CME Euro FX Futures 6E

Red, sorry ,i was already asleep when you posted!.. I haven't had much time to look at it, but the daily chart indicates 1.3826 coming. Cycles are not very clear.... here's a real short term peak (10 min chart).. id be buying anywhere around the lower prc band...
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Bingo!.. am i a genius ,or what?
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I think 1.3817 might be a decent short up here if they can get there!
iwould cover here...1.3789 area
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Interesting look here on the VWAP and CD chart for the 6E. You can see via the CD (cumulative delta) in the lower pane volume is attempting to break lower but prices are still remaining above the early morning low and in significant volume levels. Still below VWAP though so the bears are in control for the time being.

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So far finding support on VWAP today.

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Look at those trend lines I've drawn on the top of prices and on the cumulative delta....either this is going to bust higher or we are seeing one large bearish hidden divergence (as it is called).

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nice call pal!...
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I'm getting that same number on the 60 min projection. Of course time will tell...

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6e 06 11 60 min 3142011
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1.3962 is the O/N high and previous resistance so if there is going to be greater strength then weakness it has higher probabilities of happening right here.
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