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Hello, has anyone tried or had any experience with TheTradingZone? If so, what are your thoughts about them, pro and con?
Thank you,
Originally posted by coops2468

I have read your comments (not just in here but in other Pivot Rooms). Not one of them ever has a productive thing to say? All you do is blast out the same negitive comment and a bunch of non productive curse words. Your behavior and mouth would probably be much more accepted in the Elite Forum. To tell you the truth, I am a little surprised your behavior and mouth have not got you tossed out of here. Grow up!


If you are able to read correctly and understand the written word, I have not once been negative I have asked hard questions, which you might think are negative. And not once have I used a curse word, and if I was to it not up to you.

He who has never sind may throw the first stone, I guess this does not apply to you, for being so judgemental.
Feel free to take the pick on voodoo1 conversation to that topic and let's focus on the Trading Zone here.
Day trading,

all you had to say was Coops re-read voodo's stmt's again and stop picking on voodoo1. But thanks for giving me my own thread, as Hunterone says all press is
I sent an e-mail to Greg several days ago and still have not received a response. This does not surprize me since I have tried many times before to contact him without a response. After reading some of the nice things people were saying about him and the TZ I thought that maybe the fact that I still have not been able to utilize the benifits of being a member of the TZ which I paid for in full was some kind of oversite. However, he has proven again to be the lying, rip off scum bag that I thought he is. Maybe because he is operating in Canada he thinks that he is beyond reproach. I have sad news for him and the TZ. By the time I am done with him I will see him arrested for felony theft. I would also encourage others that have been done wrong by the TZ to complain to authorities and anybody else that would listen. Greg W stole $1600.00 from me plain and simple and he is going to get what is coming to him.

If anyone feels they have been wronged they do have recourse

and, WOW do they respond
I was hoping not to have to address this issue, in a public forum.
In my opinion it is not the appropriate place.
But I feel I must address this as, Mr ‘SkiCeaser’ is trying to do material damage to my business and reputation.

SkiCeasar bought the home study course in July of 07

On July 5 2007, in an email he states
” I continue to be impressed by the accuracy of your trades. Of all the traders I have met in my life and that has been quite a few, you seem to be up there with the best
I am in the process of going through the manual for the second time. After that I plan on watching the webinar again”
(copies of this email are available for anyone who would like to see it)

On July 16 he attended a 4 hour live webinar (our logs are available as proof)

On (or around) July 20, he spent 1.5 hours on the phone with our support staff.

On Aug 30th over a month later, he files a charge back claim with the credit card company claiming he never received any materials

When I forwarded the CC Company, our logs and emails as evidence that he had accessed the materials many times, and had attended the 4 hour webinar they obviously did not give him back his money.

I of course still have all these documents as proof.

Now he is attempting to do serious damage to my reputation and my business.

I will not continue this discussion on a public forum.

If a retraction and admission that he received all materials is not forthcoming, there will be LEGAL ACTION -- FROM ME.

All materials were delivered as promised, as he clearly states in his emails and the log clearly shows him attending our 4 hour webinar.

I would seriously think about your next steps.

We have had nothing but praise over the years from our members, we stand by our product, we stand by our members, and have been told numerous times that we have extraordinary customer support.
TheTradingZone is an educational company and we believe in better trades through education.
I have been following your posts very closely. I am a member of TTZ and have been for some time. Certain parts of your posts just don't make sense... These r your words...
{1-I tried to file for a chargeback on my credit card Greg W lied to the bank and was able to keep the money for now.}
There have been occasions where I have needed to call my credit card, cancel a charge and charge back my card. In those situations, your credit card works to protect you. They certainly will fight for you and work hard to get you money back (at least that's what mine has done). I find it hard to beleive if everything your saying is true, that they could not return your money? Im sure part of the reason has to do with you lying and saying you received nothing.I was at the July Webinar and you were there thru the question & answer period (which is the entire thing). I also saw you in the chat room for weeks.
Next, why are u hiding as (ski)Caesar from The United Kindom, when thru IM's in the chat room, u said you were from the mountains of Colorado? Which one is it? Next, you said...
They actually did two more webinars that month
Again, I have been a member for some time, and according to your statement above, the Trading Zone did 3 webinars in 1 month. Never have I seen 3 webinars in a month, nor 2. They generally say that there will be a webinar every 4 to 5 weeks. That is exactly what I have seen.
Finally, you said... By the time I am done with him I will see him arrested for felony theft. I would also encourage others that have been done wrong by the TZ to complain to authorities and anybody else that would listen. Greg W stole $1600.00 from me plain and simple and he is going to get what is coming to him.
Those are without question some definite fight'in words but unfortunately what you really sound like is an unhappy person who wanted their money back and your own credit card denied you. Further, you have made threat's in a public place that may very well come back to bite you. IMHO, you very well may have takin this one step to far. Again, I am a member but would not support something or someone if I felt it was not true. I would testifye in a court of law that everything I have said is 100% true. SkiCaesar (or should I use your room name?), can you swear that everything you have said is 100% the truth?

Just take your complaint to the CFTC, and them look into it and they will build a case against TTZ for

Also the 3 bar set-up and the TTZ whole manual is on the web for free, posted by another disgruntled TTZ student, you just have to know were to look for it.
voodoo, having seen this method's course materials how would you characterize the validity and success of what it purports?

It's a bit of a tease to say the TTZ material is on the Web and not tell us where. If it can't be found using the obvious keywords on Google, where does one start to locate it? Please, a straight answer, no games or cat and mouse.
I just wanted to take a moment to share my experience with The Trading Zone. I have been trading for several years now, and have purchased and tried out many many products and services available to the general public. Not one of them worked. It was by accident that I came across TTZ ( I was actually evaluating Blue Falcon). After listening in to Greg, Sec, and Igator for several days, I decided to go ahead and purchase their product and services. This was THE BEST TRADING DECISION I could have made. I have now turned the corner, and am a consistently profitable trader. I owe this all to TTZ. Unlike the other products on the market, Greg offers much more than a manual detailing a trading system. Every day, I sit in their paltalk room, I attend their training sessions held 2 days a week (every week) after the market closes, I attended the 4 hour live webinar and listened in on the recorded webinar, and I have spoken to Greg via e-mail and phone many times. It is because of all this help that I was able to turn the corner. TTZ offers a trading methodology that is sound, makes sense, and is easy to learn and use. It is because of all the mentoring that came afterwards, that the light bulb finally went off in my head.
I firmly believe that anyone who bashes Greg or TTZ just has some personal vendetta. The methodolgy works only if you work hard to learn it, practice it, and trade it.
Greg has provided the means to which I can provide for my family and hopefully soon, live athe lifestyle my wife and I have dreamed of. Isn't that what it's all about.

Peter A
Thanks for your response. Did you ever find anyone or anything to help you be a better trader? They are asking $3000 now. Thanks again.
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