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The Trading Zone

Hello, has anyone tried or had any experience with TheTradingZone? If so, what are your thoughts about them, pro and con?
Thank you,

how was it possible for you to be "in and out of the TradingZone for over a year" ?

I have been to the TTZ room maybe for 2 weeks, however discontinuously, and got booted without any warning whatsoever. From what I have heard from others, this was not a singular event, GregW doesn't let people be in the room indefinitely and is very quick to kick people out.

MartinU, and Trader123abc,

Well one of you is a liar,,,hmmmmmm

Martin U.
Lets get it straight. Greg has made it very clear what he expects from visitors. The room holds 200 people. Visitors are free to come in and watch the live trading calls and listen to whatever information they can take out of it. I think it is a fair situation for all involved that after 4 weeks either a person likes what they see or does not. For the ones who do not or simply are choosing not to leave, wouldn't it make sense for them to give up their seat for someone who else who might be interested? Further, I have heard them say many times, if a person needs more time just contact them. Obviously it's still a business but in terms of Trading service businesses, I have never found one as fair and good. Yes, I am obviously a satisfied member and think they do a very fine job. By the way Martin, unless you used a different name completely, there was a Martin type name in that room for some time and recently is gone. Hmmm, makes you think?

I have been able to do it, I don't know how it's possible. Others I known have been in and out many times as well. They give you up to 4 weeks to review to start. It's not like I sit in there everyday! I pick up information then research it, study it and use it.

You are one sick person! Get a life already! Everybody is out to screw you, right! with your attitude you have to be a guaranteed loser not just in trading but life itself! Now bug off!
Another 10+ pointer in the Trading Zone this afternoon! Everybody who was in the room had a chance to TAKE ACTION! I did and I am very happy.
The non believers make sure you keep your blinders on! LOL

I don't have any problem with the limited time in the room per se ( although a prior notice before booting wouldn't hurt, lol ) I was just surprised to hear that someone managed to fly under the radar, one therefore could get the impression that traderabc is in some form associated with TTZ.

Btw., while I was in the room, I experienced a lot of good calls by Greg. He probably is a good trader. Whether the course manages to transfer the knowledge to the trader, I can't tell.
In defense of TTZ, I have to say that I have seen very few negative comments made about the Zone on the internet so far.
No, I didn't enter the room under the name of Martin.. it was in late '07 when I visited.

Best regards,

are you now a member of TTZ ?

No I am not a member.


No I am not a member. Already said that. As regards to me flying under the radar, I don't plan that. I said in the past year I have been in and out of their room. I do not go in everyday. Past couple of days I have been in there. If you think I am a shill your as screwy as voodoo1!
I am not a shill. Why is it that anytime anybody has something positive to say, he or she is a shill? I am not even a member.
Everybody needs to make up their own mind whats good or bad. I can not comment on their course as I do not have it.


I have read your comments (not just in here but in other Pivot Rooms). Not one of them ever has a productive thing to say? All you do is blast out the same negitive comment and a bunch of non productive curse words. Your behavior and mouth would probably be much more accepted in the Elite Forum. To tell you the truth, I am a little surprised your behavior and mouth have not got you tossed out of here. Grow up!
Thanks for your response. Did you ever find anyone or anything to help you be a better trader? They are asking $3000 now. Thanks again.
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