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Chat Logs - Jan. 2009

Transcript from today's 78 Harmonics room on Ensign Chat

06:29 koolblue: yippee! got my fill at 857.00 on 2 es from 861.50... plus 9 total..brings me back up to plus 1.75 on the session!
06:33 VO: nice 1...i still have 1
06:39 koolblue: you up all nite?
06:40 VO: yup
06:40 koolblue: lol
06:40 VO: couldnt sleep
06:40 koolblue: gettin as bad as me,friend!
06:41 VO: you look at crude yet
06:41 VO: march contract
07:53 gila: crude trades reg hours today comexis pen march was always much higherb than feb
07:54 gila: usdjpy nw neg 90.528 was91.288 at high during asian session
07:56 palmer: dollar rallied hard
08:21 VO: for you crude followers...we bounced nicely off the 161.8 and looked like we would complete crab pattern...but it failed = no pattern
08:32 LordAlfa: Are you guys still on mumble or ventrilo
08:32 VO: mumble
08:33 LordAlfa: OK mumbling
08:34 PT: good morning folks
08:34 PT: crude break down ?
08:35 VO: yeah...its a shame had pattern setup
08:45 palmer: is anyone talking?
08:45 palmer: because I dont hear anything
08:45 myptofvu: no
08:45 palmer: yep
08:45 palmer: got that
08:46 PT: good morning kool
08:51 gila: wish I got the move
08:52 koolblue: buy order in at 839.00, because of a projection last nite to 838.75area...
08:52 palmer: what time is close today?
08:52 palmer: noon?
08:54 PT: I thought gila said 11:30am ?
08:54 JackS65: What lounge are we in?
08:55 koolblue: why isnt anyone using the voice?
08:56 koolblue: 5 min boll avd is 845.50
08:58 koolblue: just sold at 845.00
08:58 PT: jack are you on the Mumble server ?
08:58 myptofvu: Jack read the MyPivots Online Chat Forum for instructions on the new chat room
09:01 LordAlfa: Sold 2. 46 & 45. last one on a "manual trail" the bonus contract. LOL
09:02 PT: Mumble voice chat setup instructions :
09:04 palmer: yep but projections work nice in globex
09:04 palmer: but so slow
09:06 myptofvu: Robin you there?
09:09 PT: good morning Robin
09:10 Robin: hi... I installed mumble...but don't think i'm in ??
09:10 Robin: Morning everyone :):)
09:10 PT: Mumble voice chat setup instructions :
09:10 JackS65:
Any target for short?
09:10 Robin: ok... i'n in :)
09:10 myptofvu: Robin you are outside the room right now you need to double click the ES E mini room
09:10 koolblue: 1 min proj down is 841.50
09:10 Robin: I hear you....
09:11 JackS65: thks
09:11 myptofvu: TripleT and taj you are outside the Voice Room
09:12 Robin: oh no... I wasn't trying to talk....
09:12 Robin: I did get a mic yesterday... but not sure how to use it... :):)
09:14 Robin: it is pushed to talk
09:14 Robin: i'll disconnect my mic...
09:14 Vast524: PT Are you running windows 2000?
09:14 Robin: is that better?
09:14 koolblue: fine
09:14 Robin: ok
09:14 Vast524: No need t Robin. Just need to set the transmit to Push to talk
09:15 Robin: no, i'm trying to correct some settnngs...
09:15 Robin: it's telling me whenever someone comes or goes
09:16 Vast524: Need to set the "push to talk " button to activate the mic.
09:16 Robin: ok... thanks :)
09:18 Vast524: Go to Configure -Settings-User Shortcuts. Left click in the Push to Talk field and press the button combination you want to use to enable the mic. Often it is better to use a combo of 2 keys. ie. shift-esc...
09:19 LordAlfa: Sell limit order 44.25
09:19 koolblue: looking for 841.50 or lower , will bail early as usual, probably around 842.50 as so...
09:20 koolblue: lol
09:20 myptofvu: JackS65 double click Root to enter the ES E mini voice room
09:20 LordAlfa: No fill still. Can't break 44.00
09:22 LordAlfa: I'll keep it there as a "better" price. If it goes down, I'll wait for the next bus.
09:23 Robin: a couple of things.... Kool...I printed out your articles on price and time..... excited to really understand this :) Second... let me post in here Larry's response....I copied the comments you guys made and this is what he said :):) As you can see...he has a good sense of humour :):)
09:24 Robin: post anything you like but NO NUDE PICTURES--I GET BIG BUCKS FOR THOSE
who loves ya?
09:25 koolblue: rofl
09:25 palmer: lol
09:25 palmer: you guys crazy
09:25 JackS65: I'm getting a msg unable to enter root.
09:25 LordAlfa: where? Porn is banned in my country. LOL!
09:26 palmer: what country u live in lord?
09:26 LordAlfa: Singapore.
09:26 Robin: he's very generous with his work.... he's like all of you.... really wants to help traders as much as he can...
09:26 LordAlfa: No chewing gum
09:26 palmer: I love singapore
09:26 palmer: went there twice
09:26 LordAlfa: No blow jobs
09:26 myptofvu: you dont want to be in root
09:26 palmer: in the 90's
09:26 LordAlfa: No spitting
09:26 LordAlfa: No No N.
09:27 Vast524: Double click on the ES E-Mini Bold type
09:27 myptofvu: hes in the right room now
09:27 Vast524: Pathos. Turn your mic of please
09:28 pathos57: I hear you
09:29 koolblue: Patos , cick configure , the settings
09:29 LordAlfa: Pathos. This is d'Artagnan. Configure, Settings, Audio Input, Transmission --> PTT.
09:29 Vast524: Then Go to Configure -Settings-User Shortcuts. Left click in the Push to Talk field and press the button combination you want to use to enable the mic. Often it is better to use a combo of 2 keys. ie. shift-esc...
09:30 pathos57: Ok - did it. Sorry folks - just got started.
09:30 myptofvu: If you havent done so already please read and follow the instructions to configure your mic in the Forums
09:30 koolblue: no prob
09:31 LordAlfa: Missed the bus!
09:33 koolblue: l.a.: 1 min proj is 841.50, the 15 min is 838.75-839.00
09:33 LordAlfa: I'd recommend Dell 2408 Ultrasharp
09:34 Vast524: I have Asus 22"
09:34 Vast524: x2
09:34 LordAlfa: I have 3. 24" in the centre, 17" in landscape left and right.
09:34 koolblue: bingo...841.50
09:34 LordAlfa: Not enough.
09:35 Vast524: My desk is not big enough
09:35 LordAlfa: Mount on the wall.
09:35 Vast524: Actually my room wouldn't be big enough. 5 screens. I'd get a sore neck
09:35 LordAlfa: Use ergotron stands. F1 uses them.
09:38 palmer: I am buying 39.50
09:39 Robin: Kool.... what was your settings on your BB?
09:39 koolblue: currently flat ,hoping for slightly lower to institute a buy around 839.00 or slight ly higher
09:40 Robin: did you say 50 or 54? it broke up
09:40 koolblue: 15 period ema, 2.75 deviations
09:41 Robin: I myself use 54 with 2 deviation... which is like your moving average...
09:41 Robin: ok... i'll look at that
09:41 koolblue: but its the avererage I pay attion to in most cases
09:42 Robin: thanks :)
09:43 koolblue: jack?
09:43 JackS65: yes
09:43 koolblue: whats adv get saying?
09:43 JackS65: go ahead blue
09:45 JackS65: AdvGet indicates we are in a Wave 4 down. Chances for a nornakl wave 5 are marginal.
09:45 koolblue: ok thx!
09:46 koolblue: see VO, I TOLD YOU IT WAS WAVE 4!
09:47 koolblue: Long [email protected] 837.75....
09:47 koolblue: 15 min proj just met... and a slight overshoot!
09:48 JackS65: Kool did you get the info?
09:49 koolblue: yes thx pal!
09:49 palmer: I am long 39.50
09:49 palmer: 2 point stop
09:53 palmer: yep I am looking for 842
09:53 pookster: Good morning everyone
09:53 PT: good morning pookster :)
09:54 pookster: Why aren't you in Mumble, PT?
09:54 PT: I have a missing DLL
09:55 Robin: watching...
09:55 Vast524: Thanks
09:55 pookster: you going to find it soon?
09:55 koolblue: maybe hes waiting for breakfast Pook!
09:55 myptofvu: I think you can throw any DLL file in there to get it to work
09:55 PT: well im digging through the XP installation for the DLL now
09:56 pookster: hurry up....i miss hearing you
09:56 palmer: that overnight killed me a bit
09:56 LordAlfa: Up 10.75
09:56 palmer: got stopped out +4
09:56 PT: :)
09:56 palmer: now back to even
09:57 palmer: but wow it was a nice short overnight
09:57 palmer: indeed
09:57 koolblue: great job lord alfa!
09:57 LordAlfa: Thanks.
09:57 palmer: either did i
09:57 palmer: but hey just down commish now
09:58 Robin: I am LOVING this time projection .... i'ts just too cool, Kool :):)
09:59 Robin: understand....
09:59 LordAlfa: You are a genius
09:59 LordAlfa: I need computers to draw it for me.
10:01 palmer: hmmm
10:01 palmer: this could send us to 833
10:01 palmer: if we dont bounce
10:01 Vast524: Sometimes I have problems trying to pick up the high and lows to get the projections from
10:01 Vast524: Chart time
10:04 Robin: just barely lower low? that counts?? wasn't sure about that..
10:04 palmer: out +2.5 @842
10:05 Robin: i'll put it on my chart :)
10:07 Robin: :):)
10:07 Robin: I like your tool as I'm more of a scalper also and I'm interested in what's expected short term....
10:08 Robin: so i've now changed my fib tool... to reflect your numbers...
10:08 Robin: I agree....
10:08 Robin: it's a heads up... and then I look for confirmation via other indicators
10:09 Robin: and one doesn't need t take every trade... only the best setups.... that have confluence
10:11 JackS65: Price & Volume chart posted
10:11 Vast524: thanls jack
10:13 Robin: wheels within wheels.... cycles within cycles :)
10:14 Robin: that's what i'm seeing....
10:14 Robin: same with price projection
10:15 Robin: they all seem to work...
10:15 dtomassino: Hello
10:16 PT: good morning dtomassino
10:16 koolblue: hello
10:17 LordAlfa: How about Coke, Tea, etc etc
10:19 Vast524: John. Please change the mic to push totalk under settings please
10:19 palmer: I can see 833
10:19 Vast524: Your mic is on John
10:21 palmer: yep protect the room to keep the cofffe heads out
10:21 palmer: lol
10:21 myptofvu: lol
10:22 palmer: they are addicts
10:23 koolblue: chart posted for Robin on mypivots es thread for 1-19-09
10:24 Robin: ok
10:24 koolblue: when you get time....
10:25 palmer: 833?
10:25 palmer: that's what I see
10:26 palmer: 832.75
10:27 LordAlfa: Chart posted. 833 possible. Sell limit 40.
10:28 LordAlfa: Might move it down looks not possible from now.
10:28 palmer: seeing that same thing lord
10:28 palmer: that's why I am saying 832.75
10:29 palmer: we will see
10:29 LordAlfa: Yep. Missed the boat again
10:31 palmer: lord that 833.75 is 100% retracement
10:31 palmer: of highs and lows from 10 am
10:32 JackS65: In AdvGet Wave 4 is assigned a number called PTI. Above 35 indicates good chance for Wave 5 to be completed with a nerw high. The PTI is now at 21. This woulod indicate an irregular Wave 4 with lower numbers.
