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The Trading Zone

Hello, has anyone tried or had any experience with TheTradingZone? If so, what are your thoughts about them, pro and con?
Thank you,
GregW: You have a very keen eye for this type of person. I can confirm that Mr. Carcanaques is an old spammer and con artist who has been banned from this forum several times. I've also locked this account of his so let's not waste our time with him.
Thanks for the reply Greg. Your guess at greater profits during volatile times is what I would also have guessed at. I know that your point targets are usually smaller than 10 points and when I read about the recent 10+ points that you guys have been getting on your runners it raised that question in my mind.

Brett Steenbarger raise the question of correlation of volatility with other figures recently and there are some other traders that I chat with who are looking at certain correlations so I've been following those types of relationships of late and so have some interest in it...........
I wanted to respond to this comment, as I have seen it take form over the last couple weeks. With the increased volatility and yet still trading by my same methodology rules, I have found situations where my riders (or the final contracts left on my trade) are just naturally producing larger size winners. On the other side of the coin, due to market liquidity, the potential for my stops getting hit have been much greater. So, what to do? Well my answer seemed to work quite well. Increased my stops by a tick or two and did the same with my targets. BINGO! As long as I stay disciplined and my entries are proper, the potetial to catch the big trades become greatly increased.
Just thought I would report in and let you know how it's working by me. Take care.
Well there is no question that expanded ranges should mean greater profits.

Again today we had a Huge 30+ point range in the SP's. We had become so used to narrow ranges in the SP in recent years that this is a welcome change.

Of course if you are holding trailers, (as we call them) then your profitability should increase, as these trailers go many more points before getting taken out on trailing stops

Adjusting your initial stop or scale out by a tick or 2 to account for market conditions is also normal, as long as you follow your greater set of rules, like not letting winners turn into losers, or adding to losing trades (my rules in any case)

thanks for the post

Thanks for the updates guys.
I've been away from trading for a while, and just returned to spend a week in the trading zone chat room

I am sure nobody else provides this, and I am very pleased I was able to participate. For someone who is struggling with learning how do trade, it is nice that I can have the time in your room to try it out first.

I am not a member yet, but I am impressed with how professional you guys are. Mostly I appreciate how every questions is answered by a moderator in a professional manner

I hope to be a member soon, maybe as a Christmas gift to myself.
Hi Scooter,
Thanks for the kind words

It is exactly for that reason that we leave the chat room open, traders can come in anonymously and see if it is right for them

Good trading !
The TTZ Room had a webinar this weekend. It was the third one I have attended over about a 1 year period. The webinars in terms of slides and information seems to be about the same but everytime I go to one I always seem to learn new things. Over my years of trading, I have attented many of these webinars from other groups or services. I can honestly say none of these others are even if the same league as what Greg W teaches. He has a way of taking what can be very complicated material (ie. market Profile) and explaining it in almost a story like manor. His style and presentation has a way of capturing my attention, that when it's over, I had no idea I just sat for over four hours. Thank you Greg, for a another fine effort.
Thanks Coop

The feedback from our webinars has always been positive.

I am thrilled that you are learning even more, that is after all the goal
The trading zone represents a total scam. Greg W ripped off $1600.00 from me. The trades being posted in the room are not real and if you follow them close enough you will be able to see that for yourself. No matter how many losing trades they will post they still claim that they are up for the day. The fills they are claiming to get are not real. I purchased the program with the understanding that they would be sending me live trading calls via yahoo instant messenger. It never happened. When I privately pointed out to Greg W that I was not happy with the service because of the false trades that were being claimed by Rick he shut me out of the chat room and denied me access to the web site. So, I received absolutely nothing for the $1600.00 I gave him. I tried to file for a chargeback on my credit card Greg W lied to the bank and was able to keep the money for now. I am in the process of filing a lawsuit and contacting legal authorities. Do not get scammed. Greg W is a liar and a rip off artist.
I thought the course costs USD 2500 ?
Thanks for your response. Did you ever find anyone or anything to help you be a better trader? They are asking $3000 now. Thanks again.
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