Traders International = SCAM ARTISTS

Traders International (TI) is a SCAM and RIP OFF!!!!!!

Yes, I might as well where a dunce hat and sit on a donkey. These guys are the biggest scam artists on earth. I have been trading with them since April 09 and have yet to make any damn money from their bullsh*t indicators. I have done nothing but lose money with these idiots since i started. It's a f*cking crab shoot. Lets just say that I can flip a coin and make better guesses.

Here is how they count their points gained:
1. When I started, they used to show the ninja trader dom while the moderator trader and made calls. We could see the entry and exits. Now they have taken the dom off the screen completely. Their excuse at first was that it kept crashing, but now it's because they don't want to show it. Instead they just want to show us their sh*tty charts.

2. They use the ninja trader dome (which I really like by the way) and the damn thing is in sim and the jerk offs try to convince you that its live. If it were live the account number would be showing. How stupid do you think we are? Well, I guess pretty stupid for signing up with them.

3. When they showed the dome while we were trading, the moderator would always try and get away with a losing trade by saying that you should have taken your profits when I told you at 1-4 ticks, which is horse sh*t since he said to go for 2 points profit and loss. Let me give an example of how they trade:
1. You have to remember that they are supposed to give you clear
entry and exit points (which they don't) and lately the
moderator supposedly makes a call and oh guess what,
"the mic was off again, you guys didn't hear me make that 3
point trade?" This has happened 4 times in the last month
since they took the trading dome off the screen. Also, the
rooms are in privatized mode so that you can't see what other
people are saying or complaining about. Only the Signal
room, previously called the Pro room, allows you to see what
others are saying; and it's funny that the same people
(about 10) consistently post profits. The rest of the time the
moderator is yelling at people and telling them that it's
their fault that they got out too early or too late. - It goes
something like this: "We are only going for nibbles here
traders (1-2 points)." And when you are in the trade: "I
suggest you take profits here at 1-2 ticks because this is not
going anywhere" or "you should get out now at about 1 point
loss, oh wait, hang on let me look at the price action
again." some people end up getting out at 1 point loss (only
to have the market turn around and actually go in their favor)
and the others get out at 2 point loss. God forbid if it goes
in his favor and you say something, because he will rip you a
new hole. He basically says "It's your fault, you should have
stayed in the trade longer" EVEN AFTER HE SAID TO GET OUT.
2. he starts with 2-3 contracts.
3. he takes 1 out at 1 point and usually the other 2 at
2 points, but sometimes he uses the 3rd contract to ride the
wave just in case it keeps going (90% of the time it
4. Now that the trading dome is gone, we can't even see when he
is getting in and out. He makes a call and everyone gets in
at that price and he will tell you, oh I got in at a tick
or two better for some reasons. You know what I get it,
slippage happens, but who the hell are you kidding. This crap
is happening more and more now that the trading dome is not
5. Here is the real kicker in the butt. After telling people to
get out at 2 points, he leaves the remaining contract on the
table just in case it does go up, and guess what they post on
the site for the world to see? A 2.5 POINT PROFIT. Lets break
it down here: One 1 point profit + One 2 point profit + One 2
point loss = 1 point profit (you still have to take out $4.8
per contract for broker fees). Where the hell did they get 2.5
points from. I'll tell you, its from him letting that last
contract run longer, but what the hell? Didn't he just tell us
to get out? A lot of times the numbers on their site don't
even add up to what the actual profits where. They are wrong
%65 of the time on the calls. Thats worse than me flipping a
coin and making a call.
6. Don't even bother trading with them when it gets close to
options expiration. Good lord - ALL the calls are wrong. It
turns into a BUY HIGH and SELL LOW type of trading.

I'm going to start recording them on my computer (I wish I had done this sooner, before they took the trading dome off) so that I can hopefully get my credit card company to reverse the charges. As of yet, my credit card company will not refund me and they will not stop further charges.

Take my word on this, DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY. TRADERS INTERNATIONAL IS A SCAM AND RIP OFF. Oh, I forgot to mention this, their "PROPRIETARY TRAINING" or what ever the hell they called it is crap. There is a lot more and better free info on than these idiots provide. What they provide is not even training. A kid can put better information together.

And by the way, don't bother questioning them on why they made a call. Whether it was a good call or a bad call, it doesn't matter, the moderator will only yell at you and tell you he will not explain it to you. WTF?

I'm leaving out a lot, but I'm tired of typing all the crap that is wrong with TI.