10:33 LordAlfa: Trying to sell 37.75
10:33 prestwickdrive: KB - in Mac's last report on 1/6 he called for a cycle peak in the 1/9-12 period and a cycle bottom during the 1/27-30 period.
10:35 dtomassino: what time frame are you guys using?
10:37 koolblue: interesting Prest ...i have also called for a low the 28th to 30th...
10:38 LordAlfa: Filled 37.75.
10:39 LordAlfa: Sorry 37.50
10:40 koolblue: thx, Jack!
10:41 JackS65: AdvGet has just changed Wave count & states we are nowe in a Wave 3....
10:41 Vast524: Wake up VO. lol
10:41 Vast524: Very quiet
10:41 Vast524: Just checking
10:41 palmer: 36.50
10:42 palmer: on oil
10:42 JackS65: MOB is at 827.50
10:42 LordAlfa: flat
10:42 LordAlfa: +3
10:43 palmer: u trying to buy Kool
10:43 JackS65: The MOB at 827.50 is in area of 2.618 extention
10:44 palmer: I know
10:44 palmer: 832.75
10:44 palmer: I am looking at
10:44 palmer: but
10:44 palmer: not sure if we bounce neough
10:44 palmer: on it
10:45 LordAlfa: I'll stop here. Getting tired. +13.75. Enough for today.
10:45 myptofvu: Does anyone need help setting up the Voice Room?
10:48 pookster: good job Lord
10:49 johntrader: kool, I've heard it too.
10:50 prestwickdrive: sometimes you sound muffled KB but the last two times you talked it was really clear
10:50 VO: sup pwd
10:51 palmer: tricky area
10:51 LordAlfa: Thanks pooks. Just bonus for the Chinese New Year.
10:51 LordAlfa: 1, 5, 15 60.
10:54 LordAlfa: Wife's calling. I have 30 mins of time here. I'll switch to paper and have some fun.
10:56 brad: what time will the ES close today?
10:56 prestwickdrive: 10:30 CT
10:56 brad: thanks
10:57 bbrad: I got same 10.30ct
10:57 prestwickdrive: that's what my broker said
10:58 RBurns: GM All dont you know todays a holiday lol
11:00 RBurns: new voice room sounds good
11:00 myptofvu: Yes its very clear
11:01 koolblue: short one from 838.25...looking for 2-3 handles here
11:06 Robin: congrats! :)
11:07 prestwickdrive: Since I joined you at 8:50 CT big money has sold a net 1500 contracts. Given the low volume overall that's quite a bit.
11:07 Vast524: It is great. Keep talking
11:08 Robin: really appreciate you doing this in real time.... no better learning experience
11:11 Robin: no, not really..... been following along with Kool on the time cycles, etc....
11:11 Robin: let me try it here...
11:11 Robin: oh i'm sure I do :)
11:11 Robin: i'm not the most technical savvy person :)
11:11 pookster: lol
11:12 LordAlfa: Can you open up for Remote assistance
11:12 Robin: i'm glad... i'll keep them coming :)
11:12 LordAlfa: Trust me I provide tech support to my customers remotely.
11:12 Robin: and I did tell him and he got a kick out of it :)
11:13 Robin: ok...i've plugged it in...
11:13 Robin: I wonder what button I push?
11:14 LordAlfa: You need to program it
11:14 Robin: hm... i'm's not working?
11:14 LordAlfa: Wait lety me post. Waitr
11:15 LordAlfa: Configure
11:15 Robin: iplugged this in the back...
11:15 LordAlfa: Settings
11:15 Robin: ok
11:15 LordAlfa: Shortcuts
11:15 Robin: I hear you
11:16 LordAlfa: Push to talk
11:16 LordAlfa: Press the key
11:16 LordAlfa: Use Alt
11:16 johntrader: just watchin and learnin
11:17 Robin: yes
11:17 prestwickdrive: government
11:17 Robin: I did that
11:17 RBurns: Kool where do you go to work at nite?
11:17 palmer: boxing day
11:17 palmer: after christmas
11:17 Robin: I think I have it plugged in the wrong slot in back of computer
11:18 Robin: hold on.. i'll try another
11:18 palmer: british colonies
11:18 palmer: day after christmas day
11:18 palmer: who is aussie?
11:19 koolblue: vast is
11:19 RBurns: Starbucks?
11:19 palmer: vast
11:19 Vast524: yep
11:19 dtomassino: Where is everyone from?
11:19 palmer: my sister went to adelaide for her internship
11:19 palmer: she loved it
11:19 koolblue: florida
11:19 palmer: she was there for 4 months
11:19 RBurns: SC
11:19 dtomassino: Guatemala here.
11:20 palmer: rburns
11:20 palmer: I am in NC
11:20 pookster: Washington state
11:20 palmer: I just came from california- palm springs
11:20 prestwickdrive: bigs are buying into the close. now -670
11:20 palmer: love california
11:21 dtomassino: this is the long I was waiting for. Scaling out here.
11:22 VO: kool you have message
11:22 palmer: kool you in tampa right
11:22 LordAlfa: It summer 365 here with occasional thundersorms
11:22 palmer: I went to school in south florida
11:22 koolblue: right
11:23 johntrader: Robin, where in Ohio, I'm in Cleveland
11:23 palmer: I had alot of friends who went to usf
11:24 johntrader: I think so
11:24 LordAlfa: I have only been to Twin Cities, NY, Seattle, Denver
11:24 LordAlfa: I worked in 3M
11:24 LordAlfa: Singapore 36* here
11:24 LordAlfa: Sorry 26*
11:25 palmer: lord
11:25 palmer: u want to trade
11:25 palmer: I love singapore
11:25 LordAlfa: I don't mind California
11:27 pookster: well I'm done for the day...good luck to everyone and I'll see you all tomorrow.
11:27 koolblue: cya pook!
11:28 LordAlfa: 30 after 12am here
11:29 LordAlfa: Se ya
11:29 RBurns: Kool where do u work?
11:29 LordAlfa: Pfizer?
11:29 LordAlfa: MSD?
11:29 RBurns: LOL
11:29 LordAlfa: I like morphine
11:30 LordAlfa: Street value
11:30 prestwickdrive: KB - I used to head the company that makes the plastic flip top packs you use to move product sown the supply chain
11:30 prestwickdrive: down
11:30 LordAlfa: I never understood why people got addicted. Until I went to surgery and took morphine. Then I understood.
11:31 Robin: Going to log off now.... thanks for all the help and I'm so glad to have found you all!!! A really great group here :) See you tomorrow!
11:32 koolblue: c ya girl!
11:32 Robin: bye :)
11:32 PT: take care Robin
11:32 LordAlfa: She
11:33 LordAlfa: OK. 30mins up for me. Need to sleep. Bye.
11:33 Vast524: bye
11:40 JackS65: AdvGet chart posted
11:42 myptofvu: brb
11:43 Ugo75: now ES is closed?
11:43 VO:
11:44 Ugo75: and Global is closed?
11:46 JackS65: where do you register
11:48 JackS65: Anybody know eher you register?
11:48 JackS65: OK
11:49 JackS65: Have a great day talk to you all tomorrow.
11:50 JackS65: Agreed Mucho Times
11:51 bbrad: yes many many thanks to you day trading wow mazing gift you have bestowed upon us :--))))
11:51 bbrad: all have a great holiday!!!
12:44 myptofvu: PT click on the ES Emini room
13:36 Server off-line 13:36:11 Please wait.
13:38 Server on-line 13:38:10

LordAlfa: Hello early birds
Vast524: ello
LordAlfa: Guess what palmer. Met 100% retrace 10 after midnight on the 5 min chart.
palmer: hey lord
Maria: gm all
LordAlfa: Sorry. I was playin the Xbox. How may I be of assistance plamer?
LordAlfa: Just exceeded 78.6, comig back down.
LordAlfa: +4
LordAlfa: OK. Back to my game
palmer: nothing lord
palmer: which game you playing
LordAlfa: virtua fighter 5
palmer: ok
LordAlfa: I am just a 40 year old kid
RBurns: could someone give a sound test pls
LordAlfa: OK. Just ended the game.
RBurns: ty Lord ok
RBurns: you guys were so chatty yesterday lost your voices today>
LordAlfa: buying 36
dtomassino: Good morning
LordAlfa: 37 flat
LordAlfa: buying again 35.75
LordAlfa: Next peak on the 5min chart about 0850 ~ 0855
LordAlfa: 37 flat
LordAlfa: +6
Maria: nice scalping
LordAlfa: 36 was a wrong entry. Still learning KB's Tool Time.
gila: vast and the others are intersted in helping us use the room properly so they set up a help area I think thats why no ones talking
LordAlfa: Peak happening. Didn't have the guts to take it further.
Maria: what times did you set the pattern from?
LordAlfa: Looks like it is going for 61.80 (39.50) and bounce.
LordAlfa: selling 39.5. Limit order
---------- 08:57:57 ----------
Robin: Good morning everyone :)
LordAlfa: Filled
Maria: nice entry
prestwickdrive: ugo - your mic is open
Maria: why did you pick 39.50 ?
Ugo75: and now?
Ugo75: ok
LordAlfa: Damned. No fill for 37.50
LordAlfa: flat +2 Total 8
LordAlfa: Configure -> Settings -> Audio input -> Transmit -> Push to Talk
Maria: hi LordAlfa. why did you pick 39.50?
LordAlfa: Configure -> Settings -> Shortcuts -> Push to Talk
Maria: no mic here
LordAlfa: Click the PTT field. Select your hot key. Mine is Ctrl-Alt
LordAlfa: Sorry Maria, That was for Ugo.
Maria: noprobs
LordAlfa: Why 39.50? According to the Fib Extensions.I drew on the 5 min chart.0645 low to peak 0725 to low 0815. 61.8% is at 39.50
LordAlfa: According to KB's Tool Time. Peak was suposed to be 0855, but it almost met.. I'll post the chart.
Maria: ok. ty.
Maria: 39.25 was 50% of the down move too...
Maria: I was looking at that one
LordAlfa: Chart up
Maria: now I have 40.50
LordAlfa: Its trying to break 39.50
Maria: selling 40.25 here
LordAlfa: It wants to go down
Maria: cancelling watching.
LordAlfa: Selling 39.50 again.
LordAlfa: Canceled. Looks like it can go up as well.
LordAlfa: 0925 is the next low
Maria: saw the chart. interesting yet difernt than what kool does for time
Maria: different
Maria: tks
PashaLV: Good morning everybody!
LordAlfa: Still learning. If I am wrong, please correct. I am not sure if this is done correctly.
Maria: long 39
Maria: I believe kool uses two pivot lows to estimate a time high and two pivot highs to estimate a low in time
Maria: 44 offer all out
koolblue: good morning all!
Vast524: Hi Kool
Maria: gm kool
LordAlfa: gm
gila: gm kool and everybody
Maria: trying to scratch my 39 long
gila: vix up 3.5 49.6
gila: trin 1.24 but p/c low.65
Maria: lol they heard me
PashaLV: I can't find our Ventrilo voice chat lounge.. Did I missed something ?
