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ES Tues 9-20-11

I think we need to start Tuesdays thread on the lighter side.

Me and my shed !!!!! Click on the image to view in "normal" size..

Click image for original size
1210 hit, but did not fill me
Great shed Bruce. Nice work!
smarter this time - took off part at
have two targets for one runner - vwap at 1208.25 or break-out point and LV node at 1205.25
looking at news - there are o good news anywhere. But markets are moving up - amazing...
Interesting that the market stopped at the pivot and a previous opening this morning..
volume is awful so i would not draw any conclusions from today's pa

Originally posted by Lisa P

looking at news - there are o good news anywhere. But markets are moving up - amazing...
Russell broke down but ES holding..either ES will also break down or Russell will reverse..
closed my runner at VWAP
darn, I didn't buy it... I entered an order for 3 [email protected], my stop is @1207.25.. If it breaks 1207.75 the low wick, its likely to go lower.. The bias remains bullish for me until we stay below 1204.. just need a good place to hop on.. 1:15 needs to confirm the market direction and push for 1214..
If you build again let me know, you can use the guys that built my building ... we even made a video:

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