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I've started this topic because I am under the impression that ahk works with The Trading Zoo and he is active on this forum and may be able to provide information and comments about this service.

I believe that it will be constructive to have a topic/thread dedicated to The Trading Zoo so that the merits of this service can be discussed in isolation to the other topics which have collectively dealt with several trading services in the same topic including The Trading Zoo.
MP didn't say it was compounded because it isn't, so don't waste your time checking the numbers.
Are you saying that as you accumulate more wealth you're not going to increase the number of contracts that you trade?
I'm not saying that at all. What part of my prior post don't you understand? I tried to say it as simple as I can.
Increasing number of contracts = compounding.
Let me repeat this for the final time: MP said he makes 10% week. He didn't say he makes 10% compounded.

I'm not going to get into an online debate whether or not MP should be compounding his profits because it's irrelevant.

MP is also not interested in disclosing the name of his hedge fund here so let's not revisit this topic either.
jerrydorf: I'm not interested in your answers anymore because you don't make sense.

We're discussing The Trading Zoo's system here.

_MP (Sam Braun / Master Predator) says that he makes 10% per week using his system. In order to make 10% per week you need a base amount of capital to work off - that's how you calculate the 10%. At the end of the week, you can withdraw that 10% from the account or you can leave it in the account. If you leave it in the account and continue to make 10% per week then you are compounding your returns. If you withdraw it then you are not compounding your returns.

Either way you look at it, I believe that my earlier calculations are valid if a trader using this system were NOT to withdraw his/her funds from their account. If _MP's system, him, his students etc. are making 10% per week then the balances of their trading accounts, assuming that they start with $10,000 and do not withdraw any funds from their accounts, will be:

Year     Balance
0 $10,000
1 $1.4 million
2 $201 million
3 $28.6 billion
4 $4 trillion

Obviously the billions and trillions are impractical because the market couldn't sustain that but I don't think that any trader starting with $10,000 is going to complain about not reaching one of the billion figures.
I think what jerrydorf is saying is MP DOES take the profits out and trades a fixed amount of contracts all the time. Thus, he does not compound. The Website shows this to be 32 contracts per trade.
Whatever MP does, for example withdrawing his profits, doesn't change what he could achieve if his system does return 10% per week and he left it in the account. His students are free to manage the money anyway they want. Given those figures, all of his students that start with $10,000 will be millionaires at the end of one year assuming no withdrawals.

But let's say that you have to trade 32 contracts to get the system to work for you and generate 10% per week. Let's also say that you need $150,000 in your account to trade 32 contracts so the starting capital is higher than the previously stated $10,000.

If you reworked the calculations at 10% per week off a $150K base you end up making a million bucks in about 22 weeks, less than 6 months.

Whichever way you look at it the figures are outstanding.

From this consumer advisory on the CFTC web site:
Remember: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true."
Don't waste your time checking any of the Zoo's numbers because they aren't real trades. For the record, the Zoo has been given both of my attorneys names many months ago and I recently sent it to them directly through their website. Obviously they lack follow through. I guess they're too busy getting the next "sucker" to buy their course.

These guys are jokers. If they could pull down numbers like their site promotes they wouldn't need to sell education. It's unfortunate but there are too many people out there with too much money to burn so folks like the Zoo continue on!!! At least us pro traders can have fun with them and give them enough rope to hang themselves. I still get a kick out of them but I must admit this gets tiring.....and boring...!!


Originally posted by jerrydorf

MP didn't say it was compounded because it isn't, so don't waste your time checking the numbers.

Bruce, please share with us how you know the trades aren't real. It would go a long way to prove you are credible. Too simply say statements aren't posted and therefore the trades aren't real is not a persuasive argument.

For what it's worth, I was an original Trading Zoo student. Sam Baum's system was dangerous, all counter-trend with short profit targets with larger invisible stops.

A few of us students started out own Skype room to ignore the teacher's setups but rather take in his priceless information regarding the e-mini, which alone was worth the $6,000 as I gained a true understanding of how to read and trade ANY liquid market. I think one of the traders using our new modified trend setups with trailing stops actually sent someone his trading statements to someone on another forum years ago which shut the naysayer up quick.

Anyways, Trading Zoo is back but run by some of the traders who have been successful for over the past 6 years using our modified system.
I want to personally promote this because of all the original TradingZoo did for me.