LordAlfa: We are now using Mumble
PashaLV: Ok, thanks.. where I could find settings pls?
Maria: kool: from the 8:10 low the 1' projected 40.50...high was 40.75. I must work to see these in realtime...grrrr
---------- 09:44:06 ----------
Maria: and have the faith to act on them
Maria: my long bias screwed myself again
gila: pash lv dt posted info on mumble and how to install it do not use audio wizard
Maria: I'm going to shut up and just watch for a few days/weeks.
Vast524: Here is the link Pasha.
koolblue: yes, MARIA... it takes a while to develop confidence... but the market always tells us what it 'wants' to do!
Maria: within a tic too kool
PashaLV: TY, Vast !
koolblue: yup ,thats pretty much normal...
Maria: thanks for your generosity once again kool
LordAlfa: Selling 33.50
LordAlfa: Moved stop BE +1
palmer: 23.75 I got that too
palmer: 29
LordAlfa: Filled. +5 Total +13
prestwickdrive: singles 26.25-28
prestwickdrive: 27 sq 9
LordAlfa: Selling again 29
LordAlfa: Filled.
LordAlfa: Target 27.
LordAlfa: 1 more tick Give me Give me
LordAlfa: Missed by 1 tick!!!
LordAlfa: Alas! +15
Maria: very gutsy trading LordAlfa
LordAlfa: A bit of guts a bit of yellow
koolblue: order to buy [email protected] 824.00
LordAlfa: Buying 23.75
LordAlfa: filled
feng456: missed entry
LordAlfa: flat 25.75 +17
koolblue: exit one at 2.5 and up 3.5 on the day...holding the other
LordAlfa: Sell limit 27.25
LordAlfa: missed. cancelling
palmer: shorted 25.50
palmer: looking for 23.50
palmer: out +2
LordAlfa: buying 23
palmer: wow
palmer: I am seeing
palmer: 814.75
LordAlfa: flat 25
LordAlfa: +19
LordAlfa: Reversing at target
palmer: shorted 25.50
Robin: jack, your mic is on
LordAlfa: come on 23
Robin: i'm watching it :)
Robin: thing I'm realizing...onee has to be really fast ..... and completely trust these things... so I'm still watching to gain confidence in my drawing
Maria: mne too Robin
Maria: me
---------- 10:13:32 ----------
Robin: :)
LordAlfa: I am going to get stopped
LordAlfa: I am going to chicken at 24
LordAlfa: 1 more. Move stopped to BE +1
LordAlfa: flat +1
LordAlfa: Whee! That was close
LordAlfa: +20
gila: im watching too
LordAlfa: Ok. Need an intermission. I need drink. See you 10 mn.
JackS65: Looks likw we are in wave 4 with target around 830
prestwickdrive: KB - your mic is fading again periodically
Maria: 34.25 from the 5' kool?
koolblue: yes, MARIA...AND HIGHER FROM THE 15 MIN
Maria: sorry 35.25
koolblue: 838.50,if 820.25 is not touched again...
Maria: ty got it.
Robin: Kool.... 1 min seems hard on this uptrend to draw cycles....
Maria: gonna watch for the perfect ones and just take those. fwiw
LordAlfa: Bought 28.50. Going let this run with a 3 point stop
Robin: this is tough today :)
Robin: I don't have any nice patterns either other than first thing in the morning....
Robin: just thinking out loud :)
Vast524: That's what I have
RBurns: Kool it seems your mic is coming in and out... anyone else hearing this
Robin: I think he sounjds find
LordAlfa: next peak 43 or 44?
LordAlfa: Stopped
LordAlfa: +17
VO: robin...what tolerance does Larry allow on the patterns?
Robin: he uses a 5 pt. stop
Robin: and no indicators
Robin: got a pattern here...
prestwickdrive: crude is on fire
Robin: ok... he fades it .75?
Robin: is that what you mean?
Robin: I hope that answered it :)
Robin: and... after he enters a trade... he doesn't look at it...
Robin: goes on to look at another market...
gila: so robin where would he have bought or sold es thx
Maria: jacks nailed the 30 call
VO: robin posted chart in mypivots...when you have time will you take a look
LordAlfa: Hitting the 54 ema resistance again.
Maria: how do you take an entry off those patterns VO?
Vast524: Do they ever have bad weather for the inaugeration? Or at this time a year it always cold but fine? With so many people out in the open, would be terrible if it rains
VO: look for buy signal
Robin: I see it...
Margie: yes sir
Maria: which is what? a higher high close?
VO: for me maria...however I had resting order @ 23.25 on 1st trade
Maria: you scale in right?
---------- 10:59:53 ----------
VO: generally no...I took 1 off @ 25.50...I wanted to add back in with retrace but it never setup
LordAlfa: buying 22.25
Maria: ok. so you bot 23.25 after the low was made or before?
Maria: I see the patterns but never knew how to trigger unto them,
Maria: with low risk that is
VO: before I had standing order waiting
LordAlfa: missed it
Maria: ok thanks. And how do you control risk?
VO: I had 3.5 stop to start..
Maria: ok thanks VO.
prestwickdrive: bigs -30500
prestwickdrive: unfulfilled whatever % to 15.75 from Friday remains fwiw
Maria: I'm bearish too, but no spot for a low risk
Maria: 812 revisited almost for certain
LordAlfa: Channel formed. Chart posted.
palmer: 25.25
palmer: 1 min
LordAlfa: buy limit 21.25
gila: 52.30 vix up 6
LordAlfa: filled
prestwickdrive: bigs -37600
LordAlfa: Flat +1
Vast524: woohooo lol
LordAlfa: Channel still there. Also obvious on the 5 min.
prestwickdrive: 90% of this mental and the other 10% is in one's head
LordAlfa: Watching the swear in of the new president
gila: yes there could be a rally sometime today that is if he doesnt have a completely neg speech
LordAlfa: On long since 27
Vast524: His children will have so much pressure. Will be tough for them. Abit like the Kennedy dynasty
LordAlfa: 2M people?? Almost half the population of Singapore.
LordAlfa: 44th president. 44 is not a good number in Chinese superstition.
gila: adv decl 5-1 neg
gila: ok does your loww project a bottom or further downside in the near term
koolblue: you mean friday?
Vast524: Well I am off to have a sleep. Will be back in 4hrs. Good trading.
gila: yes
gila: see you later vast
LordAlfa: See you.
koolblue: well, daily chart says 808 minimum,possibly as low as 783
gila: sometime later can everyone who wants to tell us their real name thx
gila: thanks kool
gila: thx
Maria: the 9:35 and 10:30 highs gave the double bot low in time
Maria: double bot for now
gila: there is a timer like on new years eve on cnbc
Maria: so much hope he sounds like a messiah...
Maria: looks like 5 of 3 getting underway
palmer: I dont feel that lows hold
Hawk: Hi all
bbrad: shorted under 1 min red took 1.5 in 30 seconds or less
koolblue: hi hawk!
---------- 12:11:37 ----------
bbrad: thks
Maria: sold 24
bbrad: disagree I see the upward move on 15 as being where it wants to go fwiw
bbrad: 3 failed lows on five min
koolblue: looking to buy824.50...currently up 7 on the day, thanks to that last scalp...
toroloco: hi all
koolblue: hey, Toro!
prestwickdrive: bigs now -40k
prestwickdrive: singles 12.75-15.5, unfulf. 80% to 15.75
prestwickdrive: 813 sq 9
prestwickdrive: 810 -50% IB ext
prestwickdrive: bigs now -51k
Maria: 1 out at 18
Maria: stop 24 other half
Maria: Iet's see if it rips till 14:30 or so
koolblue: great job, Maria!
koolblue: selling 822.75...
RBurns: posible looking 834,25-835.25
Maria: stopped out
Maria: sell 23
RBurns: 828 needs to be taken out... right now its major res
Maria: stop 26
Maria: either stopped or I'll catch a 3 down...grrrr
Maria: 19bid for half
Maria: stop to 23 BE
Maria: if it is a wave 3 it should get going...
Maria: move target1 to 17 from19
Maria: stop is 22.75
Robin: i'm back....
Robin: was watching the inaug....
Maria: out
Robin: good job maria :)
Maria: nah. I don't catch
Robin: wasn't the trade profitable?
brad: kool, I have a cycle low around 1:15
Maria: lol yeah sold 23 bot 22.75
Robin: oh... missed that... :)
koolblue: yes, brad...i see it also
brad: thanks...still learning
Maria: sell 24 stop 27
Maria: unable
JackS65: Posted AdvGet chart shopwing wave 4 & Wave 5
Margie: thanks Jack
Maria: wave 5 cannot be the shortest of the waves, I think
Maria: I missed the move. be back tomorrow. good trading guys
Maria: the low of day was 1 of 5, imo
prestwickdrive: bigs have accumulated 10k since low
brad: yes
VO: maria thats wave 3 that cant be shortest...
palmer: I just can't seeing us higher right now
Margie: thx vo
---------- 13:25:30 ----------
palmer: I am still looking for 814.75
palmer: shorting 824.50 if we get that far
Margie: good job Kool
koolblue: so far so good...short 2 at 821.75!
koolblue: covering here!
JackS65: I posted a price & volume chart
koolblue: covered 816.75
koolblue: plus 5 on 2es!
Robin: way go go Kool :)
prestwickdrive: unfulfilled to 15.75 now hit
LordAlfa: Next min or now is the low
Margie: when mumble announces someone is entering or leaving the room is there a way to turn that off?
JackS65: AdvGet indicating MOB at 815 area.
Margie: great pt thanks
PT: your welcome
palmer: come on 814.75
koolblue: nice call Prest...forgot about that...what about ib extentions?
prestwickdrive: 810 = -50%
koolblue: thx
palmer: it wants my 814.75 :)
palmer: BINGO
LordAlfa: Selling 18. reversing at 15
LordAlfa: changed to 16
LordAlfa: LOL
bbrad: rofl
PT: nice alfa
koolblue: nice trade l.a.
LordAlfa: getting tighter. I'll take the risk
Robin: Kool... what i'm finding for me personally, that the time projection is a wonderful addition and help to my patterns....the patterns give me a price projection...and I find that right now, I'm just not fast enouogh to do it all.... i'm sure with time.... i'll get it...but for now, the time projections... looking for a pattern completion and once in a trade... where to look for profit taking....
Robin: has been a wonderful addition...
Margie: what chart was that Kool
---------- 14:19:16 ----------
gila: we are a thousand points from a week ago in the dow
LordAlfa: Stopped. gamble did not payoff
koolblue: CHART POSTED
LordAlfa: Bruce's 810 came in.
Margie: kool thanks
prestwickdrive: 810 is -50% IB
Robin: good job VO
johntrader: l here
johntrader: l 13.5
prestwickdrive: 18.25 1 min proj ?
johntrader: 1/2 @ 15
Robin: makes sense :):)
VO: nice john
johntrader: reentered for full position @ 14.5
johntrader: stopped out net +1
koolblue: MINI LOW 2:47
Robin: :)
LordAlfa: missed by 1 tick kool
Margie: 1:44 to 1:50 giving 805.75, possibly
Vast524: Morning. I mean afternoon. Well it looks as though Obama's speech didn't produce joy and hope in the markets
Vast524: Thanks
Vast524: Sorry VO. But I don't agree with the "Sleep is over rated " thinking. I've had 3hrs and feel well....Like the markets. lol
VO: 3 hrs thats a weeks worth
Vast524: lol
VO: $vold making new lows
Hawk: have to leave, cu
Vast524: They have really liked following the 5min Boll. average today. There in that channel again
Robin: I don't trade after 3:00.... so going to get some errands done.... you all are a wonderful group of traders... thanks for sharing!!!! see you all tomorrow :):)
Robin: take care!!!
