The Trading Zoo

I've started this topic because I am under the impression that ahk works with The Trading Zoo and he is active on this forum and may be able to provide information and comments about this service.

I believe that it will be constructive to have a topic/thread dedicated to The Trading Zoo so that the merits of this service can be discussed in isolation to the other topics which have collectively dealt with several trading services in the same topic including The Trading Zoo.

You have quite an imagination (and delusions) and its' getting difficult to follow your incoherent psycho babbling. Again, you're making this personal and that's not the purpose of the thread according to Guy when he opened it up, so stop wasting bandwidth and stay on topic.

I believe that it will be constructive to have a topic/thread dedicated to The Trading Zoo so that the merrits of this service can be discussed in isolation to the other topics which have collectively dealt with several trading services in the same topic including The Trading Zoo.

It's clear that this is a personal attack on me and has nothing to do with the Trading Zoo, it's methods, systems, success, mentor, etc. etc. Again, you feel hurt because I rejected you as a prospective trial member. I told you it was nothing personal. I didn't think you be a good fit for the Zoo because of your negativity. Subsequent comments by you have confirmed any doubts I had about my decision.

Get some rest over the holidays. You sound sleep deprived.

lets get those zoo members posting...? Once again what I say has relevance and your decision to avoid the issues regarding the Zoo and how it's members/owners operate is very important... perfectly on track with what the thread needs...My personal experience with you as a member/owner of the Zoo fits well with the thread...You see if the Zoo was any good you would take this as an opportunity ( and you have been given so many)to prove it...but so far there is nothing but "Fluff" in your replies.....and I want to make sure that you are shown to be a typical vendor until you or your followers can show us otherwise....just keep avoiding it speaks volumes of the zoo......Like I said in the begining.of the other thread...when a vendor has something to hide they attack the people who ask the tough questions and those who bring up the tough issues.....we'll hold our breath waiting
Why should any Zoo member satisfy your angst and take the time to post given the way you slammed me and the Zoo without one iota of fact? Unfortunately, your insulting behavior and negativity in this forum has ruined any chance of that happening.

You're correct, I'm blaming you and guess what, you earned it.
I'm glad I gave you a reason to "wimp" out on results that you never had anyway...I called you out early......but you owe me for giving you a reason not to follow all now know that you and the zoo are a scam..Thanks ...You kept avoiding all things important until the end...good job....I think your train to Vendorville has come in...Only reply now with the results and answers to questions...Don't mess up the Thread that daytrading was nice enough to start for YOU any more....but I guess you can't resist
You know ahk... I think that BruceM has a point. Why not give him your broker's phone number so that he can confirm your results?

He doesn't need my statements. He has no interest in joining the room.

And besides, he paid $000s to rjhtrading, a so-called "Good Vendor" without, by his own admission, receiving any guarantees or statements

I don't know about you, but if I paid big money to a "Good Vendor" and even went as far as to let the Internet know about it by dint of posting on this forum, (think of the free advertising for rjh, but he has no financial, don't you think I could remember what I paid for such a stellar product?

How delightfully hypocritical! Having dropped big bucks to buy a trading sysytem in which "They also had no guarantee and showed me no statements", he justifies (or you justify for him elite) receiving statements from a member of a room he has no interest in joining. You restore my faith in American ingenuity; as Ben Franklin observed, we can devise a rationalization for anything we care to do.

Too funny.

your still avoiding's called deflecting AHK...the oldest vendor trick in the book...yet you make no mention of the fact that I tell people to do there own due diligence..go and read the posts on the Good vendor your eyes and really read....still trying to turn it back on me...till the the end you will do it...soon you will stop posting on this thread beacause you can't deliver the goods/////Once again typical vendor B.S..getting a lot of positve Google hits...? U funny guy
This is your first post in which you promoted rjh. I checked my glasses and read this many times, but I can't seem to find where you tell people to do their own due diligence.

Well there sure seems to be a lot of new posts from new members regarding vendors. This to me is a sure sign that some of these are from vendors themselves. For example ..I would not be surprised if the Post from Wan ( with only one post ) contains the name of a vendor that is being promoted subtley on this forum. So that leaves Carolyn Boroden, The Trading Zoo or Larry Levine....time will tell if I am correct...this is a common vendor tactic but with that said lets talk about some vendors that some of us have had positive experiences with....I have no financial interest in any site or room I is one to start that I encountered a few years ago I forget the price I paid...

What I liked about this course is that it taught you the proper way (IMHO) to interpret price action and you where encouraged to be self sufficient. Lots of charts to reinforce the examples and not always "cherry-picked". It also went into money management and it didn't promise you riches let you know that trading was hard work..They also had no guarantee and showed me no statements...

For the record some of the courses or items I may mention I have paid for and some have been shared with me by fellow can draw any conclusion about me from that statement. I guess the only person who can really give me a hard time about "sharing" trading materials is the person who never borrowed a book from the library or from a friend. Otherwise we are no different. Anyone else care to share a good experience. I fiqured with all the bad mouthing that is going on (I beleive in some cases to make themselves look better) it was time to put some positive information about some vendors out there....


You've been caught red-handed, guilty of the very thing you accuse others of, so come clean and tell us how much money your getting paid to push this thing. It's obvious that was the only reason you started that thread, because you admit you didn't require statements before paying up the big money. Now as an afterthought, you post on tradetutor to deflect the real topic our your involvement with rjh.

You also admit to "sharing" trading systems that you have not paid for claiming it's like borrowing a book from the library to justify your unethical behavior. You are the envy all all eels.

Look who's avoiding now. You've been busted JohnE/BruceM/tradingpitbull or whatever your name is. Go to jail, do not collect $200.

I feel that the problem here is that nobody is prepared to bring any evidence to the table.

There are two ways to prove or disprove a system.

Aaron (ahk) could provide some sort of evidence of profits. This could be by providing monthly returns (in percent) which would then be confirmed by a call to his broker. Also copies of his trading statements confirming his results would work.

Bruce (BruceM) could back test the system and demonstrate that the results are unachievable (or, in the case of having to eat humble pie, achievable). Of course this would require that BruceM have access to the trading rules for the system and the data, software, skills and time to backtest the system.

The backtesting of the system could be made less onerous by applying the rules of the system to a short time period (such as a week of data) and manually backtesting the system to confirm that the rules would have triggered the trades that were taken (or were claimed to have been taken).
this reminds me of a political debate, both sides trash each other, in this case one vendor trashes all the other vendors and around the table they go... in the end, no one wins and everyone loses.

DT is right or course, the only way to move this from the ground zero of personal attack is to perform verifiable objective third party tests and reviews of the services.

One thought along those lines might be for ahk to get approval from the service vendor, to post an end of day summary of the day's trading results for a couple of weeks. This would give prospective customers something objective to work with when considering the Trading Zoo service. redsioux is already sort of doing this on the Tsunami thread, we could standardize the report summary format a bit so comparative analysis can be done by folks considering the service.
For what it's worth, I was an original Trading Zoo student. Sam Baum's system was dangerous, all counter-trend with short profit targets with larger invisible stops.

A few of us students started out own Skype room to ignore the teacher's setups but rather take in his priceless information regarding the e-mini, which alone was worth the $6,000 as I gained a true understanding of how to read and trade ANY liquid market. I think one of the traders using our new modified trend setups with trailing stops actually sent someone his trading statements to someone on another forum years ago which shut the naysayer up quick.

Anyways, Trading Zoo is back but run by some of the traders who have been successful for over the past 6 years using our modified system.
I want to personally promote this because of all the original TradingZoo did for me.