Traders International = SCAM ARTISTS

Traders International (TI) is a SCAM and RIP OFF!!!!!!

Yes, I might as well where a dunce hat and sit on a donkey. These guys are the biggest scam artists on earth. I have been trading with them since April 09 and have yet to make any damn money from their bullsh*t indicators. I have done nothing but lose money with these idiots since i started. It's a f*cking crab shoot. Lets just say that I can flip a coin and make better guesses.

Here is how they count their points gained:
1. When I started, they used to show the ninja trader dom while the moderator trader and made calls. We could see the entry and exits. Now they have taken the dom off the screen completely. Their excuse at first was that it kept crashing, but now it's because they don't want to show it. Instead they just want to show us their sh*tty charts.

2. They use the ninja trader dome (which I really like by the way) and the damn thing is in sim and the jerk offs try to convince you that its live. If it were live the account number would be showing. How stupid do you think we are? Well, I guess pretty stupid for signing up with them.

3. When they showed the dome while we were trading, the moderator would always try and get away with a losing trade by saying that you should have taken your profits when I told you at 1-4 ticks, which is horse sh*t since he said to go for 2 points profit and loss. Let me give an example of how they trade:
1. You have to remember that they are supposed to give you clear
entry and exit points (which they don't) and lately the
moderator supposedly makes a call and oh guess what,
"the mic was off again, you guys didn't hear me make that 3
point trade?" This has happened 4 times in the last month
since they took the trading dome off the screen. Also, the
rooms are in privatized mode so that you can't see what other
people are saying or complaining about. Only the Signal
room, previously called the Pro room, allows you to see what
others are saying; and it's funny that the same people
(about 10) consistently post profits. The rest of the time the
moderator is yelling at people and telling them that it's
their fault that they got out too early or too late. - It goes
something like this: "We are only going for nibbles here
traders (1-2 points)." And when you are in the trade: "I
suggest you take profits here at 1-2 ticks because this is not
going anywhere" or "you should get out now at about 1 point
loss, oh wait, hang on let me look at the price action
again." some people end up getting out at 1 point loss (only
to have the market turn around and actually go in their favor)
and the others get out at 2 point loss. God forbid if it goes
in his favor and you say something, because he will rip you a
new hole. He basically says "It's your fault, you should have
stayed in the trade longer" EVEN AFTER HE SAID TO GET OUT.
2. he starts with 2-3 contracts.
3. he takes 1 out at 1 point and usually the other 2 at
2 points, but sometimes he uses the 3rd contract to ride the
wave just in case it keeps going (90% of the time it
4. Now that the trading dome is gone, we can't even see when he
is getting in and out. He makes a call and everyone gets in
at that price and he will tell you, oh I got in at a tick
or two better for some reasons. You know what I get it,
slippage happens, but who the hell are you kidding. This crap
is happening more and more now that the trading dome is not
5. Here is the real kicker in the butt. After telling people to
get out at 2 points, he leaves the remaining contract on the
table just in case it does go up, and guess what they post on
the site for the world to see? A 2.5 POINT PROFIT. Lets break
it down here: One 1 point profit + One 2 point profit + One 2
point loss = 1 point profit (you still have to take out $4.8
per contract for broker fees). Where the hell did they get 2.5
points from. I'll tell you, its from him letting that last
contract run longer, but what the hell? Didn't he just tell us
to get out? A lot of times the numbers on their site don't
even add up to what the actual profits where. They are wrong
%65 of the time on the calls. Thats worse than me flipping a
coin and making a call.
6. Don't even bother trading with them when it gets close to
options expiration. Good lord - ALL the calls are wrong. It
turns into a BUY HIGH and SELL LOW type of trading.

I'm going to start recording them on my computer (I wish I had done this sooner, before they took the trading dome off) so that I can hopefully get my credit card company to reverse the charges. As of yet, my credit card company will not refund me and they will not stop further charges.

Take my word on this, DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY. TRADERS INTERNATIONAL IS A SCAM AND RIP OFF. Oh, I forgot to mention this, their "PROPRIETARY TRAINING" or what ever the hell they called it is crap. There is a lot more and better free info on than these idiots provide. What they provide is not even training. A kid can put better information together.

And by the way, don't bother questioning them on why they made a call. Whether it was a good call or a bad call, it doesn't matter, the moderator will only yell at you and tell you he will not explain it to you. WTF?

I'm leaving out a lot, but I'm tired of typing all the crap that is wrong with TI.



I stopped trading with them in May of 2009 and have made my own trading signals that work 75% of the time. If you want to learn about trading, go to the video feed is free, but if you want to see them daytrading, just sign up for the 2 week free trial. I have been with them a month before I started with TI and made lots of money. Then came TI and I have now blown my account way under the $25k daytrading limit. Thats why I made my own signals so I can work my way back up so I can start trading stocks again.