LordAlfa: bye
Vast524: CU
Margie: bye now
Robin: :)
gila: sen kennedy and byrd taken to hospital
palmer: 800 here we come
VO: took a poke @2.50
VO: 1 @4
VO: stop @ 2
VO: bidding 6
VO: flat
PT: nice VO
bbrad: beautiful trade Vo right into the teeth
VO: 2.50 = 261.8
VO: have 2 seperate 423.6 @ 801 ish
prestwickdrive: bigs now -91k
Margie: thanks everyone
brad: thanks for all the help
LordAlfa: thanks.
---------- 15:48:35 ----------
bbrad: a big warm thanks to you all for being here and letting me learn :-)))
gila: ibm after the bell
johntrader: bye everyone
Maria: damn...
Maria: 3 attempts to catch it and no dice.
Maria: it looks so easy...
Maria: after the fact
Wednesday 21 Jan 2009

PT: good morning Margie
Margie: I don't know pt he didn;t say what his plans were.
Margie: exactly
Maria: gm
Margie: housing starts and jobless claims at 5:30ET
VO: ty
Margie: gm vo
Margie: yeah housing and jobs
Margie: guys, I'm sorry, housing and jobs tomorrow, I'll just go back to bed now
prestwickdrive: at least the market doesn't wear out alfa
LordAlfa: PWD, Took 3 contracts scaled out at 10pm est long, yielded 4, 5 and 8. Short 3 at 3am came close by 1 tick for 6 points each, then blasted back to the stone age with that spike at 6:25am
LordAlfa: My stop was 16 ticks back. Did'nt trail that time.
prestwickdrive: you'll get it back LA
LordAlfa: Treat every win and loss the same. Please don't praise me for getting good trades, lest I get cocky. 8-)
Maria: your timing is rather impressive Alfa
LordAlfa: I have observed an addition to my 1 min indicators of ema3 ema9 and KB's ema54
LordAlfa: Maria, just some estimations, I was wrong before. I seem to do better when the market is a little slower
LordAlfa: Now for my indicators, when ema3 crosses above ema9, Long and vice versa.
Maria: in 1 min?
LordAlfa: I noticed that with KB's em54 with these 2, the signals are even stonger
LordAlfa: I'll try to get the chart up. This is my scalp chart at 1 min.
Maria: I just want to make 5 pts a day every single day
LordAlfa: Greed animal must be tamed. I keep flouting my rule, anything above $400 that day stop. I should whip myself!!
Maria: instead I'm doing like: +2,0,-2,+2,-2,-2,0,0, 24!
Maria: all my money comes when I hit a big one and ride it
Maria: after taking some small out
Maria: yesterday shorted like 4 times trying to catch the move, left barely in the green and then the market moved lower...sigh. it happens so often.
LordAlfa: The market calls me like a sirens song..... help ... me. LOL
Maria: I could use some scalping advice
Maria: you were like +20 yesterday in the morning!
LordAlfa: Yeah should have stopped. I tried to scalp. failed and went home with half. Grrrrrr!!!
LordAlfa: Chart posted for you. ES 1-21-09 or as with the ex-British colonies like mine, 21/1/09
Margie: Alfa, don't mean to interrupt but the emas cross so much how do you determine which oones to take and which ones to leave
LordAlfa: KB's tim e extensions helps
LordAlfa: Can you see the pattern?
LordAlfa: KB's EMA54 is great for shorting
LordAlfa: Sell close to the EMA54
Maria: ty for chart
---------- 08:51:41 ----------
LordAlfa: But the risk is that when the bounce comes onthe 5min or 15 min, the candles get shorter and your margin for error increases.
LordAlfa: What I tried yesterday was sell at peak, buy at trough and reverse, buy at trough sell at peak.
Maria: not sure I understand how you use the 54 to filter the 3/9 cross
LordAlfa: As long as the price is below ema54, even if 3 crosses over 9 like 0722, you can be safe to stay short.
LordAlfa: Sometimes I see the crossover and panic.
Maria: how do you get out?
Maria: at support Resistance or hesitation?
LordAlfa: example. I enter at 0656 with a confirmed lower close candle 812. I target say 2. I'll get it. But if I want a little more from the market say, 3, I can still stay in iit because 3, 9 and the price is below 54.
Maria: about 7:05 price went above???
LordAlfa: scalping depends on how much do you want and the situation. The chart posted shows wider volatility. you can try 2. But is this narrows, you have to make the call and see if it is worth the effort for 1 point.
Maria: ahh ok. but there was no cross 3/9
Maria: and where do you set your max stop...around 4 pts? (you get out on a cross against right?)
Maria: the stop is just for catastrophes
palmer: big gap up
LordAlfa: Maria, 0823, a crossover is confirmed up with price above ema54
palmer: for the decline we had yesterday
LordAlfa: 0841 3 goes under 9 but no alarms because still above 54
Maria: ok Alfa. I think I get it, gonna study your chart awhile
LordAlfa: My stop if from 8 to 12 ticks behind
Maria: yeah, but you usually get out before the stop. right?
Maria: I like it, simple and effective.
LordAlfa: No. Let it run. If it goes wrong, it is wrong. I'll just take it as an acceptable loss.
LordAlfa: Read the waves too. Helps in the entry.
Maria: I mean if there is a crossover against, before you get stopped out you get out and reverse no?
Maria: like at 8:15 it didn't make a lower low and then you get a crossover at 8:22 and confirm after at about 8:25
LordAlfa: OK. The risk at 0819. Now if I short there with the hammer. 10.50 and wanted 8.50, by 0823, my stop will take me out at 12.50
toroloco: hi all
Maria: ok. understand. you just let it play out
Maria: kewl. thanks Alfa
LordAlfa: Yep. Even when you try to close it manually, 8 out of 10 times, it only saves you by 1 tick. so don't bother it.
LordAlfa: Who knows, lady luck shines and you and the price reverses.
Maria: right. I think "reading the waves" for HH HL, and LL LHs is key in your method
LordAlfa: The indicator tells you only if you need and long or short position but does not help in entry. KB's counting the bars helps.
LordAlfa: I am going to buy 14 and go for 1 point.
Maria: nice Alfa. thanks
LordAlfa: The market ran away from 14.
LordAlfa: No fill.
Maria: yeah, but good bid there man!
LordAlfa: Still at 14. 5 min chart show retrace.
LordAlfa: Canceled. Looks like might head down south below ema54.
LordAlfa: yep got wiped there.
Maria: " KB's counting the bars helps.
" what do you mean by this Alfa?
Maria: for time you mean?
LordAlfa: His tool for time. You can estimate at what time the cycle low comes in.
Maria: ok. ty
LordAlfa: Long 15.50
LordAlfa: If you are not sure about the price, you can get the estimated time and buy or sell at market.
LordAlfa: 15.50 was too early, wrong price.
LordAlfa: stopped
VO: have a long bias this morning...hoping for at least the 22ish area or possible to 26ish...will be looking to sell those levels...if they can attack them
PashaLV: Good morning everyone !
---------- 09:55:47 ----------
pookster: Good morning Pash
gila: gs made back almost allof yesterdays loss up 7
prestwickdrive: vix -6
gila: bullish trin .75 trinq .50
prestwickdrive: 23.5 is .38 of yesterday's full range
johntrader: L15.5
johntrader: out 1/2 16.5
brad: is the next cycle high 10:27?
brad: thanks
LordAlfa: long 1750
johntrader: L 12.75
prestwickdrive: beauty
LordAlfa: Stopped BE+1 17.75
johntrader: didn't know my mic is off
johntrader: yes, adding to postion at 13.5
johntrader: close to stop
Margie: I'll be right back!
bbrad: any one draw tthe abc off top with projection to 807.50 ish @161.8
Robin: good morning :)
Robin: just got in....
bbrad: roger
Robin: nope :)
Robin: great!
prestwickdrive: 6.75 -50% ib
Maria: my platform froze
Maria: been fixing it for 15 minutes
VO: bummer
Maria: seems husband has been in this forum
prestwickdrive: 802 = -100% ib
bbrad: lol
palmer: isn't the gap fill 802
bbrad: 802.50
palmer: bye bye market
LordAlfa: long 02.25
johntrader: L 1.75
Margie: could you repeat pt
LordAlfa: bounce 804.50 pojection
Margie: ty
LordAlfa: stopped be +1
Margie: no prob pt
johntrader: 1/2 805
LordAlfa: last one out 7.25 +5 Nett 1.5
LordAlfa: buying 04
Maria: it seems I broke my ninjatrader...grrr
LordAlfa: Backup My Documents, Ninja Trader folders
JackS65: Is anyone using mumbles?
LordAlfa: We all are
Margie: yes
JackS65: I'm not getting anything today
PT: Jack im talking
Margie: I can hear
---------- 11:18:29 ----------
PT: Jack are your speakers turned on ?
JackS65: yes
PT: maybe restart mumble
JackS65: was working fine since we sytarted
LordAlfa: Speaker and ic plugs?
Maria: I left ninja alone for 5 minutes and it fixed itself...I'm too impatient!
JackS65: I restarted & am getting msg, muted by server
LordAlfa: You are in the wrng room
PT: did you hear that Jack ?
JackS65: yes heard that that just came up when I cliocked on room I can hear but not transmity
LordAlfa: 06 flat Nett 3.5
Robin: nice trade lordalfa!
JackS65: can hear you but you can't hear me. YES
JackS65: For what it's worth I hace trades, exclusively using, ADD & ADDQ. I am up 11.25 juast following adv declines.
LordAlfa: No fill for 07.25
LordAlfa: just filled
LordAlfa: +1
LordAlfa: Nett 4.5
Maria: you did it because it was against the 54 right?
LordAlfa: Yep. Took 1 because I am uncertain. It tested 07 for 5 mins
LordAlfa: And I don'r see a pattern on 1 min.
VO: s @ 8.50
LordAlfa: Selling 810
LordAlfa: Stopped
prestwickdrive: I forgot 813 is sq 9 ...
Margie: koolio is at Starbucks, 1800 starbuk
VO: lol
Margie: not our Koolio
LordAlfa: Victoria Secret model
Margie: I get 806.5
Margie: 813 to 810.5
RBurns: 5 min chart
Margie: im doing the kool thing on that
Margie: let me do my abc
bbrad: 5 min as well 803.75
LordAlfa: Hahahah
LordAlfa: Followed for 13
prestwickdrive: sq 9
Margie: hello
Margie: I could really get use to this
LordAlfa: Out 09. +4 Nett +10
LordAlfa: Quits now. Need some discipline. I have my daily target. I'll switch to paper mode to practice.
VO: good job lord
LordAlfa: Like popstocks says "Go ahead, take the money and run"
RBurns: apple comments on this dosent allow link to be posted
koolblue: Margie , see that nice bowl..10:26 to 11:50?...low around 1:14 or so?
