CME Euro FX Futures 6E

Red, sorry ,i was already asleep when you posted!.. I haven't had much time to look at it, but the daily chart indicates 1.3826 coming. Cycles are not very clear.... here's a real short term peak (10 min chart).. id be buying anywhere around the lower prc band...
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koolblue, what other time frames other than 30 min do you look at when trading 6e ? thanks !

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still believe we will see 1.4146 print ,later
That sell zone was tough today .. 6e was between a rock and a hard place
as the old folks around here say ..
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That pattern ^^ gave a small move back up .. the volume on the second candle was indicating more down to come .. for a "last engulf" pattern, the volume on the second candle should be less than the first candle ..
fwiw red I look for the bar the same color of the new trend, and a strong close or at least a micro trend break.
Two strong uptrends in eu this morning approaching the large down trend line it tested at 5:00 this morning. Lots of overlapping this morning.
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. should get a nice pullback first tho to relieve the short term overbought conditions
Uptrend line since 10am has been violated but with sideways action which tells me its not a real trend break...I am long 4106
it was a break down
I looking at 4079/4072 area for long ... might get left behind ..
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