The Trading Zone

Hello, has anyone tried or had any experience with TheTradingZone? If so, what are your thoughts about them, pro and con?
Thank you,
Hi All,
I am a member of thetradingzone. I would like to share my idea with you. I am not affiliated with thetradeingzone in any form.
First of all, thetradingzone is a GREAT course. It will be difficult for you to find another course on the market to beat it.
Secondly, the guys running the services (Greg and Richard) are REAL traders, which is very important for a working strategy.
Thirdly, the mentors are VERY willing to share their success/failure experience with you.
Fourthly, mentors are objective( NOT arrogant). They never stated their approach was the only one to make money. You can always find something good from the course and incorporate into your existing trading strategy.
Last Point, nothing can replace your own hard work. Just like any business, there is a learning curve and you must be willing to learn and commit yourself. Trading is not a magic train to wealth but a business. ( How many years of study did you take before you got your current job? )

If you are looking for getting rich overnight. The TTZ course is NOT for you.
If you are serious about trading and willing to put time and efforts to learn, you will be there with the help from the course and the mentors.

I am also a member of TTZ and would fully concur with what Comelite has said. The course is excellent - if you are unsure if TTZ is legit then go to their free trading room and judge for yourself. To succeed in trading takes a lot of hard work, experience and the right mental makeup. If trading was as simple as simply shadowing someone else's calls or using a magical indicator then we would all be rich!
I am a member of The Trading Zone. The course materials are excellent, the training seminar is very clear and to the point. Greg is very patient and responsive, continually working to improve the services for members. He and the other moderator, Rick, are profitable traders. Two styles of trading (longer day trades and pure scalping) are offered, so you can pick which suits your goals and temperment. The post-trading day debrief twice per week for members is very helpful as you learn the methods.

I have found both The Trading Zone and Trading Zoo to be excellent trading rooms where the moderators call their trades in real time and are consistently profitable. The Trading Zone is more accessible for evaluation given the "open" room on Paltalk. By the same token, if there is a negative to The Trading Zone, it is Paltalk - because it is open and the internet trash that shows up is distracting.

Check it out for yourself.
since the members are coming out of the word work to pump these guys, I decided to sit in on the room for a couple days

two things you should take note of, one of the moderators of the room is extremely rude (I personally got kicked and banned for asking a simple question)

now some of you might say it is because you were asking about trade setups, etc etc....however, I am very aware that hecklers come into free paltalk rooms and hassle people, ask about trade setups, etc etc...

I merely asked a question about his website and the next thing I know I am banned. Take that for what it's worth.
yes subq ... I bounced you

Because I rcognize you from this forum, and the fact that we had just completed a 5 point winning trade.... and the fact that your comment was completely unrelated to what we were doing at that time.

So if you were in the room for that long why not post the fact that we had 2 trades today that both went better than 5 points?
Or why not post the fact that we had made better than 3 points pre-market before the market even was even open.

Or why not comment on the fact that all the trades are called live and time stamped, winners and losers. Always post our entries and exits....

I have been in the business for many years, and I have the type of behavior you demonstrate, those who know me know I am the easiest going guy around.
But I wont wait around or set myself up to be abused.

If you don't like what we do, or how we do it, please find another chat room.
It's a free room, there are lot's of people floating in and out all day posting garbage and distracting us with unrelated comments such as yours.


What are you talking about? I didn't say anything negative or derogatory at all in your room. I simply asked about your website.

You kicked me because you recognized me from this forum? I have nothing to hide...which is why my nick is the same.

Have I said anything negative about your room here?
Have I said anything negative at all about your trading room?
Did I say I didn't like what you do?
Did I post "garbage" in your trading room?

The answer is No.

If asking a question about your website is abuse and unrelated garbage and trash then so be it.

The fact that your other moderator there seems to be rude is the only thing I have said that could be construed as derogatory...or it could be taken as constructive criticism.

If someone comes in heckling and bashing by all means kick/ban them.

If you want to kick/ban people for asking questions about your service then that's your right as well...or you may want to answer them because they could potentially join your service.

However, I'm not here to tell you how to run your service...I am merely stating my experience so far.

You are welcome to post the chat logs of anything I have ever stated in your chat room (or posted about your service anywhere else for that matter).
Let me start off by saying, I am probably like most people in trading in that my dream/passion since 1993 has been to be a trader for a living be it stocks, futures, forex...whatever. I have been through the ringer like most people. Started off buying every course, books, videos...etc. Alot of what I traded didn't work. Some of it worked but it didn't fit my personality...I couldn't follow it and lost money. I mistakenly thought there were a lot of systems out there that worked...I just needed to find one that fit my personality. Actually there aren't that many out there that work (unless you develop it yourself and test it...which is no small feat) but it is true that it needs to fit your personality. There have been quite a few times in despair that I thought...maybe it is not possible to make money daytrading consistently and let me walk away before I lose more money. I am a walking encyclopedia of trading trivia...I can tell you everything you want to know about Gann, Elliot Wave, Babson Lines, Andrews Pitchfork to CANSLIM, Value Investing, Random Walk, Market Profile, reflexivity, Graham and Dodd, Fisher, where do I stop...seriously. I just couldn't put it together into a coherent plan. I do have a plan for long-term and swing trading but I just could not get consistency in my daytrading. I was about ready to just say forget it on the daytrading when I came across I came across the post on the trading zone and I was interested in checking it out. I have been a member of quite a few chatrooms but Greg's was free. I saw the course for $1600 and was very this another waste of money and another pipe dream. I wasn't going to be taken again for the umteenth time. Greg is different from ALL the other people I have come into contact with. His picture is on his website with his phone number. I couldn't find anything negative about him on the internet and on the other trading forums. I wrote him an email and explained everything I had been through in the past and wanted to know the stats of his system. He was very timely and actually answered 2 more emails with questions personally. I then wrote another student of his and asked more questions. I then called another student on the phone and talked with him for 2 and a half hours. Again I wanted to do my due diligence. After talking with his other student I didn't even need to go in the room. I purchased the course immediately. I have not been disappointed. From my own intereaction of only a week of being a member (which I admit is a short time) I am very impressed with his sincerity, integrity and honesty. He tells the truth. Amazing in this industry...almost unheard of. Anyway, a lot of people have a lot of bitterness from being screwed and unfortunately I think Greg is indirectly taking heat that should be directed at the crooks in the business. My point least check the room out and don't listen to what others are saying. See after a week what the honest to God results are and make your own decision. If you want to be profitable give it a shot...maybe it fits your style maybe not. If you are a systems trader it probably is not for you.

Anyway I am starting to ramble. If I am wrong about Greg and I don't think I am I will come back on here and admit I am wrong...but so far he (and secretariat) are the real deal and the course is fantastic and based on fundamental truths in the market. And the course incorporates these truths into a wholistic top down approach it is simply beautiful. I am thankful for him and his course and the fact he is willing to share it all and not hold anything is still amazing that there are people out there like that. It is a breath of fresh air.

I am putting my reputation on the line and if I am wrong I will come back on here and admit I was wrong. If you are trying to put it together and you want a consistent method then give it a try I will be surprised if you aren't satisfied. If you are not willing to put in hard work, study and you lack discipline don't bother...nothing can help your money and your time and get out of trading. That is the truth. But if you are willing to put in the time then this might be the course for you.

I am not a poster on boards that much...not really my thing, but when I saw people posting all this nonsense I had to get on here and post......

Take it for what it is worth,

Thanks David - good post!
I find it very interesting when members or visitors from a trading room make positive comments about that room and then become labeled as "pumping" or cheerleading the room. Yet, when a person claims to have spent X amount of days in that room and reports back in a negitive way, it's ok for others to jump in on that and beleive that one person and consider all the rest, grandstanding. Close to 20 post's in this specific forum have been in some way a positive read on the trading zone. Do you really think all these people have nothing better to do then spend time posting here? Lets even take it one step further. Do you beleive that these people would even waste their time and consider posting a comment if they were not happy? Who knows, maybe I am wrong and greg pays each guy $25 to post a positive message? LOL. To me, that is how silly this entire idea that a positive post should be constured in a negitive way. Close to 2000 people have read these post's, why has there not been one post from a member of the trading zone who has negitive things to say? Now that I have said that, im sure we will get some imposters, but up to this point, none! On the other hand, I have seen many people in these forums verbally attack the rooms they have been in. A person in here got tossed out for asking a question at the wrong time. I am sure he is not the first and I know he will not be the last. Yet, for some unknown reason, the trading zone continues to reach new population high's each week and remains to be the #1 room on PalTalk. Could all these people, 150 plus, each day, all be wrong about the trading zone and the 2 or 3 negitive posters here be right? Some how I don't think so. If you know anything about trading, numbers do not lie!
thanks for your feedback!

you would be surprised who can come on a forum and "pump" something...I should be clear that I am not making a statement that there are a bunch of people pumping his trading room here...I am just making a general statement

In addition, I made no claims that thetradingzone wasn't good (how could I...I've only been in there two days), I simply stated my experience so far. The trades seemed fine for my brief stay before being kicked and banned for asking a question. They were posted and followed up on throughout the day. In fact, they did quite well today.

That being said...his room is not the #1 room on addition, his room is "open" so anyone can join (that increases the numbers dramatically). In addition, there are some scam rooms that get 5 times the numbers that you see in there...don't be fooled by numbers alone.

Now since this thread seems to be sensitive let me say once again...I am not bashing Greg's room so don't take it that way.

I will also say that I have been in several excellent (and honest) trading rooms. Few and far between...sure...but it isn't like they are nonexistent and thetradingzone is the only one out there.

The fact that the room is open allows you to go in and see for yourself...which is great...however, I would suggest that maybe you don't say anything until you are done with your evaluation and then maybe call him on the phone...but again...that is only based on my experience.

Keep in mind you shouldn't throw out one person's objective review just because five people are raving...I have nothing to gain (or lose) from giving a completely objective review.

As always, do your own DD!

I will end commenting on this thread with that.

...feel free to send me a PM though if need be
Thanks for your response. Did you ever find anyone or anything to help you be a better trader? They are asking $3000 now. Thanks again.
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