I stopped trading with them in May of 2009 and have made my own trading signals that work 75% of the time. If you want to learn about trading, go to the video feed is free, but if you want to see them daytrading, just sign up for the 2 week free trial. I have been with them a month before I started with TI and made lots of money. Then came TI and I have now blown my account way under the $25k daytrading limit. Thats why I made my own signals so I can work my way back up so I can start trading stocks again.

Screw playing with the FUTURES as an only source of income. It is harder and more dangerous to play than stocks.

I have warned you....please don't make my mistake. I don't know where else to post this thing to get the word out, but I will be posting it to as many places as I can.

I purchased this course two months ago and have not had a chance to go to the rooms much since because of work. I have been in the emini room for two weeks now. Not a lot of time but have done exceptionally well,, in simulation though. So far I am very pleased. I will follow up later with my progress in a few months. I have spoken to a few in the room who have been there for many months who are making quite a bit of money consistently. I hope I will be able to do that as well. I hate my job.
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DO NOT waste your time and hard earned money on this site. During the time I was there one so called "moderator" cleaned office buildings part time and another is a college student studying business, but called the overnight trades from Europe. They MAINLY called "DS" signal trades, which is simply a slow stochastic divergence setting of around 5-3-3. They offered NO FREE TRIAL and say their signals are "proprietary", and will not divulge the settings. You have to LEASE indicators from them for another fee $49-$99, depending on your trading platform. Their other proprietary "signal" was simply a continuation, or bounce, off their (again proprietary) "T-Wave" , which is basically just simple EMA settings of 10 and 20.

The chat dialogue itself is closed so you can not see other chatters messages, believe me you wouldn't want to. The room moderators only trade in SIM and do not risk one cent of their own money.

They do not teach anything in this room, you just sit there and wait
for a signal to form. Most are for a minimal gain, 1-2 ticks, or a
full stop-out of 6 ticks. Most professionals prey on people who take
trades like these.

Hitting yourself in the head repeatedly with a hammer would be less
painful then shelling out $7,500 or more for this garbage room.
Hello everyone,

This is Afshin from Traders International. It has taken me some time to thoroughly review and study the thread so that I could address the posts.

First, I want to thank you all for taking the time to post an unbiased review of their experience with Traders International trading course, whether negative or positive. I am a firm believer in the importance of integrity as both a business owner and educator. I have carefully reviewed everyone's posts here, and it seems like there are 3 main areas that need to be addressed: the tuition fee, the contract, and the earnings expectations.

I would like to clearly define what Traders International really is. We are an educational company, so we provide an educational service. Much like universities and colleges, we give you the tools to succeed but we do not guarantee success.

It is impossible for any trading educator to guarantee a specific daily income amount, given that so many factors are at work. The changing market conditions, the student's commitment to learning the methods we teach, and the amount of trading capital that the student has available are all factors that come into play.

Because Traders International teaches methods and dispenses knowledge created by me and other experienced traders at my company, we can't issue refunds. Committing to a trading education contract is not unlike committing to getting a college degree by paying the tuition. You can't complete a full college education and then request a refund later based on when you didn't get the exact dream job and salary that you initially expected. There is definitely a certain amount of responsibility on the student to ensure that they actually apply the methods we teach consistently, and we make this clear to everyone before they sign up in writing. No legal product or education course in the world is able to guarantee an easy profit per day with no work required on the part of the purchaser.

We encourage all potential students to thoroughly research every day trading education programs before joining one. Our track record of over a decade of teaching, (in many different countries), speaks for itself. We would not have gotten very far as a business or trading school had we not been firmly committed to properly educating our students and getting them great trading results.

During the last year, we have done a tremendous amount of research and development due to recent dynamic changes of the market. We have added three new markets to our live trading rooms. Click here to our students’ video testimonials and see what they have to say:

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions and I wish you much success in your trading. You can find all of our contact information at this page:

Many thanks,
Afshin Taghechian, CEO
Traders International
The vendors comparing themselves to college level education is weak at best. My college did not ask for the 4 year tuition up front. If I failed in the first quarter and wanted to leave that was all I paid. If I didn't like a professor I could drop the class. If education is the main focus why do you always talk about how much money or points you made on your video's and webinars and stats on your site.Why don't you come out and say we are teachers and trade in sim only.Being around along time doesn't mean anything look at Bernie Madoff

In my opinion Traders International are scam artists. Here is my experience that I had with them and there response. My recommendation is not to send them any money. I cannot get anyone who claims to be trading real money with TI to actually show any statements showing profits.

