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Here comes another system--which costs a whopping $6500--that claims to use no indicators whatsoever, only proprietary charts, to day trade the ES. I swear these sites are multiplying faster than roaches in an old soup can. What is so special about trading on price action? It's been done ever since markets existed but lately has become so new and vogue.

I've taken the free trial a couple of times and I'm not impressed. It obviously is targeting the novice trader who has spent a lot of time and money on other trading tools and still is losing money. Who else but the desperate and/or naive would wire $6500 to someone's bank account who, like most others in this con game business, won't even disclose their name, let alone a phone number. In addition to sending your money in a non-recourse fashion, new members are required to sign an unbelievably one sided disclaimer that doesn't even tell you where this company is located. In addition, a search under "who is" reveals an anonymous front hosting company (Tucows).

In fact, the guy who runs this shop (Blade) is so paranoid and secretive that he doesn't even let other members communicate amongst themselves away from the room. He totally forbids any sharing of emails, IM, or Skype and is lightening quick to erase any such posts. On several occasions I witnessed him bleeping out this type of info AND admonishing the person who posted.

What I found particularly interesting was the use of shills in the room to praise and tout the system to the folks who were in for free trial. This is a variation of the three card monte scam in which the people winning money right and left (in this case alleged "members" who expound the virtues of this system ad nauseum) lure the unsuspecting visitors to get on board. Blade himself is the biggest showman when he makes the right call on a trade, making it seem that the magic secret of interpreting price action through this so-called proprietary system is the answer to your dreams. And indeed, the website has all the bait with pictures of folks living their fantasy lives on some tropical island with a Ferrari in the driveway.

In the two weeks I spent in the room, I calculated a win rate of approximately 59% as defined by a trade making one point before hitting a 1.25 stop. No great shakes. Blade claims the system is "robust" in that it gives many signals during the trading session. (I witnessed 10 calls in one day.) When a trade gets stopped before profit Blade has a litany of excuses that are too long to mention in this thread; suffice it to say as any true conman, he knows how to put a spin on the negatives as if it really wasn't all that bad. For example, the market is "acting violently" and the price action, therefore, can't be properly discerned. Blame it on anything but the system. After a couple of quick stopouts in a row, he takes a break as moderator and the room sits in silence.

Although I'm not privy to his secret system, my observations tell me he uses a short term candlestick chart (10 or 15 minute) calling out buys at obvious support and sells at resistance. Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of technical analysis and chart reading could easily make the same calls. I also believe he uses a modified pivot point for his early morning calls which I did find funny. (f X price is broken, expect to go to Y and if that is broken, the Z and vice versa for the upside).

The free trial is worth the price of admission for entertainment, but not much else.

Originally posted by redislk


In the email that Blade sent out today did you notice that he by accident include all the peoples emails that he sent the email to ?

I think we now have everyones email and can start a class action suit against him. ;)


Hmmm. I wonder what would happen if we sent this forum link to all those people? We might get an interesting discussion, because I know there are some of those people who still believe in Blade.
Go for it. If Blade didn't mark it confidential--not for attribution or the like--then you're free and clear. If he did mark it, don't. That's unethical.

Don't count on his admirers sticking up for him if they haven't already done so.
Another email touting the trading abilities of wonder woman Sue. On a day where the guru Blade bombed the morning system trades (could not take listening after 1st hour and a 1/2, so maybe he made money after that), she racked up almost 9 points per car. So I am guessing that she is either trader of the decade or a shill. Anyone care to choose?

Please people if you are considering this service, grab a glass of wine, go to the outdoor fireplace, and light your money on fire. This will save you plenty of agony.

Seems as if Blade needs to get wonder woman to run the room.
This will be my last posting on Tsunami Trading.

After seeing Blade make lousy calls all week, 2 more people signed up. I give up.

Just for the record, he had his best day of the week this morning. He had 2 winners and 2 losers. He did spend quite a bit of time explaining that yesterday, if he had not been short, he would have gotten in at the bottom and rode it all the way to the top. WOW, now if you just could have told us that yesterday before the big run up while you were selling all the way to the top.

He only works half a day on Friday, but before he left he pointed out that a buy he called at 41.25, which he canceled before it filled, would have been a winner. Sorry Blade, it moved against you after you left for a b/e.

The members in the room all feel like Blade is being persecuted in this forum. Yet, he fails to come in and dispute the facts of anything posted so far. The reason is because they indeed are all facts.

