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ES 12-17-08

whats happening with the ES mini this morning foks??
larry williams on that hammer please!
conflict here as I just noticed 3 matching highs at the 16 what would be cool to see is that gap fill in and then a rally to the 16 or the 16 and then the 09////
bullish candles
up 17 on the day and trying to start a new 20 day streak!(my avg) lol... REMEMBER THOSE CYCLES!
this should be the classic...bring it in close to gap fill, pop it up and then run it actually fill it
I never mentioned the 3:05 low which came in nicely, but i think they finish strongly ... they almost have to ...or else!
I'm flat at 910..they see it
flat 10.50...its all yours bruce
boink....very it would be great if Kools late day rally come sthorugh and gets those 16's on the way up
I was out before else took it though...lotsa fun....
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flat 10.50...its all yours bruce

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Thanks to all the great traders in this forum.
I hope you all have a great '09
God bless......Bye