My experience

Hi Afshin, I recently signed up for the TI course. I diligently studied the ecourse and decided to go to the pro room since you charge a steep price and I have limited start up capitol. I took the payment plan with the hopes of being able to start making money as soon as possible in order to offset the steep cost and start generating income. Based on your advertising and webinar that I attended I was under the impression that the trades called would be high probability trades. Unfortunately, the calls on last Friday morning were terrible (first day with real money), not even close to what is taught in the course (divergence taught & breakout attempted trades called), and my account was decimated by over 30% as I kept thinking I need to stay focused and take the next trade called as you guys are pros and I am a beginner. I am only able to trade the first 2 hours since I have regular job and was very disappointed with the results. I feel that I have been suckered into an expensive course and room and will be left with no trading capital soon were I to continue with the “TI” methodology.

Their response

I would be happy to help you get on the road to profitable trades like so many in our trading rooms. When would be a good time to call you and we can discuss your strategies and trading plan.
I love how they post their tainted results everyday,I THOUGHT this was a training educational 'course'?
That song and dance of offering more for their bs rooms is not free,you pay over $300 a month for it.
They have at least 8 complaints with the Houston BBB(better business bureau).
They also like to show their is no refund after a certain amount of time. Just file compliants and better yet warn others about their propreity indicators. The MACD and STOC are not yrs,you didnt invent them.
Hey Kazden where a helmet,the hockey pucks have bounced to much of yr fugly face.
Afshin you still bring newbies in to the room so the suckers trading in SIM with 10's of contracts can show you their fictious profits?
Hey John Ford that trade of the day,looks like SIM? You still doing that or saw the light? Truth hurts .
Originally posted by neilzep

Afshin you still bring newbies in to the room so the suckers trading in SIM with 10's of contracts can show you their fictious profits?
Hey John Ford that trade of the day,looks like SIM? You still doing that or saw the light? Truth hurts .

All truth above,except Kazdens face...he just sounds ugly and looked ugly when he posted his face on facebook,then removed it. lol
Hey NeilZep,

You have got to be the biggest Idiot I have ever seen.
Kazden not been with TI for 2 Years. But you still refer to him.
Do you even trade, you moron?
The problems you may have experienced with TI are well documented.
Many others have seen that the organization is a scam.
The "trades of the Day" are doctored. He uses the Ninja Market replay function with a DOM, and then records it in camtasia.
The trade calls are ambivalent at best. Rich Malcom has always skirted his calls be saying things like.."see, that was a good trade there"...after the fact. And no one...I MEAN NO ONE, trades live money on that site. Here are a few excerpts from the "new" disclaimer on their site.

"Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have under -or over -compensated for the impact, any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated trading programs in general area also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that an account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown.

Benefit of hindsight....Hehehe...I am a millionaire with MY hindsight.

Also, and you will love this...
"No claims as to past, present or future profitability of these services or other Traders International methods are made, and there is no guarantee that the system will provide any profits to traders using the system, and indeed may cause such traders to incur losses.

So, in other words, don't expect to make money doing anything we say.
If anyone really read this thing, no one would logically sign up.

And finally my favorite..."By reading this, you hereby agree that you will not make actual trades based on any information, educational alerts or triggers that are posted in any education, via email or discussed via audio/video/text in our trading chat room - this is not a financial advisory service.

They are actually telling you not to trade what they say.

So, listen to them and walk away. Please pass this on to anyone you know that is considering this miserable, no talent organization.
I hope everyone is doing good and staying away from companies like Traders International. I have not traded for over 2 years now because a few weeks after I posted that comment in 2012, my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer and after a long struggle, he ended up passing away. Just wanted to update this post and show that what I posted was not fake. I have attached a pdf of my month end statement in Jan. 2012 to show anyone who doesn't understand what a real trade statement looks like or for any of you who didn't believe me when I said I was making way over 20k per month without the help of crooks like Traders International! I have also included a daily statement in pdf format as well and NO I'm not going to leave my name or account number on there. I always take out anything above $110k-$120k from my account. Taking money out above a certain limit you set for yourself is a must; hard to explain why, but it helps psychologically. Go and compare the statements that Traders International(TI) shows to fool people who are newbies into believing their lies. I wouldn't be surprised if they tried copying this or something similar to make their simulation trades look like real trades. This will be my last post here. Good luck, stop being sheep, and stop being lazy. Do the leg work required to teach yourself because the information is on the internet for free. You just have to find it and stop relying on other people to do the hard work for you.
Click link to access uploaded file:
Statement on 01252012.pdf

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Statementon 01312012.pdf