Margie: I took a laundry break, got it Kool
koolblue: can u do mine next?
koolblue: im way behind! lol
Margie: lol
JackS65: I have postred an AdvGet chart & a Price & Volume chart
---------- 12:41:50 ----------
koolblue: grat, thx Jack!
VO: stopped be
prestwickdrive: NAHB # due in 3 min. expected # is 9
LordAlfa: Koolio ... See your enemies here.
koolblue: lol...Thx, L.A.!
prestwickdrive: crude HOD double top
Margie: 1:16 lo?
Margie: 12:42 to 12:59 to confirm big bowl
koolblue: nice call, Margie, thx!
Margie: no, thank you
LordAlfa: Better luck next time PT
prestwickdrive: Obama talking
LordAlfa: It happened to me in the Globex. When it hit the high, I was caught out too.
Margie: thx kool, but its your work
VO: you have mesage kool
koolblue: yeah, but its the interpetation that counts! well done!
VO: L 1 @ 11.25
VO: stop 9.75 under pivot
VO: stopped
gila: trans near lod only 50pts from 52week lo
JackS65: AdvGet has changed wavge count and we are now in a wave 3
gila: aapl after the bell
gila: 1953-1093adv decl 1698 1026 advq declq
Margie: 12:55 to 1:28 gives 2:00 as hi, fwiw
Robin: hey kool...did you get a new mic?? you sound so clear and loud :):)
Robin: oh ok :)
koolblue: great work Margie
JackS65: 819.25 is 2.618 from the 800 bottom
VO: yep jack
Margie: knife catching
Margie: the crowds go wild!
Margie: lol
Vast524: Afternoon all. Slept through the alarm for the open. Oops.
JackS65: 829-30 is 4.250 off 800 low
Margie: thats the 1 min holy grail
koolblue: Gila, your awful quiet today!... makin any coin?
Maria: had to attend an emergency here. sigh
koolblue: miss ya Maria!
Maria: lol I see advanced get renamed its waves the way I called it yesterday...hehehe
Maria: one thing I'm convinced is this: the holy grail/ miracle/ whatever is sitting in EACH of our chairs.
Maria: we just have to clean the dust
koolblue: yup!
johntrader: L 23.25
Maria: mice results LordAlfa. Maybe one day I can do 10 points a day.
prestwickdrive: 827 sq 9
prestwickdrive: 30.5 UVA
prestwickdrive: 29.75 100% IB ext
prestwickdrive: singles 30.25-40.75
VO: added 26
VO: avg 24
---------- 15:03:13 ----------
JackS65: Posted NEW Adv Get chart. They changed count again
VO: tell em to stop
prestwickdrive: singles 20.75-23.5
prestwickdrive: hi was 100% ib too
JackS65: Trins are 55 & 52
gila: ken lewis bought 200,000 shares of bac vix lod 47.63
gila: kool im just watching I have qs and stocks that are long and I was down so much yesterday I was too afraid to take any trades today
koolblue: oh, ok ,...good luck!
VO: added 30.25
gila: I missed so many good moves today
JackS65: Everytrhging came together
prestwickdrive: bye all - see you tomorrow
koolblue: see ya friend!
gila: ebay als after bell
Maria: hey kool question: 12:20 h and 13:10 high give the 14:05-14:10 low. Is that a valid application of your stuff even if the "low" was relatively higher?
koolblue: yes, absoulutely
Maria: very kool
Maria: :)
gila: kool which moving avg do u use and do u mainly use 1min thx
JackS65: Have a good evening all.
koolblue: check out mypivots, trading strategies, 'reverse cycles' atricle from some time ago.. may be on page 2 or 3 now....
koolblue: it might be interesting
Maria: 14:08-09 and 14:10 kissed the 54 ema to the tic as well...creepy
koolblue: or exciting!
Maria: also, to be more classical, a perfect example of "Resistance becomes Support" at 814 on the dot.
Maria: time and price baby!
koolblue: oh yeah!...
Maria: catching these in realtime is where the skill lies I guess
Maria: but it is AMAZING even looking at the history.
koolblue: its gets easier...just have to practice and build confidence
gila: Topic URL: kool reverse cycle link
koolblue: thanks GILA
Maria: ty gila. good bunch of people here
VO: done
gila: have a great day thx
Vast524: Thanks Kool. Fantastatic
Margie: bye Kool
gila: skf reverse double short financials down $43 almost reverse yesterdays up move
Maria: the KISSES of the 54ema at around 15:30 also worked great
VO: they ran me over at 34
Maria: 15:11-15:20 gave the time too...
johntrader: Thanks guys, have a good night
Margie: Hey have a nice night everyone, see you tomorrow!
VO: see ya margie
kat: vast I can hear you; I just dion't have a microphone
kat: ok
kat: ok perfect
kat: thank you!
Vast524: Also Kat. Just right click on your name and choose mute, so we know that you have no mic thanks
Vast524: Thankyou
kat: thank you for your help
Thursday 22 January 2009

ordAlfa: 33 filled stop 32
LordAlfa: target 34.50
LordAlfa: stopped.
Maria: hey ty Alfa. been away from computer doinf homework, etc
LordAlfa: OK
prestwickdrive: 10 min to jobless claims (fcst 548-610k), housing starts (610-615k) and building permits (615k). EIA petroleum @ 10 CT
LordAlfa: Thanks PWD
LordAlfa: selling 31.25
prestwickdrive: nice call LA. I couldn't front run those #s
prestwickdrive: GOOG and MSFT report after close today
LordAlfa: Still in it
LordAlfa: Weakness in the market. Rally didn't hold. More than 61.8% pullback from the 34.50 high
LordAlfa: Then again. I maybe wrong.
LordAlfa: Phew! that was heart stopping!! from 33 to 28 and back up to 32.25 and back 28.75 in 10 mins.
LordAlfa: Still in it from 31.25
prestwickdrive: I think this projects to 22.5 based on that retrace from 28.5 to 32.25. Stress "think".
LordAlfa: I'll play this only contract the classic way. 14 before the S1 support line. Meanwhile, I'll look for some scalps.
prestwickdrive: Jack - your mic is on
PopStocks: gm
PopStocks: hey jacks do you need help setting up your audio? were you just trying to speak over mumble?
gila: kool was so right he said a high tick close usually shows downtrend coming
gila: nice projection prestwick
prestwickdrive: it was luck gila. MSFT's early release did it
LordAlfa: I am still in 31.25 short.
prestwickdrive: UVA 20.5
PashaLV: Morning everyone !
prestwickdrive: gm
LordAlfa: gm
LordAlfa: sell 23
LordAlfa: filled. target 21
LordAlfa: Just to inform. 26 Jan is the Chinese New Year. This year it is the year of the Bull or Ox but I think we like Bull better.
LordAlfa: China celebrates for 15 days.
gila: nice trade lord alfa
LordAlfa: 23 is not done yet.
pookster: Good morning everyone
Margie: gm
LordAlfa: Morning pookster
gila: gm
LordAlfa: Got my 2pt from 23
PashaLV: gm!
koolblue: morning!
LordAlfa: Selling 22
pookster: Good morning kool
koolblue: good morning..
Robin: good morning :)
koolblue: good morning Robin...
RBurns: I show 816.56
gila: val hi nas
Maria: nice tick call kool
gila: oil down 2.4
---------- 09:56:23 ----------
gila: thx
LordAlfa: sell 22 again
LordAlfa: no fill market ran away
LordAlfa: cancelled order
Margie: it kept throwing me into that room this morning
LordAlfa: Robin in training classroom
VO: 1 pff 22.75
LordAlfa: selling 22 again
LordAlfa: filled
Robin: thanks lordalfa.... was wondering why I wasn't hearing anything :)
Robin: thanks!
prestwickdrive: lol me too
LordAlfa: Target met 20 +2
Robin: :)
prestwickdrive: msft though
prestwickdrive: y
RBurns: I think u need a new Mike
gila: vix lod
prestwickdrive: no
gila: goog up
gila: oil nat gas 1030
Maria: awesome trade LordAlfa
LordAlfa: I better move my stop. I have not moved it since, It's still at 29.25
RBurns: I believe I believe in dem cycles
LordAlfa: Noticed that it tagged the ema54 and back down again.
koolblue: yup, thats why I put my stop just above it
LordAlfa: Come on 14!
LordAlfa: Filled!
LordAlfa: That is the largest boat load of fish I ever took
koolblue: well done L.A.!... great trade!
prestwickdrive: yea!
LordAlfa: Took like forever. Patience is not my greatest strength.
koolblue: same
LordAlfa: Actually. A bit of luck. When the plunge of MS started, I moved the target quickly far away to do a sit rep. It is only 1 contract so the risk/reward ratio was good.
prestwickdrive: bigs -12k
prestwickdrive: LA - did you change the timestamps in this room to Singapore time?
LordAlfa: PWD, no. This trading computer is on EST.
prestwickdrive: it shows 22:13 for your last post here
LordAlfa: Nope, it is 11:13 on my post
prestwickdrive: ignore that - my laptop's clock is wrong. that must drive it
PopStocks: hey prest, you think that's it for the whatever % rule? think it's spent?
prestwickdrive: I was taught it is valid until achieved once it triggers fwiw
PopStocks: yeah, i'm asking in your personal opinion if you think it will achieve today
PopStocks: on the nq i'm getting all sorts of divergence here telling me that coulda been the bottom of day
prestwickdrive: hard to say. we rejected the IB again
koolblue: no way Pop....
koolblue: 822 area , then lower this afternoon...thats my guess... fwiw
RBurns: Kool do u believe tom is still the low?
PopStocks: just analysing the nq, es is acting more bearish atm
koolblue: tom?
RBurns: tomorrow
---------- 11:27:14 ----------
PopStocks: nq must be getting some aapl luv
koolblue: not necessarily, ...another low is expected near the end of the month, and the 783(bare minimum number)has not yet been hit
RBurns: ok ty
gila: geithner approved by senate finannce committee
toroloco: hi all
Margie: hello
koolblue: mornin!
brad: kool, how did you get that 808 number
brad: 1min. chart
brad: thanks
RBurns: reboot
Margie: lol
RBurns: Kool im showing 807 -808 on the 5 and 15
RBurns: actually 807 on both
Margie: does anyone see 802
prestwickdrive: 03.5 fulfills whatever %
RBurns: trendline on 30 min chart which has been hit 3 times comes in at 805
pookster: excellent projection, kool
gila: thain resigning from bac
gila: actually hes from merrill
gila: had 1.22 mil $off
koolblue: Chart posted
PopStocks: jumped out of nq long for a point, taking too long here
PopStocks: off to lunch for me
JackS65: I just posted an AdvGet chart
Margie: give me one sec
LordAlfa: I'll go to sleep now. Thanks for being a great bunch. I wish we are in a physical room together. Busy weekend ahead for me.
Maria: nice job LA
LordAlfa: Kool, if your get here, weather is like Florida. I'll buy lunch.
LordAlfa: Bye.
