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ES Tues 9-20-11

I think we need to start Tuesdays thread on the lighter side.

Me and my shed !!!!! Click on the image to view in "normal" size..

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also more shorts entered at 1212.75
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2011 09 201123
runners came off at 11.25 but holding one with a stop at 14.25...just in case they want to do the 06.50 retest before they clean out last weeks stops above 14.50....will trail if it dops under this low volume spot
I have first Low Volume node at 10.25
May retest that 12.75, but it looks like a brick wall

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2011 09 201128
we have yet to test a 30m bar low since the rth open
moved last stop up to 13.75...I fiqure if they run that they will make new highs
great observation...just a matter of time...
Originally posted by apk781

we have yet to test a 30m bar low since the rth open
e-mini respected reference points. long 1195 stop loss 1193. out 1108.
Slept late and missed this morning's action...

Now looking for 1208 or 1204 to go long.. may never get it.. 1208 is the A up level and 1204 is the Fisher 20min IB & previous high If we go above 1212&1214, 1220&1228 is the next taget Try to hold above 1214 with your stop below 1213.50

If you build again let me know, you can use the guys that built my building ... we even made a video:

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