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I've started this topic because I am under the impression that ahk works with The Trading Zoo and he is active on this forum and may be able to provide information and comments about this service.

I believe that it will be constructive to have a topic/thread dedicated to The Trading Zoo so that the merits of this service can be discussed in isolation to the other topics which have collectively dealt with several trading services in the same topic including The Trading Zoo.
I have a better Idea ! why doesn't Mary post 6 months of her statements and then we can see how she did and match her results to what is posted on the zoo site..?
Originally posted by BruceM

That's great Mary......amazing how they have never been able to provide any one else with statements including this forum. Perhaps you could copy the ones you reviewed out here to this board? You must be very special!!!!
Thank GOD you found the zoo!!
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I have been a member for almost 2 years (one of the first 20) and reviewed MP's trading statements from his broker before joining. It was a real eye opener.

Bruce, I think (although I'm not certain) when MP was starting out he showed his statements to other early members since he needed credibilty and had no track record to speak of. I think it would be unethical to post the ones I saw. And besides, I'm not interested in seeing the Zoo get any larger so I won't do anything which aids that situation. including posting my trades. I'm already unhappy with MP's posting his trades and offering a money back guarantee to attract new membership.

Happy trading!
If he had statements that where profitable then you would be doing him a favor. After all he needs the business. He now even sells computers from his site so we know he will do what ever he can to generate income.

We know he consitently his shills come on this forum to try and generate income.

So you too have no statements? What a suprise...LOL. Yet another Zoo member who can't provide statements.

Stay away from the Zoo. They are a scam....

C'mon just had to make sure you advertised what the zoo is trying to do.....You zoo folks just love to try and get any additional "sucker" you can and by me responding to you probably only helps your cause. This has always been obvious to me. Lets just hope the majority of those interested will actually learn something from this forum and actually get real statements. Not some hypothetical performance and a guarantee that isn't worth a damn.

Lets be perfectly clear:

NOBODY has ever posted statements from the ZOO and they cannot provide proof that the trades they post on their site are real (Just try scalping for 3/4 of a point...LOL). Now along comes Mary who can't do it either.

As usual, you have been warned and if you buy into this program you do so at your own peril. We can only save so many here on the These are not Mp's trades on his site as he doesn't even trade. He is just a vendor.

We'll keep waiting for just one Zoo member to come through for us and shut us up....
Originally posted by tradermary


I'm already unhappy with MP's posting his trades and offering a money back guarantee to attract new membership.

Happy trading!

Bruce, why would I want to help MP by posting my statements, especially when his own performance is posted on the Website every day with timestamps? Perhaps you don't understand English very well. I want the room to shrink, not grow. The less the better from my point of view. Capeche?

A word to the wise. MP can be very kind and very tough. You may want to reconsider your remarks about those trades not being his and him not trading unless you know those to be facts. This is not a threat of any sort, okay? As far as I know, and all the members in the room would concur, those trades in the Performance History are his real, not hypothetical, trades. The disclaimers are required by law (but you know that, don't you?) and every site in the business has them, regardless if the trades are real or hypothetical (but you know that too, don't you?)

Happy trading.

You wouldn't have come on to this site if you wanted the Zoo to keep a low profile...nice try bottom line is that he cannot provide proof that he trades and/or that those are real trades.

He NEVER could prove it and still can't
When I first saw the Zoo was posting their supposed trades, I took a look at them. They had an amazing ability to hit the last tick of a run with their entry even if in was in the pre-market with their 32 contracts.

Heck, they would sometimes even do this with their exits.

I see they have had only one losing day for $400 in May and June. That's pretty good. Of course these are their "official" trades. This seems to be a way of only posting their "good" trades if they are real at all.

I like the way they say they are position traders on their site. I
can't see why they say this when it looks like they are fading extreme price/volume/hi/low-tick runs for 1-3+ pts in a matter of minutes.

In fact, they state this on their site: "We look at the market first
thing in the morning and look to position ourselves long or short for the rest of the day or until the market tells us otherwise". I have never seen a trade that lasted the rest of the day on their site.

In fact, they say the first 2 hours is where they thrive (even though they do take trades later on during the day).

They say they use a 1.25 stop most of the time. I have noticed
that sometimes their stop would of been hit but I never see it posted on their site.

I could go on and on but this post is getting too long as it is.
Here's how my mind works when I read what tradermary has said...

First of all I put myself in her (his?) shoes: I don't want more people to join The Trading Zoo because I don't want them to know the secret of profitable trading and dilute the effects of this system. So, what do I do?

Do I go to the Trading Zoo thread and say, "hey everybody, don't come here because it's working really well and I'm making tons of money but don't want you guys to make any." ...?

Or do I join the topic and discredit the system and also pump other systems so that traders don't come and use the same system that I'm using...?

It's usually at this point that TippyTom comes along and tells us about his monocled, top hat wearing friend with a diamond encrusted walking stick who's just moved in next door and is prepared to share the world's greatest secret with him that he's never shared with anybody else before... (but I digress)
day trading, you're making progress. Based on your prior actions, you would have censored or blocked me, or matched my IP to someone else who you disagreed with to prove I'm con. Let's see if you can resist after this post.

Happy trading
Okay, I confess. I'm a shill for Jack Hershey and Joe Granville.

Happy trading.
For what it's worth, I was an original Trading Zoo student. Sam Baum's system was dangerous, all counter-trend with short profit targets with larger invisible stops.

A few of us students started out own Skype room to ignore the teacher's setups but rather take in his priceless information regarding the e-mini, which alone was worth the $6,000 as I gained a true understanding of how to read and trade ANY liquid market. I think one of the traders using our new modified trend setups with trailing stops actually sent someone his trading statements to someone on another forum years ago which shut the naysayer up quick.

Anyways, Trading Zoo is back but run by some of the traders who have been successful for over the past 6 years using our modified system.
I want to personally promote this because of all the original TradingZoo did for me.