Margie: I get it from 825-817.75, candles 9:42 to 9:46
gila: bye lord alfa great day 4u
Margie: alsa great trade
Margie: alfa, sorry
koolblue: thx L.A.... great job today...
gila: vix hod trin 1.54
prestwickdrive: dead nuts on -100% ib 7.5
koolblue: long 809.00(one only)...covered 812.00 ,plus 3 there up 8.25 now..watching...
koolblue: running to starbucks ...back in ten !
prestwickdrive: 12.5 is POC from yesterday
gila: 1152 nas poc
JackS65: Microsoft just came out with bad news
gila: ipath coming out with vix futures contracts using etns
prestwickdrive: the msft news came out pre market
Margie: that was the LOrd Alfa trade
koolblue: bingo on the 15 min upside proj at 815.50
koolblue: cycle peak at 12:45-47
koolblue: heading down right before adecent top(15 min chart) at 12:45 ish...very negative?
koolblue: selling
koolblue: short one from 818.00... 2 point stop
---------- 12:53:20 ----------
PopStocks: i'm short nq here 82.50
PopStocks: just for a scalp
PopStocks: lol 59.50 I mean
koolblue: covering 815.50
gila: gs now pos
prestwickdrive: bigs now -5k from -26k at bottom
PopStocks: hey prest are you an mp guru?
prestwickdrive: not nearly
PopStocks: ah ok
prestwickdrive: student
PopStocks: I am trying to learn about "skew"
prestwickdrive: bigs -1k
koolblue: hit my 815.50 number but no fill...sigh... then stopped me at 820.00 loss of 2 now up 6.25 on the day
PopStocks: makes me frustrated just hearing about it
prestwickdrive: 18.75 is .62 of pit session range
Maria: that stuff happens to me all the time kool. really unnerving. my kingdom for 1 tic!
koolblue: yup!
koolblue: one ticked again!!!!!! theres a mole in our group!!!!! lol
PopStocks: prest what are bigs up to?
koolblue: finally filled short one at 815.50
gila: vix near lod
koolblue: stopped again at 818.50...loss of 3 up only 3.25...watching
gila: 480 2560 adv decl 543 2079 advq declq
koolblue: still trying to sell....
koolblue: trying to sell 2 @ 817.25
RBurns: Kool Im showing 150 as important low on 1 min is this correct
koolblue: I have it at about 1:52 , but yes...
RBurns: ty
koolblue: hey Javk...your Mike is on!
gila: vix lod
Maria: no trades for me today at all.
Maria: homework+study
prestwickdrive: bigs +4k
PopStocks: thx prest
prestwickdrive: booted
koolblue: still long from 820.00 on one...
PT: Server connection failed
koolblue: ugh!
prestwickdrive: mumble just crashed here
koolblue: here too
PT: ok server just rebooted
PT: you will need to rejoin the ESroom
prestwickdrive: need to rejoin room
VO: wont let me
koolblue: covering
gila: gs now up almost 3% ive noticed its imp to watch the stock to see direction
prestwickdrive: +8k
koolblue: out at 824.25 on that half!..nice 4.25 up 8.5 on the day!...
koolblue: suggest you close mumble and re log on...
PopStocks: i'll be going long on a retrace here, think this plays out a la yesterday
koolblue: bingo on 828!
---------- 14:05:01 ----------
PopStocks: nice
koolblue: still trying to sell! ...up 6.5 on the day
PopStocks: the server not happy today
PopStocks: mumble reset again,, some people out of the room still
Vast524: Afternoon all. Fairly wild thunderstorms tonight. So didn't go online. Too risky. Computers and lightning are not a good mix. Hope all have had a good day so far. At least there has been volatility
gila: cannot get into mumble
PT: stopped out of the short
JackS65: Im justb posted a NEW AdvGet chart. They have changed count & we are now in a wave 3 to the upside
gila: trying to fill gaps I think
koolblue: selling 840.00 if we get there
koolblue: long one from 832.50
koolblue: 2 point stop
Maria: VO is in hospital or something?
PT: ok lets do this folks, let's get off the mumble server, and get on the Ventrilo server
Vast524: Something is happening with the server. Strange.
Vast524: OK PT
PT: and give mumble a chance to stabalize
PT: so everyone please close mumble
prestwickdrive: I uninstalled vent
Vast524: I am in the lounge
PT: we can go to the lounge on ventrilo
koolblue: 15 min deadly proj is 840.25
PT: prestwick: its just temporary
PT: ok I just exited the short at 31.75
JackS65: 845-46 in the wave 3 target also the fib 2.618
koolblue: will cover the 836 area
RBurns: Kool could you pls post that 840.25 chart when you get a chance
koolblue: nope, stopped at 830.50...2 point loss ...up 4.5 on the day
Margie: I hear
gila: yes
PT: we are on ventrilo
koolblue: where is every one?
koolblue: oh, ok
brad: I also uninstalled vent
PT: we need everyone to exit thier mumble program
PT: brad we will retry in half an hour
Margie: so when it stops going down we're going back up!!
Margie: lol
PT: soon as its stable I will let everyone know
prestwickdrive: flat here from ss. whew
Margie: crazy stuff
Margie: Thanks guys, this is great stuff
koolblue: margie ,look at your 15 min chart...that last 15 min bar should have contained a high...
Vast524: Kool, we are all on Ventrillo at Ensign. Do you still have it installed. PT would like us all off the MyPivots server
koolblue: im trying now
Margie: the ma on the 15 is 825.25
koolblue: port still 3784?
VO: L @ 29
Vast524: Yep, in the lounge
VO: will add lower
prestwickdrive: nice long VO
---------- 14:41:33 ----------
koolblue: 840.50 still being projecteed
koolblue: vast, are you guys still on the mypivots server...port 3784?
Vast524: Nope
koolblue: oh thats why im having trouble...ok
Vast524: Need to start Ventrillo up and connect to Ensign
Vast524: Don't use Mumble. Sorry
Margie: your're it!
Margie: it has been kicking me off since early this am
Vast524: 05:24 PT: ok lets do this folks, let's get off the mumble server, and get on the Ventrilo server
gila: thx ill look
VO: added 23.25
VO: = 127.2
RBurns: Kool I think you missed my prior post, but when you get a chance could you post the 15 min 840.5 projection. Im not seeing it
koolblue: sure...give me a few
RBurns: ty
Margie: a small kiss of death
Margie: ;)
PopStocks: went long nq here 63.25
Margie: way to stay safe kool
koolblue: CHART POSTED
Margie: 319 mini lo?
koolblue: SOMEWHERE AROUND THERE, Margie.... could be as late as 3:26
koolblue: short from 821.50
PopStocks: bailed on nq long at breakeven,,, as soon as 3pm kicks in I keep noticing things get weird for a bit
prestwickdrive: nice one KB
PT: just exited for +2
PopStocks: this doesn't happen often where we get a retrace like this after a good rally, back to square one
prestwickdrive: maybe they want whatever % to 03.5. lol
Vast524: PWD. What are the buyers doing please.
prestwickdrive: bigs still +11500
Vast524: Interesting
prestwickdrive: smalls net flat
koolblue: out at 818, plus 3.5 on 2 es! 7 total!
prestwickdrive: 13= sq 9
PopStocks: lol prestwick
RBurns: Kool check 5min it shows a major low at about 3:45. Am I correct. 10:20 to 1:00
PT: nice call on that low Margie
PopStocks: i'm still bullish on the day, think this 3:00 area is just always mind games
Margie: thx pt
koolblue: Rburns, did u get a chance to glance at the last hart I posted?
brad: I did
brad: yes thanks
RBurns: Yes I understand it now. It was a move to the first meaningful retrace . thanks
koolblue: Robin, make any coin today?
Margie: I was just looking at it!
Margie: vo did you trade that one?
Margie: it was a good day guys
gila: goog after bell
Margie: good bye all, have a great evening, we'll do it all again tomorrow!
koolblue: see ya tomorrow gang!
PopStocks: cya mypivots
---------- 16:18:59 ----------
Hey Robin - thanks a ton for posting these transcripts in here - much appreciated.

I have some tips for you to make it even better:

When you post a link to a chart in the eChat forum then put [img] before the link and [/img] after the link because that way when you copy/paste the transcript into here the image will show up directly on the web page instead of like a link. Have a look further up this page for an example of a dacharts link that you posted that I surrounded with those tags.

Another idea is just to put the day and date at the top of the post.

And the last idea is to configure your echat to have timestamps printed to the left of all posts so we can see the time of day that the comment was made.

Thanks again for doing this for us.
Sorry haven't updated.... but In this post, there's several days worth.... i'll be more timely going forward.

10:05 koolblue: selling 847.00
10:05 bbrad: pit secession
10:09 gila: ntrinq bullish trin bearish
10:09 VO: s nq @ 36...took half @ 34.25...stop = 37.50
10:10 Durendal: -2 stopped out
10:11 VO: flat nq
10:11 gila: trin rising trin q falling
10:12 prestwickdrive: my trading sucks today
10:13 LordAlfa: Ask Pops
10:16 LordAlfa: F!! I am skrood! 1 tick away from stop
10:18 Durendal: shory 46
10:18 LordAlfa: bring it down boys. Over bought still on the indicators. RSI MACD etc
10:25 Durendal: my target down is 40. 1 tic above yest hod
10:26 LordAlfa: This is my longest time in a trade today. Since 1008h. Getting skiddish.
10:26 LordAlfa: Come on boys push push push.
10:29 LordAlfa: Chewing my gum. Stressing out.
10:31 LordAlfa: I think I'll pop another gum.
10:32 LordAlfa: Still 1 tick before my stop. I am sure sweating.
10:32 Durendal: -3 for me
10:32 LordAlfa: They got me!!
10:32 LordAlfa: -3
10:33 Durendal: "Thou shalt not trade countertrend!". rofl
10:35 Durendal: I'm trading porrly today. gonna stop
10:35 Durendal: try again afternoon
10:35 Durendal: bbl
10:36 LordAlfa: D, it was not really counter. The ema 3 9 was crossed over but could not sustain.
10:39 koolblue: exited 847.25, loss of 2 ticks total... up 3 on the day and still wanting to sell this thing!
10:39 koolblue: 1 min proj is 835.00
10:43 koolblue: 5 min proj is 840.00
10:43 koolblue: correction...1 min proj is 845
10:43 LordAlfa: Selling again 46.50
10:47 koolblue: trying to sell 848.00(one ticked so fsr)
10:53 koolblue: tried to sell ticked again...
10:58 koolblue: I will now sell 848.25
11:00 koolblue: missed by 2 ticks...sigh...
11:04 LordAlfa: Jan 28 close was 870.25
11:10 Y.S.: 4:57:24 PM] To PT: I am Y.S. please let me know how to actualy participate and hear all the conversationa, as I have followed all the instructions on installations, but it seems that I need some authorisation. And as far as I understand I can ask You to provide access to cool's tools, private room. Regards, [email protected]lv
11:11 koolblue: hold on a min, Y.S.
11:12 Y.S.: Sure
11:12 koolblue: ok hold on a min...
11:13 Y.S.: Yes
11:13 LordAlfa: I am getting out. BE +1. This sideways action is not nice to watch
11:14 PT: on phone
11:14 PT: one second
11:15 Durendal: short 45.50
11:17 koolblue: wow, finally hit that 843.50... now long from 843.75
11:19 PT: filled 844
11:19 PT: to exit
11:20 koolblue: ok covered one at 845.00,plus 1.25, up 4.25 on the day..holding for higher
11:22 koolblue: great scalp P.T.!
11:22 koolblue: GOOD PATIENCE..
11:23 PT: lol
11:23 koolblue: were you able to help Y.S.?
