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ES 12-17-08

whats happening with the ES mini this morning foks??
Originally posted by BruceM

have you ever tried a ROC indicator on that data PWD ?

Bruce - I am not familiar with ROC other than return on, or of, capital. LOL
l @ 96
If that volume bar hold it back here they willgo for the 91's..I hope not though
paired some at 97.50...two left for that lows will take runners out
Yes, I think you could find some cool stuff with an indicator on that data PWD
Originally posted by VOwater

rate of change

EDIT...some MORE cool stuff to add to the great work you've shown us..
seems like lots of mini gaps that get filled quick on my data today......
flat at 97...damn that volume
New highs after TL breakout

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so we went 6 points above the high of that high volume will they try to go 6 points below the low of 97.50? Not sure but 91 area is there....I hope it keeps going up for you though VO!!

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Thanks to all the great traders in this forum.
I hope you all have a great '09
God bless......Bye