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ES 12-17-08

whats happening with the ES mini this morning foks??
Originally posted by BruceM

I'm rooting for those 16's and the late day rally even though I'm not working anything....
just for academic reasons..and is stressful at best for me...can't speak for others..

I did't intend to imply anything. I think it's good
for everybody that you post.
Thanks for all that you do!!!

you sure did,pal... plus those dam closing ticks ...good for 70 handles down minimum EVERYtime since Aug!
silly but im L 1 @ 6.50
stop is 4
Personally, it is extremely hard to trade and post and i wont do it forever, but my whole purpose of coming to this website was to share my 'methods' and help some folk! I feel ive accomplished that and in fact i think a few who use my techniques can out trade me now,and i feel good about that!
GREAT TRADE VO! but you called that 'back to 3.25 ' so well why didnt you enter closer to that?
i took stop @ 4 unfortunately
NOW HAVE a slight pos. divergence on the 5 min chart

Click image for original size
No Description Entered

Thanks to all the great traders in this forum.
I hope you all have a great '09
God bless......Bye
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