ES Tues 9-20-11

I think we need to start Tuesdays thread on the lighter side.

Me and my shed !!!!! Click on the image to view in "normal" size..

Click image for original size
OH yeah, and how about some numbers:

95 - 96.50 - Low volume from Mondays trade

86 - peak volume price

under tuesdays lows we have 75 - 77.50 - low volume from 9-14

high volume at 69.50

low volume at 65.50
Awesome photo! I hope those trees are stable and don't fall on the shed...
Nice job Bruce! The shed is looking good.

and thx for the #s.
be careful with that ladder. I had one just like it, set-up exactly the way you have it, the ladder has those spring loaded bars used to pull the key out of the circumference of the swivel hinges, One of my keys broke while I was on the 2nd to the top rung. put me into a nose-dive, luckily I fell correctly. I ended up using the thing for a couple more years, but had to clamp a 2X4 to the rungs, bridging the swivel hinge. Danger, Will Robinson.

Enjoyed seeing the picture. There is a true sense of achievement when it comes to building something tangible, viewable. Sit back with a drink in your hand and say, "I made that."
thanks for the kinds words and advice.....

I forgot the upside numbers: For me the biggest area will be the settlement of friday which was 1211.75 and then the best area will be

1214.50 - 1216.25 this is last weeks highs and the R2 area of today

as I write this the Overnight has created low volume at 1202.25 and then in the 95 - 96 area...

a quick word about confluence especially for newer traders:

You want to look for numbers that line up from several different the swing high and R2 I mentioned. You will get better results than just using all MP numbers or all fibs, all pivots etc....this way if one group using a particular methodology does'nt " show up" in your predefined area you still may have other traders from other methods using the area

Look at the Overnight lows as I write: That is a weekly pivot at 1285 and also the peak volume from mondays trade.....and Now it is an overnight that should go on your radar for future use if not today. Great examples of key numbers derived from Multiple methods of analysis. Another example would be the high of Monday and the low volume from the Overnight in the 1202.50 - 1203.75 area!!
For today I have the following S/Rs and objectives. starting at the opening. The overnight has played around them.

For Sep. 20. Tuesday.

Buy above 1201.25
with 1205.25 / 1209.75 / 1214.25 / 1216 / 1218
Extreme 1233.50
as outside resistance and objectives.

Sell below 1196.75
with 1188.75 / 1184.50 / 1179.75
Extreme 1168
as downside support and objectives.

As always, the market has the last word and in due time will show us the way,

I see for you the same I see for my self: Having the very best of luck and a fun profitable trading day!
es reference points per mark Fisher system.
volume profile and butterfly - all in one

$ES_F scenario $$
On volume profile chart dashed orange lines are gaps, green lines are CHVN, Thin Red line are CLVN and Thick Maroon lines are VPOC.
$ES_F correction on chart, I was referring to 1180.5 CLVN rather than 1080.5
If you build again let me know, you can use the guys that built my building ... we even made a video: