ES key numbers for 3-30-11

1300 - 1301.25 *** this is Tuesdays low and an area we have been watching recently that held. Volume spike at 1301.25 today.

1305.75 - 1307.00 - *****This is the value area low and a volume area that was created today. Also a Low volume area and some rejected that area quickly today. The opening range is in here too from Tuesday. Standard pivot formula S1 is in here.

1310.75 - 1311.75 ******* the big kahuna...we have the POC in here, volume spikes, and the standard pivot is in here. We also have a low volume area and the market moved away swiftly from the 1311.75. Any good shorts and buying failure will go back to this point. A big magnet that needs to be remembered even if it doesn't fill in on Wednesday. The opening range for the Week is also in this zone.

1315 - 1315.50 - *****This is Monday's High and the 4PM close sits here from Tuesday. Value area high is here too.

1320-1322.50 - we have multiple tops here and the R1 level sits up there.....monitor for poor volume and lack of follow through on any breach of that area

There are no 10 a.m reports on Wednesday but a few before 8:30 in the morning. This was some what of a trend today so it should be a better day tomorrow to buy into breaks and sell rallies early in the session. I prefer the sell side but not on declines.
added to my position at 19.50 to level out the buy at 22.
Originally posted by PAUL9

koolblue projection coincides with daily R1 for today (RTH only data) = 1322.50
1618 extension of Monday range = 1323.50
and Weekly R1 = 1323.50
so it might have been coming up on other people';s radar as possible inflection point.

Since there has been a print at 1618 up of monday's range, 8 in 10 that full extension prints = 1328.50.

If price retraces, best "last chance" place to find support is at/above Monday H of 1315.25 for 1328.50 run.
yup , and the Kool thing is we knew it wanted 1323.50 last weekend! And i think ive already shown the projection now to 1328.50-1329.25! . Thx PAUL! yOUR FINE WORK GIVES ME MORE CONFIDENCE!
Bruce, that is probably the only problem with IB data. The snapshots work for price based charting, but not for the tick generated measures.

But I can tell you, when the broadband was loaded with data during the crazy sessions in 08, it was the prices received from IB that were up to date (for me) I remember looking at a machine I run TS on and the price ladder was a riot. there were times when it was showing trades going off at one level, while simultaneously showing bid and offer size like 15 ticks higher or lower.
WELL, heck! we of course hit my 1319.50 short exit, but i didnt get filled! But because my stop is at breakeven, i have no risk on my runner,so i'll stick with the gameplan to exit 1319.50 and buy least for now!
I like dalton a lot but he never really defines a time frame for the non gap fill
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Looks like mr. James Dalton and i are in agereement again!..."The three day high at the 1317 level is your downside reference as the market is expected to gap higher; your early focus is on any attempt to fill the gap. Overnight inventory is very long, which adds to long risk following a low volume, poor structure day on Tuesday. Failure to fill a gap is positive for the day timeframe."
i think the implication is today!.. i COULD BE WRONG THO!
Paul9, just saw your request. Here is a caption of 10AM high

Click image for original size
2011 03 301039
TY very much LisaP
Still looks like there was a pretty good size in the Ask box at bar/box top in column labeled 10:05
i agree kool, i am most definitely playing the "i could be wrong game today" i think we will be stuck in a range for a while.
Bruce: i use CQG for my data feed which is awesome. i haven't had many no fills.. i used to use zen fire and it seemed i never got filled except on stops which we all know happen lightening fast on any system. you can see a huge difference in price action between the two data feeds. something you may want to check into sometime.
I see it now, Kool. Thanks