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Hello, has anyone tried or had any experience with TheTradingZone? If so, what are your thoughts about them, pro and con?
Thank you,
Where exactly are those forum rules posted? I have not seen them.
I am new member on this board and only responded because a member of ours alerted me to the posting

As for commenting or not on the forum posts I generally do not post in forums, and likely this will be my last one here.

I have nver had a 6 trade losing streak, that I can recall, most certainly not in the last few days when you have claimed to visit the room.
Why not come to the room and at least identify yourself as mathmonkey did?

For the record my style / method works on any time frame, I trade it on a 3minute chart and it delivers 5 approx trades in a day. Our co-moderator trades it on a faster tick charts (same methods), and yes he is a pure scalper and gets 30+ trades in a day.

Members of TTZ are also on a private yahoo list where they benefit from my trades only. So those that wish to take all the scalp trades can sit in the paltalk room. Members who wish to trade along side me can get on the yahoo mssngr list and trade my 5 +/- trades.

Also for the record Wedbesday was 4 trades 3 wins 1 stop, and thursday was 5 trades 4 wins 1 stop, posted to members in yahoo messenger.

Once again people feel they are experts on what I do after being in the chat room for 10 minutes
Again this is human nature see one stoped out trade and assume the methods don't work.
Well they work for me, have been for over 11 years and for many others who have taken my course as well

I am not a full time trader, and have a regular day job, but the time that I have spent in the room as a non-course member has been tremendously helpful to me in learning to trade. Greg shares much of his information although he now limits actual trade notifications to course members, and why shouldn't he? Secretariat is a great scalper trader who is also there for EVERY BIG MOVE. I've never seen a better Paltalk room than this one, and hope to be able to eventually be able to afford his course. This room is great for those traders who don't want to feel alone, but want to be with other active traders, and their trading style is greatly profitable. I highly endorse them even though I have not taken their course yet.
Greg the rules are here. I wouldn't take any notice of what garyhopperjr said. The reps from that company have a reputation on this forum for not being able to tell the truth and concealing their relationship with the company as garyhopperjr just did. Ignore his comments about the rules - they are unfounded.
A distinction needs to be made between advisory services, which make recommendations either live or delayed and educational services, which teach systems, methods, setups, and techniques which enable one to trade.

There are also hybrids that do both.

In my opinion, if one is looking to make an investment to become a profitable trader, the service should both teach and make realtime trading calls to demonstrate that their teachings have success in the real world of trading. Taking that one step further, I would insist that any service post results from their trading results (or emails) at the end of each and every day on their Website. And finally, the service should offer a money-back guarantee if they fail to demonstrate the teaching yields a profit in a reasonable time frame.

This criteria will eliminate all but a few of the services presently for sale in the marketplace, including the three mentioned in the first post here.

Yes we do both. Infact we do all that you mention

Our methods are taught via home study course, and webinars.
Then each and every day we run a live chat room (for free) that calls live trades.
Each trade is called on voice, and entered into the chat with a time stamp. Anyone who cares to review the trades need only keep a transcript of the chat room text.
In addition - After market we hold a training a session where the trades taken are reviewed and marked on the chart, so students can see how the trades correlate with the matrials learned.

With regard to a money back guarantee, how can I possibly know if the student has studied the materials?
How can I possibly know if the student / trader executed the trade as instructed?

I once had a woman call me after our trading day saying that she had lost money, even though the trades called in the room were 4 wins and 2 loss. She said she was in the other room, and even though she turned he speakers up real high, she could'nt get to the keyboard in time to take the trade where I entered.
I delevered to her my P/L for the day (as I have done on many occaisons, read the begining of this post, skeptic cones into the room, watches the trade I post my P/L on the web. Each trade taken as posted in the chat)showing once again that the trades I took were profitable.

Should I refund her money ????

Shadowing trades in a chat room has many disadvantages, internet latency, fast markets, technology issues etc....
This is why the chat room serves as a mechanism to show traders upcoming trades, and of course relay the information of MY trades in the fastest maner possible

I had one student, who I learned after about 3 months did not have charts !! He was shadowing my trades in the chat room. I kicked him out. Perhaps I should have returned his money as well.

Just recently, I mentioned and upcoming XXX setup was about to trigger, a student asked what that setup was. I repplied that entiire course he had purchased 3 weeks ago was based 50% on that specific setup- How could he have missed it ???
He never read the course! Paid for it but never read it - Perhaps he too should get a refund.

Hey - we are all big boys and girls. this isn't grade school this is FUTURES TRADING, the highest risk business there is.

If you are unable to read the materials, if you are unable to focus on the markets during the trading day, or you have 56k dial up modem with 40 second delayed data, then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not consider day trading futures.

So I see your comment about our service, but clearly you have never been to our chat room, our training sessions, or our webinars.

And once again posted by "anonymous" it seems I am the only one in this business, or on these forums who uses their real identity. Why is that.

So again I invite you to stop by our chat room and see 1st hand what we do, and when you do come, why not use your real name. It is far to easy to post stuff hidding behind a persona

Greg W

Let me be clear about my criteria:

1) Results should be posted every day on the Website (with entry timestamps), not just in the chatroom on a day-to-day basis. Why is this a problem for you?

2) A money back guarantee should be based on YOUR results,(including your partner who specializes in scalps) not that of your customers who will invariably go through a learning curve process and make mistakes. This puts the burden on you, not them to prove the methods work. Under what conditions would you offer a 100% money back guarantee?

Please don't make this about me and my real identity, etc. That is an age old vendor tactic and won't help your effort to get new customers from this forum which is your goal.

Greg, I don't think that "full inbox" was targetting The Trading Zone in BEST Day Trading Advisory Service. However your response makes interesting reading from a course vendor's point of view and of particular interest highlights human nature and "unreasonable" expectations of some people.

For anybody reading this, Greg makes an excellent comment about "anonymous" posters.

What the reader may notice is that an attack will usually come from someone offering a service that is in direct competion with the service that they're attacking. What is this type of person called? A Reverse Shill? A good example above is garyhopperjr who works for a competitor and will have nothing positive to say about any service except the one that he works for.
Of course I wasn't targeting any service in particular, but I find it interesting how quickly Greg defended himself. Vendors can be a very sensitive group, but they should know that if they want to use a public forum to solicit new customers, they have to be prepared to take the heat and scrutiny that other members dish out. That comes with the territory. Traders are a tough and skeptical bunch by nature, especially when it comes to trading vendors.

If you want to see how brutal this can be, spend some time reading the Puretick thread on Elite Trader, where Puretick is a paid advertiser and ongoing thread contributor.

full inbox, how does anybody reading this know if you're a competitor of Greg's trying to discredit him or not?
I haven't said anything derogatory about him or his service. I stated my criteria and he chose to reply in a defensive way. Are you defending him?
Thanks for your response. Did you ever find anyone or anything to help you be a better trader? They are asking $3000 now. Thanks again.
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