ES 3-24-2011

Here is the developing RTH weekly profile. Obviously prices are well above this at the moment. Also on the chart is Paul's Monday Range fib extension where if prices reach the 1.618 extension of Monday's RTH range on either side the probabilities of prices hitting the 2.000 range are extremely high during the rest of the week. In this case to the tick almost!

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and there is the problem...that beautiful 1302 with all the volume just wanting to be tagged again...will need to look for additional sells above highs if they pop that top first...
ideal add point for me is above 05.50 after they run those highs..hopefully without volume
There is the pop.

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short from 306.5...ym also ran against the 130 resistance area i mentioned below...will look to take half off at 305 and 303.75 as secondary target (stop to b/e when/if first target reached)...vol dvg to go with it...

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5min charts (ym, es) on their exhaustion waves here with clear dvg coming from long term macd indicators...a/d at only 1000 does not indicate a killer trend so that lt dvg is likely to play a role here...that said a final push up to 1306 area could still happen and that is where i would love to sell some (1.618 proj on longer term charts)...also decent resistnace on ym at 131 (some 35-40 pts away from where ym currently stands) which looks likely to coincide with the 1306 area on es
i have the 03.75 and the 06 working short....some may remember I had a 06 - 08 zone that I've been watching recently...let see how it does up is now 03.75... due to add on....much higher risk for me...not a good day in general..and poor time for me..
first half off...stop to b/e now
lightening up some at 04 prints...just to be safe...
really don't want to see this outside of DVA high at 06.25 now....C'mon 1302..
flattened the second half manually on the push down here at 94.25 since we got to my time limit (15:50 et)
that is 304.25 of course, not 94.25....long day all !

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flattened the second half manually on the push down here at 94.25 since we got to my time limit (15:50 et)
s&p 500 cash high today...1311.34! Thats now a magnet,imho!