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I've started this topic because I am under the impression that ahk works with The Trading Zoo and he is active on this forum and may be able to provide information and comments about this service.

I believe that it will be constructive to have a topic/thread dedicated to The Trading Zoo so that the merits of this service can be discussed in isolation to the other topics which have collectively dealt with several trading services in the same topic including The Trading Zoo.
What's the name of the hedge fund that you run MP?
day trading, I know MP well and he is not coming back here to answer anyone now that he has spoken his mind. I suggest you email him with your question.

Candidly, I'm shocked he took the time to do what he did. He is not one to play games and mess around and he loathes these types of venues.

BruceM, obviously MP believes you have defamed and slandered him. He is a wealthy man with vast resources available at his disposal. I suggest you offer an apology to MP on this thread and that will probably be the end of the matter. You seem like an intelligent man who doesn't need additional aggrevation in your life.
Jerry: If you know MP well then you'll know the name of his hedge fund. What is it called?

I've tried to contact James Duffy but he hasn't responded to me yet. It looks like he's a bluff.
day trading, the beef is with BruceM, not you or this forum. If MP wanted the forum to know the name of his fund, I'm sure he would have posted it.

I have no idea who James Duffy is or if he is a real attorney so I edited his name out of my prior post. It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain why BruceM might need an attorney.
MP didn't know that anybody wanted to know the name of his fund before dissappearing for good. Why would BruceM need to or want to contact James Duffy? It's highly unlikely that James Duffy is a lawyer or he would have posted his office contact details.
I have received some spam from people posing or implying they are BruceM. Please stop this. It's not helping anyone, especially BruceM.

Respectfully yours,

James Duffy, Esq.
Originally posted by _MP

Tell Bruce M, this is MP, I was just told about this pathetic thread that you are running here by one of my students. Who are you? Bad mouthing me like that over here, do you even know me? Do you know what I'm about? You have some nerve questioning my integrity. I never told anyone of my students to come in here and post any solicitations, I give you my word on this. in fact I always preach my traders to stay out of those chat rooms because all they can do is harm themselves by associating themselves with negativity and peering themselves with losers. Obviously you have no life and posting here is what gives you a great pleasure. I'm not going to get into a war of words with you so save the reply, you are way beneath my status to even worry about. I don't only teach I trade as well and run a very successful hedge fund. I don't just talk the talk but I walk the walk I average for my clients, and I, about 10% return a week. I'm one of the best traders in the US and you really think I'll be bothered by someone like you? just don't bad mouth me and keep your thoughts to yourself, you don't know a thing about me and to do something like that is uncalled for...get a life! I wish you would invest the same energy you spend over here helping poor children or your local church. Have a good life and concentrate your energy in a more positive direction, you’ll be less bitter with life. Chao.

Ten percent per week profit! At that rate, you may very well be one of the best traders in the world, let alone the US. I've taken a hard look at your site's Performance Section and from what I see, you are a highly skilled and fearless trader. The numbers are extraordinary and speak for themselves. I think I'll take your offer of a free trial to see you in action.
Originally posted by _MP

I average for my clients, and I, about 10% return a week. I'm one of the best traders in the US

Ten percent a week? What is that, a 520% return a year? If you are doing so well then why do you run a room for a bunch of noobs?
Version, the same thought crossed my mind, but we wont be hearing from MP anymore according to jerrydorf. But what difference does it make why he runs a room if the posted numbers are indicative of what he and his members are achieving? The bottom line is, after all, the bottom line. The rest is noise.
Originally posted by version77

Originally posted by _MP

I average for my clients, and I, about 10% return a week. I'm one of the best traders in the US

Ten percent a week? What is that, a 520% return a year? If you are doing so well then why do you run a room for a bunch of noobs?

Perhaps someone can check my calculation because this is an amazing result. At 10% per week, compounded, you'll turn $10,000 into $1,420,429 by the end of 52 weeks. After 2 years you will have $201,761,945 and after 3 years $28,658,858,269 and after 4 years $4,070 billion. And that was starting with just $10,000.

Can someone check those calculations please?
For what it's worth, I was an original Trading Zoo student. Sam Baum's system was dangerous, all counter-trend with short profit targets with larger invisible stops.

A few of us students started out own Skype room to ignore the teacher's setups but rather take in his priceless information regarding the e-mini, which alone was worth the $6,000 as I gained a true understanding of how to read and trade ANY liquid market. I think one of the traders using our new modified trend setups with trailing stops actually sent someone his trading statements to someone on another forum years ago which shut the naysayer up quick.

Anyways, Trading Zoo is back but run by some of the traders who have been successful for over the past 6 years using our modified system.
I want to personally promote this because of all the original TradingZoo did for me.
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