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Hello, has anyone tried or had any experience with TheTradingZone? If so, what are your thoughts about them, pro and con?
Thank you,
I totally agree with you. Not once did I ever assume that live calls were made via yahoo. It is unfortunate that this was indeed assumed.

Originally posted by TrdgObsvr

Hi Greg,
.... As the owner/creator of TTZ may I suggest you read my note with a view to addressing the behaviour that would cause not only myself but other potential clients as well to be turned off....

I for one am in this camp. I see no value whatsoever in the room when the entire conversation is conducted by a scalper on steroids. All the noise drowns out any of the value.
I am glad that you recognize that the TZ not giving me access to everything that was advertized is stealing which it certainly is. Over a week ago I wrote the TZ again, with no response of course. At one time I did glance at a web broadcast and for a very short period of time had access to some links on the internet. When I complained about false trades being claimed among other things, my access code was blocked. Beleive it or not, it happeded and is happening. Just now I tried to access the member benifits and information and I get a message that I have no current subscriptions. Clearly it has been stated that the fee charged is for a lifetime membership. If any of you reading this are members of the TZ I would not complain about anything that goes on there. You most certainly will be banned. And my complaints were in private. Never once did I make negative comments in the chat room.
As far as the signals on Yahoo Messenger. That is what was described to me by the sales representatives on the phone. A sales rep will say what is needed to make a sale. What was said does not matter anyway. It is something that I beleived I was getting. This was just one of the things that I complained about right before I was banned. At that point I had no choice but to try to get my money back by other means. Is that the right way for a company to handle customer service? If my problems were handled differently, with concern for a paying customer who was having problems with a product, none of this would have happened.

I never received anything from the TZ by mail or delivery. So, at this point I still have nothing to show for the $1600.00 paid the TZ.

This will be my last post here. Having to defend myself when I am the one who has been wronged is absurd.

Good luck in your trading.

i am not agreeing with you ceasar. i find it hard to believe that someone can be in a paltalk room for almost a month and think that live calls are being made thru yahoo messenger everyday . did you read any of the material at the website which makes everything quite clear? how were you not able to make any successful trades when many of the trades called by greg and sec are limit orders not to mention that members as well are posting that they are in these trades ? what you have been posting makes no sense . if it makes no sense ,it probably isnt true. sounds like you have some personal issue with greg OR you are trying to get something for nothing.

Forums are great. They allow people to voice their opinion and experience's in way of a "post". A problem enters when a post contains untruth. I find it interesting that the people who are so quick to jump on board SkiCaesar's band wagon (or any other) do not seem to care about the validity of his remarks. The owner of TTZ, Greg, certainly did. He went thru each remark that was made and not only defended but backed them all up with documented fact (page 15). Where were the band wagon people then? Are the facts and truth not enough? IMHO, On a whole, the TTZ service has proved to be one of the finer educational products in the market (no pun intended). The room has over 200 people in it daily and 60 to 70% are members. I don't think they lock people in? They must be doing something right? Ski Casaer, everything you have stated has been recanted and done so with facts. If this were my business, I would have my lawyers hunting you down. Not for voicing opinion but spreading lie's!
Who you like and who you don't like as moderators can definitely be an issue. I don't think this is isolated to only TTZ. Visitors or members may not be aware but you can put yourself in a win / win situation. All you need to do is click ignore on the person's name you don't care to hear. You won't see their text and won't hear their voice.
I've certainly muted/ignored certain traders in chat rooms and usually because they are always talking about something other than trading. One of the disadvantages I found with this is that you'd hear or see other people replying to them and this would be out of context and confusing. However, I agree that this is a small price to pay for being able to ignore those that are not benefiting your trading or learning. One thing that I'd like to see is a feature where (if you enabled it) a user could click on your nickname and see who you have on ignore and the reason that you have them on ignore (if you put one in) and this would help moderators/owners of rooms to get a feel for why certain people are on ignore and it would also allow the person who is on ignore to modify his/her behavior if they are sensitive to the reason(s) they are being ignored.
Any posts made to this topic after 01/26/2008 were lost - accidentally - you will need to repost them. Apologies!
one only needs to scroll back to find that not all past opinions regarding ttz are favorable or complimetary. the only posts that i notice have been deleted are those from the person using several screen names to encourage people to use a bootleg version of the material sold by ttz. HELLO!! thats illegal . i believe they call that stealing. i applaud the operators of this forum for deleting posts encouraging that sort of thing . for those who dont understand that, i suggest you learn the meaning of the word "ethics",for you have none.
trader888 (and all his other nicknames such as trader888mk2, meagain etc.) has been locked out of the forum because he is attempting to steal from the trading zone. It's very simple, he's attempting a criminal activity and we don't tolerate that sort of person here. As such, and in line with the rules of the forum and terms and conditions of the web site all of his posts will be deleted and his nicknames locked.

Any other off topic posts to this thread will also be deleted. You're wasting your time if you post something here that is not Trading Zone related - it's just going to get deleted.

We do not want criminals on this forum. Trader888 you're not welcome here.
Thanks for your response. Did you ever find anyone or anything to help you be a better trader? They are asking $3000 now. Thanks again.
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