The members that are left in the room are all trying to console his hurt feelings. They are fiercly loyal. Most of them will blow out their accounts, and assume that it is their fault and not the system. That is a mind-boggling conclusion when their own fearless leader can't make winning calls. In fact, he told them today that he has taught them the system, so they should just turn off the sound and trade it on their own. His excuse for his poor calls is "it is stressful to make calls in front of the room members". Well Blade, try trading with your own real money and tell me your stress level then.

In conclusion, I hope I am wrong and that Tsunami system will be the winning strategy for all the people who paid for it. For all you traders out there, I wish you good trading in the future.


For more information on this phenomena of blindly following leaders, read The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements, by Eric Hoffer.

<< edit by day trading: Amazon link added to book reference >>
For all of you who are curious about the heart and soul of the Tsunami system, but aren't foolish enough to pay for it, I have a revelation from one of the members. The system is simply using Fibonacci retracements from a two minute candle chart. Blade was clever enough not to use any garden variety Fib tool that's included in most broker trading platforms and instead taught students to do a manual calculation to make it appear new, different, and esoteric.

Then he hooked up with TradeMaven who created a simple software program to mark a chart red or blue when a trading signal occurred.

Congratulations, you've just learned a $6500 system that claims you can become rich and fulfill your evry material dream for free.
AHK, Given the fact that you are a vendor for don't you think you should shy away from revealing even the slightest bit of a vendors method? You wouldn't want anyone to post your method or system would you? IN another post you mention "ethics" . I think you should be careful. All readers are encouraged to read the "Due Diligence " thread and please read the "Carolyn Boroden, The Trading Zoo, Larry Levin" thread found here it will give you an insight into the caliber of people that work for the Zoo and how they deal with the public. One more thing AHK, please don't start sending me private email like you did last weekend trying to prove something.

Despite my better judgement, I'll reply, but I'm not going to get sucked into another inane debate with you. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

I emailed you to tell you that despite our tiff on this forum, I had hard no hard feelings and didn't begrudge you for your aberrant behavior, insults and petty accusations, all of which were without merit and uncalled for. Instead of accepting that, you now attack me again for no valid reason whatsoever. For someone who didn't want to get emails, you sure spent a lot of time answering them and indulging me into further dialogue. Oh well, I acted in good faith, you didn't and the beat goes on, so to speak. Ask yourself why, of all the folks who contacted me, only you went on the attack.

You represented yourself to me as someone who had a genuine interest in learning a high probability trading technique when your real purpose was to find someone to slam, vent your anger and frustration because you have unsuccessfully traded for over a decade and spent a lot of money searching for answers. I understand you're what your feeling, but don't blame your problems on me.

I've told you more than once that negativity has no place in trading. Change your outlook and attitude and your results will change too. It may take some time so be patient. That's the best advice I can give you during this season of giving and I sincerely mean that.

Have a happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous new year.

Afterthought to Bruce's last post.

I am under no obligation to Tsunami, so I have no ethical problems disclosing what a member of their room told me about the system with no confidentiality qualification. I've stated from the beginning that I think Tsuanami is a fraud and it's apparent many members feel likewise. Perhaps some good has come out of that report if others won't be seperated from their money and have nothing of value to show for it.

I can't possibly imagine any conditions under which a member of our room would disclose the trading setups it employs.
Barry or is it Aaron,
All of my allegations have merit..... I just want people to realize the type of people that live at the site. Here is a link to elite trader forum where the poster ( with only two posts) is "offering" people to contact them to get more information on the Zoo...just another sales pitch I am sure

Kind of like what you did here in a subtle way and where is all the feedback from all the people who took the trial? I hope you are not waiting for them to get more posts to their credit so they can seem more credible. Sounds like you have a personal problem with Blade. You try to make yourself out to be the good guy...I'll have more to say on the trading zoo thread
Is blade's name John by the way? From what i ve seen, his latest scam is TsuBot, which he claims has an extremely high win rate in all markets. Watching it trade live, it's obvious that reality is much different. Interesting that he only takes into account the first profit target which is no more than eg 3 ES ticks or 5 GBP/USD pips (which is really 2 after spread which he totally ignores, but that should be expected as he has never placed a real trade himself). The corresponding stop loss is several times larger, a sure recipe for disaster. Avoid them at ALL costs no matter how tempted you feel to waste 6-7k
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