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The Trading Zone

Hello, has anyone tried or had any experience with TheTradingZone? If so, what are your thoughts about them, pro and con?
Thank you,
1/3 @ +0.5
1/3 @ +1.00
1/3 trailers (I assume on average 1pt ?)

1.25 stop

Don't you need a very high win% to be profitable with that kind of strategy?

Lets assumue 60% winners, 10% breakeven & 30 % losers (3contracts)

30 x 3 x -1.25 = -112.50
60 x (0.5 + 1.00 + 1.00) = +150
10 x 0

total = +37.50

profit = 37.50 x 50$ - 100 x 3 x 4.75$ = 1875 - 1425 = 450 $

450 $ for 100 trades ? It's profitable but don't you need to trade BIG to make this work ?
to Jchan66: you may want to read on this forum about The Trading Zone, they have a free trading room you may want to check out, and those guys are traders. Good luck.

[admin edit: This reply and few after it were moved from this topic and so you might miss a bit of context.
I just replied to the Prime 9 product and was going to add this over there but it seems fit in this catagory better. After my wasted months with Prime 9, I found this group on paltalk named the Trading Zone. I mentioned them in another link in this forum (but forgot which one). They acually call live trades in the room most of the day.
The trades r called in a timely manner, allowing in most cases, to get the same entry point. Hard to beleive but a good majority of the trades r profitable. They have 2 very good traders. The room is free although they do say the reason for the room being free, is to allow people the chance to see if they like what they offer. I suppose their feelings are, if u like it, you will buy the course and be able to see how they make or call the trades. I can say one thing for sure, the owner of the room Greg Weitzman is a stand up guy. I have known him casually from the past and he is a very nice and honest person. A rare find for a room owner (lol). It is free for now, so at the very least check it out. I hope I have provided some helpful information. I wish I would have known about Forums like this when I first started trading rather then running around in every direction. Day Trading, I know u have much to do with this and I commend you. You really are providing a great service. Good trading to you all.
Thanks coops!

It's an interesting approach that Greg is taking with the Trading Zone. I think that he's had the room in a number of different formats over the years and this seems to be a very good way to sell a course. You can probably draw an analogy with software which is provided free online and a version that you can also download. I think that Microsoft have a word processor called Writely which is free online but if you want to use something offline you need to buy Word. Okay maybe that isn't such a great analogy because they're different products. Anyway, if you hang out in a trading room and you can see that they guys are doing well and you have no time limit to be there then there's no big sales pitch at the end of the trial period and no high pressure sales but at some point your curiosity is going to be piqued (assuming that they're doing well) and you're going to want to know the methodologies that they use. If you're following their trades and you're making a living out of it and you don't purchase the course then you run the risk of losing your livelihood if they suddenly disappear. Greg is certainly putting his money where his mouth is and, correct me if I'm wrong, but he's the only guy doing this right?
Well Hello,

looks like you are talking about me.
Yes indeed the chat room is free, I and do call my trades live, and time stamped.
infact I have even in the past posted my actual P&L to show traders in the room that I trade what I call.

Now, there are 3 types of people who come to our chat room:
1: our members who have been trading with me for 5 years
2: those who are interested in seeing what we do
3: the skeptics, who no matter what you do or say, or how accurate your trade is, will have only negative opinions.

For example in this post
on this very site, a member Math Monkey was a #3 type guest in our room.
He attended for less than 1 hour, in which time I called 3 trades, and then posted my P&L on my web site. It was evidence that I took the trades I called, and that I was indeed sitting with the profit I claimed.

There will always be skeptics, that is the nature of this business, but I can say this: I am the only one who calls Live time stamped trades in a free chat room. I am the only one (i know of) who posted their P&L minutes after the trades were taken as proof.
I cannot, waste my time with those who seek the holy grail, or the 10 point trades with 1 point stops (in a 5 point range at that).

I do however have a loyal following, and have helped many many traders, turn the corner to porfitability.

So if you are interested in seeing what we do, then stop by the chat room. It's free there is no obligation.

Thanks for your post Greg.

