exits : Visits to 16 Trading Rooms p. 29):
Try not to make too many decisions during the trading day. Have your strategies mostly thought out during non-trading hours.

is this nugget available only in this book? some well-hidden secret only insiders of the CME or CBOT know? nope. it's just that i happened to hear the clicking noise of the synapses connecting on this concept when i read Sherri's words. keeping that tiny nugget in mind when planning the trading day and while trading would easily pay for the cost of this book several times a day.

i would advise to look at the "Excerpt" on amazon or loiter with it for a while at the local B&N or Borders. make sure it is something like you are seeking. if so, let me know and i'll sell the book and workbook for $50 plus s&h


i would advise to look at the "Excerpt" on amazon or loiter with it for a while at the local B&N or Borders.

I find that I often buy books and then attempt to read them in great detail taking my time over each page. It never works. Most of them remain half read.

That advice of yours is something that I have just started implementing recently. When the opportunity arises (for example have to wait for someone at a mall) I find a book store and sit down with a coffee and can often speed read 3 books in 2 hours. I usually get more from each book in the 2 hours than I would by reading one of those books page by page over a few days. If you refine your speed reading technique and you focus on reading just once a week for a couple of hours in that manner you can absorb the most amazing amount of information.