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Hello, has anyone tried or had any experience with TheTradingZone? If so, what are your thoughts about them, pro and con?
Thank you,
I have been a member of many rooms and have spent to much money on trading software/courses. The Trading Zone offers a very well, put together course, along with a 3 hour webinar, website and chatroom (in paltalk) that calls trades live as they happen. Their trading room seems to be the most popular on paltalk. Greg W.(don't recall last name) seems to be a hands on owner. In fact their paltalk popularity has seemed to offend many other PAY FOR rooms.Their room is free to anyone. If u like u stay if not people leave. They have this guy Secretariat who calls many of the trades each day (about 25 trades a day).He trades to scalp the mkt and is amazingly good. Just come one day and watch him. I was amazed at his win to lose %. Greg also calls trades that are a bit longer then scalps. I will say, this guy Secretariat can be a little rough around the edges but his trade calling, well overcomes that. I have obviously ordered their course and love it and go to the room each day to practice what the course and webinar teach. Good luck to all.
I think that it is Greg Weitzman. I used to hang out there a while back when he had 2 PalTalk rooms. One was for members only and the other was for the general public and Arab carpet salesmen. From what coops2468 says it looks like he is just running the open room now. Secretariat was never there when I was there so he must be a new addition.
I started listening to Greg's room - The Trading Zone - nearly a month ago. Was so impressed with the demeanor and accountability that Greg and the other room members run the room with, that I continued listening in. They post all trades with stops and were consistantly making 5 - 7 points daily on the emini - with a couple blow out days of 15 - 20 points (not "ticks", "points"). The trading is all live calls and they are dead-on right most of the time! I couldn't figure out how they were making such accurate calls one after the other, day after day. I was so impressed, I bought the course and after studying the materials I could see how they were doing it. The course is inexpensive and fundamentally very strong and there are very precise tools - charting and market profiling - that actually work. It is simply and clearly written with the purpose of you being able to apply it after studying it. I had been making and loosing money for over a year - now I am making alot of money and only loosing a very little (you cannot win on every trade). Greg is very supportive with direct email and live communication whenever I have had a question. He has kept his word on every detail that he has ever represented to me. The trading room is free to anyone and a lot of people just piggy-back their market calls and make a lot of money. Smart people get the course (updates included for life) which comes with a Webinar which you can attend, space permitting, time and time again and learn how to do it yourself. I for one highly recommend The Trading Zone for all levels of traders.
I just purchased the course this week. I've been trading for a few years and have purchased several other courses along the way, and pretty much read every book out there on trading. I can honestly say that after going through the Home Study course from The Trading Zone, it was well well worth every penny. The course is very detailed and includes many topics. It leaves nothing out. The founder (Greg Weitzman) seems to be a very sincere guy. The chat room is great. They call out trades live. If nothing else, check out the chat room (The Trading Zone on Paltalk) and judge for yourself.

Originally posted by elite trader

I think that it is Greg Weitzman. I used to hang out there a while back when he had 2 PalTalk rooms. One was for members only and the other was for the general public and Arab carpet salesmen. From what coops2468 says it looks like he is just running the open room now. Secretariat was never there when I was there so he must be a new addition.

elite trader, did you see outstanding calls being made in the room like the others who visited there and posted here? I am highly skeptical that a free room is "consistantly making 5 - 7 points daily on the emini - with a couple blow out days of 15 - 20 points" as itradesp wrote. Are we talking about points per contract or something else?

With such remarkable performance, you'd think Greg would post these daily results on his Website. I wonder why he doesn't?
math monkey
I had heard about this Trading Zone site in another chat room from a friend. I felt about it the exact way you did. Skeptical wasn't the word for me (lol).I went in there leery and suspicious. I had spent way to much money on products that never lived up to their promises and after I purchased, the owner or help were no where to be found. After being in the room 4 days and watching trades being called live, I new I wanted what they had. Truthfully, I would have payed twice what they were asking! I purchased the course, read thru it in a weekend and probably spent 4 hours over the phone asking questions after the Monday trade. Never once did greg make me feel hurried. The only answer I can give to the big question of "why", is that he enjoys teaching. I will tell you the same thing a friend told me, it cost's you nothing to check it out.
When I was there he had 2 rooms. In the public room he discussed the calls after the fact and in the private members only room he (apparently) called the trades ahead of time - which is of course reasonable if you are running that sort of thing side by side. It sounds like his new format is more transparent but I have not been in there for a while. From what people are saying here it sounds like anybody can go into his room and verify the trade calls anytime without the need for any free trial.
Math Monkey
I really don't understand? You were so skeptical about the site yet you came in this morning and witnessed 2 huge winners, 1 small winner and 1 stop of 4 ticks. In addition, if u were in the room pre mkt there was another winner there. Why leave after a room goes 3 winners and 1 loser and every single trade was called live? Their was one trade that moved quickly and if u wanted in, you had to get in a tick worse then the moderator. Even that trade, if you didn't take it, you still saw it called live and move right away ( but certainly could have taken a tick worse which is what some people do because they have such confidence in the calls). By the way, since you left, there have been 3 straight winners, one for multiple points and no losers. If your a trader looking for something good, why leave a room when your seeing it perform at it's best???
I came into the room, asked some questions and observed. I wasn't there to trade the calls, so there was no reason to extend my stay. Greg is a good trader with a personal goal of $2000/day. I like the fact he posted his trading ledger in the room. He trades as much as 20 contracts and as little as 6. He is an active trader. He sells 1/3 of his position at a 2 tick profit and another 1/3 at a 1 point. The last 1/3 is held for a runner. He works with a 1.25 point stop. So every trade, in effect, starts out as a scalp until proven otherwise.

Secretariat, on the other hand, is a pure trend chasing scalper who trades at a frenetic pace. It's nice to know some people can make money trading that way, but I'm not one of them. Hats off to him.

I like the idea of making $2000/day, but not with a system that is actively buying and selling with commensurate commissions. Greg's entries are almost all market orders and since he is late in line for an exit limit order, the price must always trade through his limit. So there is a lot of slippage in this style of trading, but that does not negate the fact that it works for him.

I much prefer to make 2 or 3 trades/day--using limit orders--to reach the same $2000/day goal. It's less stressful and costly. In order to do this, you generally need to place orders early in anticipation of the setup materializing instead of chasing.

I didn't gain much insight into what is taught in the course although Greg seemed to imply it's about reading the tape and a few technical indicators as filters.
Thanks for the replies and opinions everyone.
Thanks for your response. Did you ever find anyone or anything to help you be a better trader? They are asking $3000 now. Thanks again.
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