I see on your web site that you use NinjaTrader and I was just reading and posting about their latest press release: NinjaTrader Supports Collective2 Automated Trading, and thinking how this might benefit someone like yourself.

Will you be selling your signals through Collective2 now this is available? What are your thoughts on this?
Hi Day Trader
Yes I got the same news release and it looks interesting.
I reviewd tier site, and emailed them a couple of questions.

I am wondering if discretionary trades can be transmitted as well, or just programmed systems.
Alos, i would need to know what delay if any there would be from my trade, to collective2 to the subscribers account, with quick scalps delays can hurt.
It is a very interesting idea, I may even resurect some systems I built in the past, that would be more viable for this setup.

A quick note regarding system trading.
Most will visit the site and chose the system with a high % wins, that makes sense. But many will also chose to manually enter the trades, second guessing and overriding. Some will be away from their computers and miss trades altogether.
Why?? because that is human nature.
If you rely on statistical returns, then you must take every trade in order to replicate those statistics.
If you want to follow a system then you must take the human out of the equation.
Either you are discretionalry or system trader, somwhere in the middle does not work IMO

I get the impression that anything that you enter into DOME can be transmitted. If this is correct then it seems like a pretty good way for discretionary traders who "call" or diseminate their signals to (1) distribute them (the signals) and (2) create an audited track record.

The lag of course would be a concern. The Collective2 server would have to relay the signals in real time.

The actual returns of any system will never match the "rules" or "simulated" version of the system because there'll always be breakdowns, errors, missed trades etc. That seems to be one of the things that's so appealing about this approach. It audits a trader's actual performance and the trades that he/she took.

I'm not sure if it's capable of distinguishing between account and sim trades on Ninja? Running a system where you generated the trade signals using Ninja in sim mode isn't a problem but if you can splice the two together then it would be a problem because it would allow a trader to swim into sim mode and take bigger risks than they might or use "money" that they don't have to recover a possition.
I have a few comments about the trading zone, the first is why is Greg W. exempt from following these rules as stated in the forum's advertise here section " If you own a web site and wish to put a link to it on this forum then do so in this section Advertise Here. Follow these rules before you post a link or that link will be immediately deleted without warning.

* Contribute at least 10 significant posts to the general forum first.

* Include only 1 link in your post.

* Return to answer any questions posted about your service within 7 days of a question being asked. Failure to do so will result in the post being deleted. (Let us know if you are on vacation.)"

The next thing is its obvious that coop2468 multiple endorsements have an ulterior motive. I suspect he his a shill for Greg and greased the skids to allow Greg to come out and plug his service and skirt the forums rules for vendors who wish to advertise and given this crack in the door, he used the opportunity to slam a visitor--mathmonkey--who didn't give the place a raving review. It's interesting to note that Greg didn't dispute mathmonkey's observations, however.

The last thing is I spent many days recently in the room and came away with many of the same conclusions as mathmonkey. Make no mistake about it, this is a rapid fire scalping system and is not suitable for the average small contract player who will come out a loser after the high percentage rake of commissions, typically $4-5 per contract. This method is similar to floor traders who fight like hell to capture a few ticks very often trading large positions. The edge of not having to pay commissions works on the floor but not behind the screen. I observed more winning trades than losers, but not by a margin large enough to come out a net winner. I also observed more than once a losing streak of 6 trades which is crippling for the average trader. There is an old saying that you can't go broke taking a profit, but that may not apply here, where the profits can be smaller than the losses.

A small player would be much better served by making a few trades a day netting two points instead of grinding his equity down with quick scalps and high commissions.

BEST Day Trading Advisory Service? Not by a long shot. In fact, it shouldn't be mentioned in this thread. Nice coup Greg.
garyhopperjr (aka Black Falcon) is taking this tone because he's been locked out before for not answering questions while promoting his employer's web site.

A polite warning: If you want to discuss forum policy start a new thread in the MyPivots part of the forum. If it's warranted and you're prepared to answer tough questions it will remain in there and your questions will be answered.
Thanks for your response. Did you ever find anyone or anything to help you be a better trader? They are asking $3000 now. Thanks again.
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