11:24 PT: yes helping him now
11:27 koolblue: OUT O/N THE OTHER AT 846.75,plus 3 on that up 7.25 on the day/...
11:27 koolblue: watching
11:31 RBurns: Kool you broke up where is the deadly
11:32 RBurns: ty
11:34 Durendal: exitshort +2 tics
11:34 Durendal: long way to claw back yet
11:45 LordAlfa: S 44.25
11:47 LordAlfa: 3 contracts
11:52 koolblue: be back in about 5 min!
12:00 Margie: Jack what are threy saying on your charts currently?
12:01 LordAlfa: flat 43.25
12:03 koolblue: cycle low coming around 12:15... still looking for 839.50-841.00
12:04 LordAlfa: Sell 44.50
12:08 bbrad: I have 45.52
12:08 Margie: using ome candle 845.75, fwiw
12:09 Durendal: tuff chop
12:13 LordAlfa: About BE
12:13 Margie: are you joking?
12:13 Durendal: down 8 pts here
12:14 prestwickdrive: down big here
12:14 LordAlfa: Yep.
12:15 LordAlfa: flat 42.50
12:20 kat: 842.25 is the 50% of the move today
12:24 bbrad: tks
12:25 LordAlfa: bought 40.50
12:25 LordAlfa: That is the bottom of the channel
12:25 Durendal: what datafeed do you use for QT, Prestwick?
12:26 LordAlfa: I'll target 54 ema. The top of the channel is just above
12:26 koolblue: long one at 841.00, will add at 840.25 if necessary
12:26 koolblue: correctL.A.!
12:27 prestwickdrive: dtn-iq
12:27 LordAlfa: We were in this channel since 1030. 5 and 1 min chart shows
12:27 Durendal: ty prestwick
12:28 karen: lol
12:29 LordAlfa: Oh damned! another ledge.
12:34 LordAlfa: Oh another 1 tick of denial!!!
12:34 LordAlfa: 43 43 43!!!
12:37 LordAlfa: flat 41.75
12:38 koolblue: out at 842.50,plus 1.5 there...up 8.75 now and looking to buy again lower
12:41 Durendal: that 41 was off yr 5' chart kool . correct?
12:42 koolblue: correct sir
12:42 Durendal: very nice trade
12:44 LordAlfa: S 42.75
12:44 koolblue: thx, the danger is the hourly chart ...look at that bar at the high...that would give you 836 if you use the high to colse of that bar or around 833 if you use the entire bar...
12:45 koolblue: currently thats our 'worst case' scenerio
12:45 koolblue: im still looking to buy 839.50 to 840.50
12:45 prestwickdrive: bigs +27k
12:52 Margie: thks kool
12:52 LordAlfa: flat 41.75
12:56 prestwickdrive: dva 40.75-47.5, dpoc 43.5
12:57 koolblue: long 2 @ 839.75!...finally... now turn!!!!
12:58 Margie: I am hoping an abc forms again
12:58 LordAlfa: L 40.25, target 42.50
12:59 Margie: maybe that's my "b:"
13:00 LordAlfa: stopped
13:02 LordAlfa: Touched the bottom of the channel
13:02 LordAlfa: And over
13:04 LordAlfa: You need a trojan called "stop sniffer"? LOL
13:11 Margie: Vo did it break down the last time?
13:27 LordAlfa: Sctrach 2 41.25, 2 more to go
13:28 koolblue: out one at 1.25, holding the other... now up 10.0 on the day
13:28 koolblue: raising my stop to 837.75
13:29 prestwickdrive: bigs +27k again
13:30 Robin: Hi all... i've been pretty much gone the last 3 days.... hope everyone is doing well :) hopefully I can be around from now on... need to make some money :) Congrats Kool on that last trade....
13:31 Robin: haha :)
13:31 Robin: not a chance!!
13:38 koolblue: stopped at 838.50..loss of up 8.75(again!)
13:45 Robin: new tick lows
13:48 bbrad: kool didn't you say today mid day we see a top an then fall top being around mid 40s
13:49 koolblue: yes
13:49 bbrad: you were dead on
13:49 koolblue: sometimes I wish id listen to myself more!...ROFL!
13:52 prestwickdrive: bigs +2k
13:56 LordAlfa: The nut cracker suite
13:56 bbrad: 1 min 31 ish
13:57 LordAlfa: L 28.25
13:58 LordAlfa: flat 30.25
13:58 koolblue: GOT LONG ONE AT 827.75, sold it back at 2 ,and now up 10.75 on a rough day!
14:01 bbrad: thats not good
14:02 koolblue: short one at 830.50..looking for a small scalp...
14:07 Margie: Is it possible you just don't get a wave 5?
14:08 koolblue: very possible
14:10 koolblue: look at the low...827.75 ...up to the rebound high so far, 831.75...projects around 838...not 848 etc...
14:10 koolblue: imho
14:11 koolblue: out at 829.25,plus 1.25 up an even 12
14:11 bbrad: are we forming abc off bottom
14:12 bbrad: 30.75
14:12 bbrad: ok
14:13 Durendal: my chart closed at 30.50 VO...must be different data
14:17 Durendal: my audio wont work. mine fired one candle after the low candle at 30.50 close
14:22 koolblue: long one one at 830.25, mini yop due 2 min
14:23 koolblue: stopped at 828.00...loss of 2.25... up 9.75 now
14:24 Margie: we have to pay Kool in Pizza and Vo in Mangoes for lessons, lol
14:24 koolblue: double stuff orioles!!!!!
14:25 Margie: ok, ok, lol
14:30 koolblue: short one at 838.50(risky!) better opp. at 831.00-831.25
14:30 koolblue: oops thats 828.50
14:37 koolblue: stopped at 829.50..loss of one .....waiting to sell 832-833 area
14:43 koolblue: chart posted
14:51 Durendal: long 30.25
14:53 Durendal: -3
14:53 Durendal: -2.75
14:54 Durendal: worst day for me in a while. better stop
14:55 gila: kool thanks for all your posts
14:55 koolblue: wellcome Gila!...
14:56 prestwickdrive: bigs -7300
14:56 koolblue: I know this isnt much help but were either going to to 823 or 833.25
14:56 gila: I need to study it tonight
14:58 koolblue: short one at 833.00
15:01 koolblue: out at 2.5 up 11.25...yippeeee!!!
15:07 VO: s @ 32.25
15:14 prestwickdrive: dow under 8k again
15:23 koolblue: CHART POSTED ...KISS OF DEATH?
15:26 akola: where is the post?
15:26 koolblue: short one at 830.50... for about 2 -3 min
15:30 koolblue: done for the day at 11.75 ...
15:31 PT: great trading kool !
15:39 PT: akola the charts are in the Kools Tools folder
15:54 koolblue: chart posted
15:56 Margie: thks kool
15:57 koolblue: ill post one later that shows the likely down side pressuer for about a week
15:58 gila: csco after bell
15:59 Margie: lol
16:00 Durendal: I'm from Holland. I'm a communist.
16:00 Durendal: NEver been wrong.
16:01 Durendal: lolo
16:05 Margie: the more I try to wave the worse I trade
16:06 bbrad: I thought jack said we started wave 1 but I could be wrong
16:07 gila: csco beat
16:11 Vast524: see ya Kool. Thanks once again
16:11 gila: thanks again appreciate allyour input
16:12 Margie: kool, thanks again
16:13 Durendal: see ya tomorrow guys
16:14 Margie: vo and myptofview can I eavesdrop on that one?
16:18 gila: Economic
7:00am BoE Rate Decision
7:45am ECB Rate Decision
8:30am Q4 Preliminary Non-Farm Productivity (last 1.3%), Q4 Preliminary Unit Labor Costs (last 2.8%), Initial Jobless Claims (last 588K), Continuing Claims (last 4.776M)
10:00am Dec Factory Orders (last -4.6%)
10:30am Natural Gas Inventories
16:41 karen: I did
16:41 karen: not any more though
16:43 karen: they do
16:43 karen: 30 day free trial
16:46 karen: better?
16:49 karen: yes
16:50 karen: so under shortcut it says K:1
16:50 karen: do I just press 1 when I want to talk?
16:52 karen: ok great...I don't usually speak anyways
16:54 karen: yes
16:55 Vast524: Thanks. See ya later
16:55 karen: thks vast!
16:56 Vast524: Gotta go. Just realised, kids need to be at school. oops
17:09 RBurns: CSCO spooking after hours
17:12 karen: yes
17:33 kat: myptofvu, how is it that you use the fibonacci retracements to calculate kools projections?
17:34 kat: hi Vo
17:35 kat: I don
17:35 kat: don't have a microphone
17:35 kat: but I thinks I do understand
17:36 kat: I just didnt understand when myptov said he used the fib in reverse
17:37 kat: to the upside?
17:38 kat: my charts are not connecting; I have sierra charts; this is so weird
17:38 kat: it just won't connect
17:38 kat: but thanks anyway vo
17:40 kat: yes; perfect
17:41 kat: ok I see
17:41 kat: no that was it; I was interested because you said you used that to calculate kools projections rather than doing it woth the calculato
17:42 kat: thank you so much to both of you; i'm young and just starting out at thins trading thing
17:42 kat: what is the setup on the fib tool?
17:42 kat: haha I know; he's amazing
17:42 kat: yes
17:43 kat: ok
17:43 kat: my charts are back up again
17:44 kat: yes I just did
17:45 kat: ok perfect; I see it now
17:45 kat: it give me a 161.8 at 843.3
17:45 kat: and a 261.8 at 39.47
17:45 kat: awsome; thanks guys
17:46 kat: right
17:46 kat: ok
17:47 kat: right I see that
17:50 kat: ok
17:52 kat: I see. and that's what you're looking at to see if an abc will setup right?
17:57 kat: ok I will definately keep and eye on that
17:57 kat: thanks
17:59 kat: i'm leaving guys. you so much for your help; see you tomorrow morning
17:59 kat: thank you
06:27 LordAlfa: Stop at +1 tick. Hits there and free lunch for the broker
06:28 LordAlfa: Free lunch.
06:52 LordAlfa: Posted the use of Regression Channel under Indicators. Saves the hand drawing time.
06:53 LordAlfa: was comptemplating to buy 27.25
07:15 LordAlfa: bought 28.25
07:19 LordAlfa: I am a little too cautious today
07:24 LordAlfa: I hope the T shapes pushes it above.
07:25 LordAlfa: Stopped
07:26 LordAlfa: I think that's the end of the channel. I see it going down from here.
07:32 LordAlfa: I'll leave for a while. 30min
07:33 koolblue: CHART POSTED
07:35 koolblue: buying the projection 822
07:45 koolblue: ill sell 826.50 if it gets there in the next 5 min
07:45 koolblue: though it could go all the way to 827.25
07:46 koolblue: and of course buying at 822.25
07:47 koolblue: 7:57 is a key turning point... could be a high or low... probably a high
07:48 koolblue: 7:57-58 that is
07:53 koolblue: jeeze! one freakin tick!
07:54 koolblue: order cancelled ...watching
07:56 koolblue: selling one at 825.50
07:56 koolblue: cycle high? 2 min
08:01 LordAlfa: Sold 24.50. Looking for 1
08:07 LordAlfa: +1
08:11 LordAlfa: Selling avarage 25
08:14 LordAlfa: S 25
08:16 Durendal: gm guys
08:21 LordAlfa: Stoppewde
08:25 koolblue: stopped at 826.75..loss of 1.25 on 2 es! up one handle on the day...
