ES Tues 9-20-11

I think we need to start Tuesdays thread on the lighter side.

Me and my shed !!!!! Click on the image to view in "normal" size..

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sthg weird with your chart...the lod during rth was 94.5 today and you are not showing that i guess...

again, looking at my 30min bars i just can't see how a single print was formed at 99

i will let someone else be the judge on this one
volume at 1997
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2011 09 201547
1196.25 is a level for me, if we break that, Pivot or VAH is the next stop..
they smoked me at 99.75...just hate afternoon...damn rain ....LOL!!
Originally posted by destiny

e-mini respected reference points. long 1195 stop loss 1193. out 1108.

/es set ups worked all day long . Once 1107 level was broken and dxy caught a bid off 3 day rolling pivot high in to OR high, trade was to short 1107 to 1196 3 day rolling pivot high as a target.
Bruce, how wide are your stops?
es after dxy caught a bid.
Y, Destiny,
ES was A up today so it had a chance.. this looks like bear market to me.. everytime it looks like it's about to go, it can't..
Originally posted by Lisa P

based on my MP chart, above, this move may go to 1995 (thinnly-traded area) but I am out of ammo on this trade, as I entered late-ish. Also other makrets are at support.

MFs, took me out on a small stop and went to 1995.
1. do not be greedy
2. do not trade in the few last minutes
If you build again let me know, you can use the guys that built my building ... we even made a video: