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ES 12-17-08

whats happening with the ES mini this morning foks??
covered one at 2 and now up 9 on the day ...holding the other for the obvious retest of the 919 high, coming sooner or later!
I think they will test one of those bracket lows so the 910 is doable....the 30 minute is showing the grind up and
the MP folks love to test the previous 30 minute bars lows...which is 910 right that I said that this 30 minute bar will go higher to prove me wrong
great entry koolio!...if they close it over 15.25 they prolly want to test 18 again
ok but only after 910....have I said that enough ? I'm trying to make you all think it's a magnet so you take shorts to help me>
Originally posted by koolblue

numbers im watching close today...923 area,then 927.25-928, then that 932 area

wow, just noticed i got the low there!at 912.50... thats an amazing fill!(and 2nd time today! must be all that clean living!)
stop at break even
BIG won't let it fall
or paybacks for all the times they [email protected]#%[email protected]# you!
reshorting 17.25
pretty much all time frames are overbought ,FWIW.. and an expected cycle low is due just after 2:30

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