Screw playing with the FUTURES as an only source of income. It is harder and more dangerous to play than stocks.

I have warned you....please don't make my mistake. I don't know where else to post this thing to get the word out, but I will be posting it to as many places as I can.

Hi 'screwed royally', I do hope that you have had a great day.
As the MD of TI in SE Asia I am personally responsible for TI and personally very proud of the brilliant results we are getting with not only our multiple private trading success stories but also our signals being called live in the market. As I understand it we are now number one in SE Asia for live signals being called in the live market... kind of exciting considering it is all done live and not in hind sight!
Have you actually logged into my trading room in the last 12 months? Quite an important question I am keen for you to publicly answer.
Since Aug 09 I have run TI on 3 key foundations, integrity, 100% transparency of performance and a brilliant education I use myself trading my own personal account.
You are obviously not happy with the PREVIOUS MANAGEMENT's trading style/product so how about this.
I will personally coach you one on one, in the TI Office or over the web, at zero cost to you. I am completely open and upfront in offering you this coaching publicly regardless of your time zone and would love to turn your trading around.
If you were a very profitable trader you probably would not waste your time bagging successful traders on forums like this one.
Please contact my office to organize a good time for your session. Once you have attended that coaching you will know why I am so proud of what I have done for TI in just over 2 years. Sounds like a great idea to me and will help us clear this forum of unjustified and incorrect information.
I have traders last month in my room who took over 1000 ticks off the market live trading. If you are beating us, then a huge well done to you and you deserve to be a professional and very profitable trader!!!! If you are not beating us trading live money then jump on the chance to learn!
Anonymous and random comments on a forum with no proof that you actually trade live money is simply criticism with little if any value to anyone (like almost every forum in the world).
The human race has never built a statue is a critic, so how about you get in contact with my office, join me one on one, get coached, get active again and we can go from there.
My office can be contacted on +61 7 54 51 11 94. Lachlan Elsworth.
I look very forward to your call and will be excited to update this very forum on your success once you have been coached effectively. Thanks heaps in anticipation for the opportunity to coach you.
Hi again, a trading room message from a brand new member in the trading room this week. Must say I am excited about coaching you 'screwed royally'. Quote: I get it .... Thank you so much for your help, you guys are absolute fantastic from the moderatores to the suport team. TI is the best investment I have ever made. Thank you !!!! (note I have included the typo's and simply taken the name off for privacy reasons.

TI is in a very exciting position and after 2 years of very hard and dedicated work by my team I am not surprised. I look forward to your call. +61 7 54 51 11 94. Lachlan Elsworth.
I joined TI at about the time you have indicated. I too was overwhelmed with the training requirements and the fact that i was to finish all training and prove myself in sim befor going live. I am still with TI and I have not made money to Brag about, but, I have not got control off three things they preach. Patients, Fear, Knowledge and in my case Greed, The market has changed since I joined and so has TI. They have improved the system, improved the moderators, improved the training, and improved the way they make the calls. I am not making a lot of money because I have not masters the psychology of my own personality. I am not in the zone. The many hours of research that was spent on the adjustment needed to cope with a world wide delima I could not have done. I do think the cost is very fair. I do think the Moderators are qualified, I do think the company has a goal to help me learn and earn.
Just thought you may want to give them a second look.jj
First of all, on the website, if you put a space after the dotcom, you will get to the website. That is a coding problems on the website. If you are still not able to connect, here it is again . Just so you know, I am not a promoter or user of that website, just wanting to clear up the minor website issue.

Secondly, you might want to discuss how he might have gone wrong with the program or show how it works for you. That would be more beneficial and credible than calling the person mentally unbalanced. Doing that shows me that you have no professional ethics if, I am to assume that you are a promoter/user of the product. If the product is as good as you say it is, then you do not need to resort to the same tactics as SR. I for one (and am sure there are other here) have lost a lot of money trading or investing. It was hard to except, although I did not lash out as "SR" did, it did hurt me deeply and it took a long time to build myself confidence back up. You are a professional Trader should know that. You comment did not help SR or anyone else who might be in his situation.

