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Why Nobody gets it I don't know!!

Maybe I should be the US economic adviser with my rule!

This was my post on March 28, 2008, nearly 6 months ago, THE DOW WAS 12,400.

Here is what I said on March 28, 2008.

March 28, 2008 POST:

Under charts section daytrading has a wonderful chart showing 10 year history on Dow.

Lets use rough measures..high 14100 + 7,300 low/2=10,700.

Simple rule. 5% variance either side makes you watch.

Lets see what happens in the next x months.

UPDATE: September 18, 2008 the Dow makes a low at 10468!!!

$$$$$ easy with some out of the money put options way out of the money back then...but nobody did it. Add in S&P 500, Russell 200, Nasdaq, citi, gold, oil etc. Lots of $$$$$ to be made while sitting at bar or at the beach.

See what I said about oil, gold, US dollar all about 8-10 months ago....ALL CORRECT !!

$ HUNDREDS of thousands to be made....real cheap, but YOU HAVE TO CONTROL YOUR MIND!!! Oh yeah nobody did it, except me.

See my previous posts and see how correct I am.

977/965 Should be the down side S&P targets with a catastrophic 883 on the S&P futures and close on the index.

1097 and 965 on either side......

BUT 1177 was the main downside and 10725 was on the Dow. Dow catastrophic.....well I told you enough.

If people took my on easy street. All told 6-10 months ago.

If 1136 and 10468 were the lows( for now ) then I know where the HIGHS will be.

Its real easy...but you don't believe it cuz


Too bad all the investors were "Dazed and Confused" for too long. They all born under the "Bad Sign' of listening to gurus, xperts and fools and NOT trusting their CHARTS.

There are 'Knee Deep" in **** even though 'Ants in my pants told me to dance' and get the hell out of my investments I though the government and wall street was my friend so I was "One Nation Under a Groove" getting down for the F**k of it"

Now, I'm listening to some 'Hillside Blues' cuz I'm a "Maggot Brain" and in a "Purple Haze" and I don't know How I'm going to survive.

Well let me put on the "Flashlight" and tell you the secret!!!

Its not being 'Dumb all Over" and ugly on the investment side. Trust in your charts and gut and the 50% always works.

Ok "Good night Austin texas wherever you are" Don't be a MUFFIN Man.

Get up of that thang and feel better

"Free your mind and you ass and brain will follow."

Good luck and just do the 50%.

Be 'Unchained" and you will feel the ground and charts running to your tune.


P/Funk what you been doing???

I've been 'Standing on the Verge" of getting it on in the markets.

Now it really is your turn.

I doubt that Bruce was talking about you Joe. You are one of the few people who does explain everything and own up to their mistakes. You, Bruce, Kool are some of the people who are very candid on this forum and I am sure that like me, there are several people who appreciate that a lot. You are right: We do learn a lot from losing trades. Keep up the great work!
Well thanks Newkid, but I just assumed he was talking about me because I posted I was short after I already had 12points, but I am still targeting 91, then 74. Sometimes I don't post because I have over 5-10points which really isn't as much of late it feels like 5points equals the old days 1.5 points, I don't know I just fell guilty posting after the fact, but I don't have nothing to prove, I just would like to help. I wish someone told me when I started its okay to lose, and your not going to find a 100% system, and it takes time to be profitable, I have wanted to be a day trader since I was 15, but I had to learn those things the hard way. But now I know what works and what does not!
No are a good guy......most of the forecasters only show up once in a while when a trade call goes their way.....then they disappear......I think we all want "friends" and our ideas to be embraced and hopefully improved upon and shared with others....

Lots of great things being shared on the day trading threads and elsewhere which is great to see....I'm still not 100% so I'll leave it at that for now....

Sometimes I think an outside office would be great ...especially when the kids are acting
Originally posted by CharterJoe

I agree Bruce, admitting your wrong is healthy in the longer term picture. I have blown my account more times than I would like to admit, but I learn more form the losers. Like the other day I was sure the market was tanking and I went short I had 9,000 in profit lost it all in the buffet bail-out LOL like 5 billion is a drop in the bucket, the markets can rip through that by 9:36, then I went long got burned again. I hope you weren't talking about me with after the fact analysis, I monitor the market until I get my trade on and stops and targets then I can relax. but the things I look at are consistent set-ups that I use every day, and I don't change them unless they fail to work. My intension's are not to make calls and get pats on the back but to gain some trading friends, as this type of work can get lonely at times, I even considering getting an office and teach some to trade and funding them, but I think thats more work than I would like to take on....

Its very simple.

The 50% rule always any market. Most people busy with 1 and 2 pts day trading to figure it out.

If you knew that that the highs were made in Feb 2007 with a retest, always a retest and that happened in october 2007 then you knew that it was going down...if you know cycles and some other stuff.

Then you know the 50% rule is going to happen. You just don't know when, nobody knows, but you know its going to happen unless the high is taken out ( 1586), but you have an idea that it should happen within 1-2 years as the last 50% drop from 2000 happened the same way.

Maybe I should write a pamphlet put some other BS to warrant a price...nay busy making money trading.

It's quite simple. And I was not wrong. Check my posts on 50% on Oil, US dollar, Shangai Index, US index, CAD etc. all true.

This happened in Corn, Wheat, Beans, oil, gold, silver, RBOB, Nat gas, heating oil, OJ,CME,Russ, Nasdaq, Dow, TSE, RIMM, Citigroup, Merrill Potash, AGrium, BAC,Lehman,Bear on and on....there are probably 50,100 or 200 more examples, but I don't follow all the thousands of stocks. But most people don't want simple.

So, It's not that I'm boasting....the trend has been down since October 2007 and If you heeded any of my posts you would have made a ton of money.

Now if all you do is Day trade the emini S&P 500 then sure it popped up, retracements are natural but it did not take out 1586, or 1441 down to 1136 and 50% was 1177. As a matter of fact, if you know chart patterns you could see the rounded top happening on a daily, especially when 1320 was not reached 4 times over.

Pretty simple...whats the fuss.

Making money is simple if you see the bigger picture.

If all you do is daytrade then you can't see the big picture and way the easy money and lots of it is to be made.

For daytrading: 10/10 is 10:00 am and 10:10 am EST. SEE HOW IT WORKED BEAUTIFULLY IN MORN AND AFT ESPECIALLY on Sept 26 FOR THE RUN UP FROM 1198 TO 1221.........This time tells you a lot if you know how to use it. FREE tip of course. NO FEE or books or course or Paypal charge. Maybe $29.99 monthly and I'll call it 10/10/10.

NO FIBS to look at just TIME. Time is a beautiful thing. They are better numbers than Fibs for daytrading, but all you really need is the 50% in the grand scheme of things.

Simple but effective.......

See how many tens of thousands you could have made buying a 50% put option in corn, beans, oil,silver, gold, wheat, etc. from the highs or your favorite stocks etc.

Good luck