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ES 12-17-08

whats happening with the ES mini this morning foks??
out at 914.75,plus 2.25 on both
nice trade knew if they didnt blow through the 161.8 they were going to retest the 127.20, just like they did at the 127.2 and 100 retest
well done Vo and ever have the feeling they KNOW where your target is..? I feel
that way now with my 13.75 target...gheesh
yeah, 2nd time today thats happened.. waiting for 912.25

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trying for 910 now as they failed me by one tick this slow volume it could take days...MP players have been satisfied at twice the who is left except the 18.75 folks...I'll try shorts aagin if they take that out
numbers im watching close today...923 area,then 927.25-928, then that 932 area
long on a scalp from 912.50
sitting @ 912.25 L

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Thanks to all the great traders in this forum.
I hope you all have a great '09
God bless......Bye