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Candle Pattern

ES 15min. @ 8:30 bear harami / 9:15 bear engulf / if we
close above could be a further move up
u should practice price action
Originally posted by daytraderjoel

u should practice price action

Would you be kind enough to show the way with some examples/ charts ifpossible
Originally posted by daytraderjoel

u should practice price action

What I call pivot point "B" (PPB) and is my strongest pp
was 1165.00. I had projections to the downside T1 54/55 area
looking for a bounce. T2 was 50.25 also a projection and 51.75
was s3B. I see the price action now but these areas were
marked prior to the move.

Please post any price action you wish.
Go back to the chart I posted "counter attack". The close
of that pattern is 1161.50. My PP-B is
In this early a.m. we are trading @ the 1161.50 area of that
"counter attack" pattern. Using the rule old resistance new
support. We'll see if it holds.
We have bullish separating lines on the 5 & 15min. in the ES
Click image for original size
Trading by the numbers:

Don't know if we go there but the projection says its possible

Click image for original size
3 mo
SPX hit 1191.8 on 4/6 just 8pts. away from 1200.00...PUSH HARD!!! to do battle @ 1187.50 first.

When we hit that 87.50 the other day my platform
went on vacation.
I don't trade with MAs ... but recently I started looking at them .. I have set up a quad chart with different time frame of MAs .. Today at 11:30am et. all four MAs came together and in fact price hit them about the same time .. I just got started with this so I'll post what I see from time to time .. looks good so far .. My intent is to use them as a confirming tool not a primary ...
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