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Hello, has anyone tried or had any experience with TheTradingZone? If so, what are your thoughts about them, pro and con?
Thank you,
Ok, I saw this forum and decided I would join and give you my opinion on the TTZ room and Greg.

I am a member for a year or more, but hardly ever use it due to the fact that secretariat was rude, arrogant, and of questionable character, at the least! I have been in several rooms with other traders, that were members of TTZ, and all felt the same as I did. I also left because I did not feel that Greg was a good teacher, you need real time trading, not all this after the market closes business. If he would have a private room to help traders in real time, it would have been worth my while to stay. Ya I know he says that he has to trade his account too, but if your going to take other peoples money you can set aside time in slow trading times to go over trades in real time.In a after hours class I asked a question and was told"well we allready discussed that" or we will get to that another time, not the answer I was looking for!! Also, just like in high school, he had his favorites! I don't know how many shills he has on the payroll, but their were several! I got tired of hearing him toot his own horn, the other poster in this room was right when he said they had too many infomercials! He could use this for teaching time IMO!!!

A good room, that is honest , should have software where the members can watch the mods live trades on there screens. Anyone can post results that show a profit , but the actual trading screen does not lie!! If you have a room that is honestly showing profitability, the members will come!!

I have been in many rooms like the rest of you, and the only way I can think of to make these people show real results is by monitoring their trading screen. The other problem is most mods can't teach, too bad they don't have to have "teaching credentials" to have a web site or trading room!

The other problem Greg had was his charts and connection constantly gave him problems. Have a backup system and connection, people are depending on you to make a living.

On shadow trading, he was against it, but I would constantly here him tell members" if you are out of the trade, hold on I will get you back in it'! If they knew the trades by your system, why do you need to get them in a trade? Makes no sense to me!!

I know there is no way to get a refund , but for now on I just watch for a room and if they do not have a live screen that I can monitor there trades, I am not interested!

I warn all traders that there are more crooks in the on line trading biz, than the used car biz, so be careful!

You say you are a Member, I have no record of any member under the name Kruger

You say you are a member and would like to see my live charts....

We do this 2 times a week every week, in our training room on Omnovia. Members are able to view my desktop directly and if a trade setups we can take it. In the last 3 Live training sessions we have infact taken trades.

IF you are a member why would you not come to the Live Training it's FREE to all our members.

Understanding the limitations of the technology however is important, with over 100 members from around the world viewing my charts they are not going to refresh as fast as your own. It's an educatinal tool

Also,my charts are posted throughout the day to a location where members can view them. They are marked up with the details of our last trade OR a trade that is about to trigger.

What you are looking for Not Only Exists, but as a Member you hae already paid for it.
Why then would you not avail yourself of the services that you claim you want if we offer them and you have paid for them?

Better yet, it is important to me that all our members are satisfied ones. As many know I am always available to help members work through the learning process.
Again as a member you would know this, when you join you are given my Tel #, and asked to call or email me if you have any difficulties and we can work one on one

Feel free to call me you have the number (and it is posted on the web site)
any other members that have been in a while care to comment ? Do they still let you stay in the room for as long as you like??
Originally posted by BruceM

any other members that have been in a while care to comment ? Do they still let you stay in the room for as long as you like??

you get two weeks in the room then they kick you out
You get sick of being asked to sign up

Greg, please address all of my issues mentioned in my post, and not just the ones you choose to address. Thanks

Can someone show me other live trading rooms.


Originally posted by sabahjoe

Can someone show me other live trading rooms.

Have a look at the sticky topics at the top of this forum: Online Trading Chat
(Don't reply to this topic. This topic is for the Trading Zone.)
There is something mildly irritating about seeing fellow traders ripped off by marketeers. Messers Greg Weitzman and his cohorts of The Trading Zone are selling an extremely simple method in essence which can, without the padding, fit on a couple of sides of paper.

If it were that good that would be fine but its not. Worse than the $3k is the time wasted and damage caused to ones trading by following this over simplistic nonsense.(in my humble opinion of course, as one who has taken his course). There is far better value out there folks. What The Trading Zone is should be the contents of a $29 ebook and then it would have its place with all the other deritritus on sale. To charge $3000 (or even $1000) for this is simply daylight robbery, and by the time people figure out its another scam, they have long since parted with their money. TTZ do not do refunds under any circumstances, and its clear why. At one time this course sold for under $1000. Very little had been added since then.