I'm sorry if this sounds blunt, but it really turns me off from a program when I read something like this.
Wow screwed royally , I have to say that my experience with TI since I joined 9 months ago has been pretty much the complete opposite of your 2009 rants . I can't say what the TI training or trade room was like when you joined but I have found the entire package since I became a member to be way and above anything else I have seen or tried in the 5 or so years of my trading life .The high quality of training and the systems traded continue to be adjusted and improved to keep up with the ever changing conditions in the world markets . What you have described is simply not the case that I have found at TI . I am glad to hear that you have found a trading platform you are doing well at but unless you have the backbone to take up the offer that has been made to you by the head of the company to try and see where you went wrong way back then and get some one on one training (I really hope you do ) I would suggest you desist from placing anymore drivel on this forum as it is truly outdated and let the many hundreds of traders that are extremely happy with this company get on with making money . Sadly I doubt that you will but would love to hear what you had to say after that meeting with the current TI team .All the best in trading .
This is to both lachlan elsworth and murray w. You both have to be joking. Lachlan, are you serious? You want me to call that number that does not even look like a U.S.A. number? Besides, I am making way over 20k a month from trading only futures now. Why the hell would I pay some dumb ass company that ripped me off the first time to rip me off again, even if you give me free time to observe again I will not waste my time doing it because I'm busy trading and making money. I have month after month of actual trade logs from infinity futures to prove it...i will post it if you still don't believe me, but get real if you think i'm leaving my name or account info on there. I wouldn't waste my time with T.I. or any of those supposed traders who call trades for the futures when i'm making so much money trading myself. Another thing...if T.I. has really changed, then prove to me and everyone out there that you are trading with REAL MONEY and NOT SIMULATION MONEY. You still can't do that because you know that your system does not work. I have yet to meet any of this type of trading company that trades with real money. By the way, a real statement does not look like a bunch of numbers written in excel with only numbers for profit and loss. MURRAY W, if you really are making money, I'm happy for you, but don't berate what I am saying to get out your own point. You have to be out of your mind if you think i'm going to waste time with that sh*tty company or even pay 10k a year to trade with crooks. Unless T.I. is making you 20k+ a month, then you are stupid for paying that much money to them to rip you off. You know what T.I., I challenge you to post an actual trade log for the past month and let us see the actual trades. Maybe then we will believe you. Don't bother referring us to you ridiculous site with fake posts of how many points you achieved. I want an actual statement from your broker!!!!!!! Take a picture of it and show us all. Once you and everyone who pretends to be making money with Traders International posts a few live months of trading with enough profits to warrant that outrageous fee, then we will all believe that Traders International has actually changed. Until then, please stop trying to make me look like I don't know what i'm talking about or don't know how to trade, because I promise you, I am making way more than any of you liars claim to make!!!!!!!!! Until you people from Traders International prove that you are making substantial profits, SHUT THE HELL UP because I'm so sick of all your bullsh*t and lies.
Oh, i missed this little tid bit statement you threw in there MURRAY W. How's this for BACKBONE....You are a complete moron if after 5 years you still need someone to tell you when to get in and out of trades. On top of that, you are a complete idiot if you pay someone else $10k who has ripped people off for the better part of a decade to trade for you. And the quote ("The high quality of training and the systems traded continue to be adjusted and improved to keep up with the ever changing conditions in the world markets.") seems awfully familiar.....hmmmmm, maybe because it's the same crap Traders International MD's keep posting.
Until you bunch of crooks decide to post live statements from your broker, I will continue to say that Traders International = Scam Artists and that a wolf in sheep's clothing is still a wolf. Post the live trades from your broker that I have asked above and many times over the years or stop posting to this site you bunch of overzealous and conniving thieves.
Hey guys I am just wondering if Traders International is not a good company and they are not good in trading then how are they posting profitable trade’s videos on their youtube channel every day. I don’t see any losing day in those videos.

Every day they used to trade 3-4 times with 10 contracts in each trade and target either 5 or 10 ticks. Their average profit for a day is $1000(that is what I have seen in the videos.)

Are those videos fake and edited? Please pass your comments.
I hope everyone is doing good and staying away from companies like Traders International. I have not traded for over 2 years now because a few weeks after I posted that comment in 2012, my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer and after a long struggle, he ended up passing away. Just wanted to update this post and show that what I posted was not fake. I have attached a pdf of my month end statement in Jan. 2012 to show anyone who doesn't understand what a real trade statement looks like or for any of you who didn't believe me when I said I was making way over 20k per month without the help of crooks like Traders International! I have also included a daily statement in pdf format as well and NO I'm not going to leave my name or account number on there. I always take out anything above $110k-$120k from my account. Taking money out above a certain limit you set for yourself is a must; hard to explain why, but it helps psychologically. Go and compare the statements that Traders International(TI) shows to fool people who are newbies into believing their lies. I wouldn't be surprised if they tried copying this or something similar to make their simulation trades look like real trades. This will be my last post here. Good luck, stop being sheep, and stop being lazy. Do the leg work required to teach yourself because the information is on the internet for free. You just have to find it and stop relying on other people to do the hard work for you.
Click link to access uploaded file:
Statement on 01252012.pdf

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Statementon 01312012.pdf