<<<mod edit: deleted inappropriate content....>>>

All this is very well except for two things. Firstly it ain't worth $3000 (and there is not much more to it than above except for fancy window dressing) and secondly, and most importantly like much such nonsense following these rules will often keep you out of the market when you could be in and stop you taking advantage of the very best opportunities. This course is all about them collecting your $3k and not about helping you.

The lack of integrity and brazen selling are obvious to those who have been in the room for a while, and the enthusiasm of some recent members (who have not dropped off the bottom yet) is used to sucker in new "meat". Greg takes great apparent pride in teaching his overpriced method, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Very few people are still in there after 18 months. They have assimilated and discarded TTZ and all they have to offer. The so called method offers little more than over simplified stuff that is in the public domain. Locking up conventional tecnology and calling, overpricing it and then floggint it off on the promise you will make money is what this, and so much else offered is all about.

Moreover, TTZ/Greg Weitzman makes regular use of so called "moderators", who either hound you to buy or call the market. Many of these people make decent trades, and then, when asked privately admit that their trading method has little or nothing to do with the method you are apparently paying for. Whether or not it is happening at any one point in time is irrelevant. Weitzman is and has been happy to create the impression as long as you buy the course which is his one and ONLY interest. After this, despite his best claims of "helping" you are of little or no interest to him after you buy the course. In any case, help you don't need as $100 - $200 worth of books like Dalton's Market Profile or other MP books is worth far more than the info in the course.

The worse part is that people with limited funds part with their money and then are misdirected, having handed over their non refundable money and time to a group of people who's only interest is to see you coming. Caveat Emptor. Buyer Beware.

Here is the psychological genesis of those buying this (or many other courses, of which I have bought way too many!)

1. Promise and Greed. This will make you money. You are sold. You want IN!!!

2. Buy the couse. You can't wait to pay.

3. Take the course. Can't understand some of it but you absorb it over weeks and months and start to attempt to use it.

4. The holes start to appear in the method's logic. The smoke and mirrors tricks used to make you buy start to appear more and more obvious.
It becomes clear that it's not all its cracked up to be.

5. A few ask for their money back but most people walk away.

6. They know with the benefit of hindsight they would NEVER have wasted money on this.

TIME FROM INITIAL INTEREST TO WALKING AWAY is typically 12 - 18 months. In most cases far less.

In my opinion, other than a waste of money and some genuine social value (which you can get for free in other rooms!) this so called "course" is a waste of time.

I consider myself a pretty knowledgeable trader and I recently bought the TTZ service/education, so I thought I'd give a review to anyone considering joining. I want to give an honest opinion and not a rant one way or another.

Much of their learning material was review for me and not much was really new. However, when you are giving any kind of learning info, you must assume your audience is all kinds (beginners to experienced), so starting from the basics isn't surprising. What IS really good in the material is the focus on the mental aspects of trading and setting out some game plans to overcome common roadblocks and hurdles that people run into with trading. A lot of this can be found in books, however, but it is nice to have the nuggets all grouped together.

The way it is presented (video of slides) is not the best and contains lots of typos, but the info is there. It's presented that way due to trying to not have the info spread. I feel this comes to the detriment to the receiver of the information. I feel this is an underlying theme with TTZ, where they focus heavily at keeping their strategies a secret and in the end, the paying customer gets hurt. I know they would disagree with me, but the fact is, I'm on the receiving end and I see it.

They use basic indicators and techniques (usable on any platform) that aren't new or proprietary, but that doesn't mean it isn't valid (in fact, that can be seen as a plus). Often proprietary indicators are merely using a twist on a common technique and made to look better by the secrecy. If you actually knew what a proprietary indicator was doing, my guess is you'd say "is that all it is?!". So, it's a plus that TTZ doesn't use proprietary indicators in their setups.

I took the 7-day free trial to see what it was all about (prior to joining). They don't give much info in the chat room as to their actual techniques (more on that below), but you get a window in to the general ideas. A big complaint of mine is that I spoke with one of the mentors on the phone before a joined and I mentioned that I was wanting to get away from lagging indicators and move towards things like Market Profile and Pivot levels, since you know those before the trading day starts. While it is true they use Market Profile, it was a huge disappointment to find most of their indicators are all basic lagging indicators! The very thing that I did not want to use! This made me feel mislead from the start (since I told them I didn't want to use those techniques). But, I try to keep an open mind, as I don't think this was completely malicious.

For me, I don't use their techniques directly, but I feel the training material helped guide my own techniques in a better direction, so that is a plus. But, it does grind me to hear them speak to the trial guests for them to "see if the TTZ techniques fit within their trading style before joining", but not actually tell them about the TTZ techniques. Or, in my case, for it not to fit within my style, but not knowing enough before I joined.

One of the things I was looking for was a "home" to go to each day (in the form of a chat room), so I wasn't trading alone. I wanted an environment where the members would be there to help each other and learn from each other (but also moderated so it wasn't just a bunch of flame wars). This is my biggest complaint about TTZ and what gives me the biggest buyer's remorse.

In the chat room, you can't talk about non-TTZ related techniques, which isn't surprising, since you are with a group of people focused on a single technique. So, no surprise or complaint there. However, you can't talk about TTZ setups either! Because the room contains members and a small handful of trial guests, all TTZ setup talk is not allowed. Thus, the chat room consists of the moderators just calling numbers (without explanation) and non-trading related, political, chit-chat talk (luckily you can mute all members other than moderators, since all they are allowed to talk about is non-trading subjects).

To me, this is a horrible way to learn and not the "home" I was looking for. If the moderators do talk about any TTZ related indicators in the chat room, they use code-words or just say "area of interest". This is so annoying, since I feel like they explicitly censoring themselves instead of helping people during the day. I've tried asking questions in the room and have gotten my hand slapped for talking about TTZ in the room. Which also means, members can't even ask other members TTZ related questions in the room. Instead you have to wait for the twice-a-week, members-only learning sessions. Which is nice, but it's nothing like live, real-time learning or discussion (even between members). Plus, I've had it happen on multiple occasions that the learning session was cut short because the moderator had to leave to go do something. Frustrating.

I feel like they have been burned in the past with various other techniques of running the room and they have resorted to what it is now. I suppose it's like dating someone with baggage... they're still a nice person, but you have to deal with the fallout of other a-holes they've experienced.

Some positive aspects of the room is that the moderators sometimes go on talks (during lunch hours) about various aspects of trading, which is very interesting. Plus, in the morning, there is a lot of commentary of what is going on in the pit. This is also very interesting. However, other than these two aspects, I find the chat room worthless, which is disappointing since that it was one of the main reasons for me joining. It grinds me when I hear the moderators mention anything about the chat room being a place to learn, which it is intentionally and explicitly set up not to be. The sad thing is, they don't see that.

The two aspects that made be buy TTZ was a chat room (what I thought it was) and that it was a one-time payment with life-time access to the chat room and access to the mentors themselves. So, if I was struggling with any aspect of my trading, I could email or physically call them to help me out. Anyone who has tried to reach out to a forum for help typically ends up getting mixed info and mixed opinions, which sometimes ends in a flame war or hostility (as you can see from this tread itself). So, this is still a plus to TTZ.

The mentors themselves are experienced and friendly. Unfortunately, they reside in a limiting chat room (as mentioned). Perhaps this isn't a big issue to others as it is for me.

For those who are quick to dismiss paying for any kind of service or chat room and say you can find the info in other places (often cheaper), I suppose you could say that about any college/school. Why go to school since you can just pick up a calculus or history book and learn yourself, right? A book is much cheaper than actually going to a class, right? It's really the way the info it's presented and who presents it is where you get the value. This is why my main two goals for joining a group were for a quality chat room and for mentor(s).

I don't think TTZ is out to scam anyone (as some people in this thread may lead you to believe), but, as discussed, it's more about the quality (or lack of quality) of the service/product. Obviously, there is no silver bullet, thus I feel like the indicators and techniques are almost secondary to the other aspects of the product.

I am still on the fence if I have regrets or not. TTZ is not what I was hoping (but could be if they would only make some changes), but if I learn enough to push me into a profitable direction, then the price paid will be meaningless.

As far as recommending TTZ to others, I would say no. Until they change they way they approach teaching and the chat room, it's not an environment I would recommend.
Originally posted by neoikon
I am still on the fence if I have regrets or not. TTZ is not what I was hoping (but could be if they would only make some changes), but if I learn enough to push me into a profitable direction, then the price paid will be meaningless.

More and more I am leaning toward the side of regret. I feel there are so many opportunities to make the site/product/service better, but they have intentionally put road blocks in their way in order to not improve their product/service. Thus, I am not optimistic that I will be happy with their product/chat room in the future.

Have I learned new nuggets since joining? Yes. Was it worth the price? No. At the moment, my feeling is I would pay about 25% of what I paid and would feel like it was worth it.
Thanks for your response. Did you ever find anyone or anything to help you be a better trader? They are asking $3000 now. Thanks again.
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