08:26 LordAlfa: sold 28.50
08:29 LordAlfa: No fill for my exit 26.50
08:30 Durendal: nice trading guys.
08:30 Durendal: amazing actually
08:34 LordAlfa: No fill for my 21
08:41 LordAlfa: 6.5 for that 8:30 "irrational"
08:44 koolblue: up 6.75 from globex!... nice start thx to a good call at that 828.50 high right before the news came out
08:44 prestwickdrive: unfulfilled whatever % rules remain to 20.5 from yest. and 13.5 from tuesday
08:44 koolblue: current proj down is 814.11,
08:46 LordAlfa: I took trailing stops. Only the last one was fixed stop but I jumped out sooner. Its enough. 2.75, 5.0 and 3.75
08:49 LordAlfa: L 21.50
08:50 LordAlfa: 1 pt stop
08:50 LordAlfa: Looking for 1 pt
08:50 LordAlfa: No fill for 22.50
08:50 LordAlfa: Filled. 7.75 for the day
08:51 LordAlfa: Bought because of the crossover and the bullish candle, Durandal
08:53 LordAlfa: I am still projecting using a calculator. Amazing that you do it mental.
08:53 Durendal: ty alfa. my trading really sucks when compared to you guys. so I have summarily decided to not post any more trades and start studying.
08:54 LordAlfa: Looking for a crossover with red candle
08:56 LordAlfa: D, Are you on Simulated?
08:57 Durendal: no. real $. but making average 6 points per
08:57 Durendal: and with many losing days
08:58 RBurns: great teaching this morning Kool ty
08:58 LordAlfa: Go back to Simulated to get your edge. Ninja has free Simulated without bugging you to Live. Try it until you are comfortable.
08:59 LordAlfa: Like my military training. My trainers always say "Remember your training" You will live on the instinct.
08:59 LordAlfa: And no fill for me
09:00 kat: gm all!
09:01 Durendal: probably a good idea Alfa, but Sim and real is different for me. no fear in
09:02 LordAlfa: You must treat Sim like real live bullets. Don't under estimate sim. Treat it like your money.
09:04 Durendal: you are right Alfa. I really should take abreak from real money and go back to training.
09:05 LordAlfa: Sun Tzu. Don't take war lightly.
09:06 Robin: good morning Kool :)
09:06 Robin: good morning everyone :)
09:07 LordAlfa: Taking some risk to short. Crossover with the 2nd bear candle. Tight 1 pt stop. Sold 22
09:13 koolblue: Chart posted
09:13 LordAlfa: I hope I am right MACD is turning on the 1 min.
09:13 koolblue: chart posted
09:16 koolblue: current proj down is 814 unless 828.50 is touched again
09:16 LordAlfa: I need just 1 at 21.
09:17 LordAlfa: Touched 21 and no fill/
09:21 LordAlfa: stopped
09:21 brad: thanks
09:23 prestwickdrive: 807.5 is the deadly 15 I think
09:25 LordAlfa: Not to forget for bigger moves, you need wider stops on the bigger 5 min 15 min interval chart. Bigger risk apettite = bigger gain. Are you comfortable?
09:34 PashaLV: Good morning everyone !
09:40 VO: L @ 22.75
09:41 PashaLV: [email protected]
09:41 VO: stop be
09:41 PashaLV: [email protected]
09:42 LordAlfa: H.Ashi candles. These are good to use.
09:42 LordAlfa: L 24.50
09:44 VO: 1 off 25
09:44 LordAlfa: No exit for 25.50
09:45 LordAlfa: I am not getting my exit fills today. Grrrr!
09:47 VO: flat
09:47 LordAlfa: stopped
09:49 LordAlfa: L 21.25
09:51 LordAlfa: stopped
09:51 Robin:
09:53 karen: also 814 lva from a few days ago
10:06 LordAlfa: Selling 54 ema, 21 if it gets there.
10:07 LordAlfa: Canceled order. Won't get there.
10:09 LordAlfa: 16 is the S1 Support Level.
10:11 VO: L @ 19
10:14 LordAlfa: S 20.50
10:14 VO: 1 off 20.50
10:14 VO: stop be
10:15 VO: flat 20.50
10:18 LordAlfa: Added S 22
10:20 Robin: short at 21.550
10:20 Robin:
10:24 Robin:
10:24 Robin: thanks kool... we'll see :)
10:26 Robin: VO... you're being too quiet!! :):)
10:28 LordAlfa: 2 off at 22.
10:28 Robin: aw.... didn't realize that....HAPPY BIRTHDAY VO :)
10:28 koolblue: happy b-day..Vo!
10:28 VO: you guys cant hear me?
10:29 koolblue: no!
10:29 LordAlfa: Happy Birthday to you.
10:29 Robin: no
10:29 LordAlfa: Self muted?
10:29 LordAlfa: Reboot reboot reboot
10:29 VO: what up?
10:29 LordAlfa: Happy Birthday
10:29 VO: been talking to myself again all morning
10:29 koolblue: try re booting?
10:30 LordAlfa: ha ha ha ha!
10:30 LordAlfa: What PC are you using? I hope it is not Dell?
10:30 LordAlfa: Techs like us call it Hell.
10:30 prestwickdrive: oh darn - lol
10:32 VO: yes I run dell...problem was with mumble I think
10:32 LordAlfa: Oh Nooooo! Hell Computers
10:32 LordAlfa: Same here
10:34 Margie: HB, VO
10:39 kat: VO do you consider the move from the low of the day to the high of 823 and then the low of 819 to be an abc?
10:39 VO: offering 25.75
10:39 prestwickdrive: ib top 25.5
10:39 LordAlfa: S 25
10:42 koolblue: thats 7 waves up on the one min chart
10:43 VO: s @ 25.75
10:46 gila: gs over 90 rimm goog up
10:46 VO: will add 30.50
10:47 gila: prog buying
10:50 Robin: we've got tick divergence up here
10:54 VO: add 33.50 avg 29.75
11:03 kat: that is the 88.6
11:05 LordAlfa: Just factory orders
11:06 palmer: yes
11:06 palmer: news is
11:06 palmer: frnacde buy USA
11:06 palmer: FRANCE BUYING USA
11:06 palmer: :)
11:06 LordAlfa: LOL, Escargot made in USA?
11:07 palmer: China want to bid high
11:07 palmer: :)
11:07 LordAlfa: This is way over bought, way way over bought
11:07 LordAlfa: Don't buy chinese cars.
11:08 palmer: china january cars sales was higher than usa
11:08 LordAlfa: Crap cars that fails NCAAP ratings. Their ratings are NCRAAP!
11:11 LordAlfa: MACD, RSI and Stochastics are all way over bought.
11:11 VO: add 35.25
11:11 VO: avg 32.50
11:38 Robin:
11:39 Robin: neg. tick divergence vs the pink line is the s&P
11:40 Robin: agree pt...
11:47 Robin: VO.. pls say again... didn't hear you?
11:48 Robin: of course :)
11:48 LordAlfa: IAcoording to the Economic events, did the 3 & 6 month and 52 week Bill announcement affect this trend.
11:48 LordAlfa: It was at 11am
11:53 prestwickdrive: don't know LA. usually the auctions have at least a little effect
11:54 LordAlfa: Thanks.
11:55 LordAlfa: If this follows yesterdays pattern, we should see a suicidal plunge at 1345h accordingto the 15 min chart.
11:57 myptofvu: lol Kool
11:59 LordAlfa: Short 39. And get some food. 1am here, I need a snack.
12:00 Robin: short 40.50
12:02 VO: add 43.50 avg38
12:02 Robin: looking for BE at this point.... new highs on tick
12:05 koolblue: sold 843.25
12:06 LordAlfa: stopped out! after I made my self a sandwich. pretty damned expensive sandwich I am eating now.
12:07 myptofvu: better savor every bite
12:43 prestwickdrive: drude hod
12:44 prestwickdrive: crude
12:44 prestwickdrive: bonds lod
12:54 VO: SELL IT!!
13:03 Ugo75: koolblue: still down?
13:10 johntrader: hi everybody
13:13 koolblue: yes ,so far, Ugo!
13:13 koolblue: short a couple from 845.75
13:15 VO: s nq @ 39.25
13:15 myptofvu: hi john
13:16 VO: half @ 36.75
13:16 VO: stop be
13:18 VO: stop 38.25
13:18 karen: the longs, lol
13:18 palmer: I am good
13:18 palmer: 13 points
13:19 karen: did you hear me?
13:19 karen: hmmm
13:19 karen: not working
13:19 karen: I'm almost green
13:19 VO: flat 35.75
13:20 karen: K:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;k great
13:20 karen: lots of time left
13:34 koolblue: short from 840.75, will add at 843.50 if necessary
13:40 prestwickdrive: y
13:41 prestwickdrive: cycle low due 14:11 et
14:04 Ugo75: cycle up at 14.11??????
14:04 koolblue: no..low at 2:11
14:06 Ugo75: I have noticed that simetimes the same projection works for the low, sometimes for the up
14:06 Ugo75: Is it possible?
14:07 VO: s 1 @ 45
14:07 koolblue: no...thats due to your chart sevice
14:09 Ugo75: koolblue: projection from 12.11 to 1.11 gives 2.11 for a low. And if it makes another up?
14:10 Ugo75: Mine is a theoric question!
14:10 VO: flat 44.50
14:14 Ugo75: Now I see three up: 12.11, 13.11, 14.08. The next is a low? At 15.10???
14:28 Vast524: Afternoon all. At last some decent range in the day. Hope all has been going well.
14:38 prestwickdrive: bigs +66k
14:50 Vast524: great trade Kool
14:58 koolblue: Charts posted
15:02 Ugo75: koolblue: where are you posting charts?
15:03 koolblue: mypivots private room... kools tools
15:07 Ugo75: I can't enter, koolblue: I use the password for mypivots, but it doesn't work
15:10 prestwickdrive: you need to register with PT Ugo
15:10 Margie: 2 min to mini hi
15:10 PT: I sent him a PM
15:13 VO: BUY tHIS PIG!
15:14 koolblue: dont listen to him!...sell it !!!
15:16 Ugo75: sell or buy: that's the question!
15:17 koolblue: sell the avg! 842.50
15:24 koolblue: short [email protected] again!..this time from 842.25
15:24 koolblue: tight stop at 843.25
15:38 VO: flat
15:56 Margie: see ya tom! Enjoy your evening!
16:14 Vast524: Can you please put in the indicators. Thanks VO
16:16 Vast524: Cya Pops
16:29 Vast524: I have uploaded the screen grab to todays chart
16:48 Benny: PT I been away for a few but I must say hats off to u for all u do
07:24 Durendal: gm gents
07:24 Bren: i'm in thanks
07:24 koolblue: hey pal
07:24 Bren: bary here
07:25 koolblue: bary, have you downloaded mumble yet?
07:25 Bren: yes i'm listening now
07:27 Bary: change name to bary. is this where I ask questions?
07:34 koolblue: sure ...or on the voice chat
07:35 koolblue: most of us dont use the e-chat a whole lot...too lazy to type all day!
07:37 karen: k done
07:37 karen: thks
07:38 karen: oh right, I was doing that
07:38 karen: going to change my key to control also
07:46 Bary: I get that one also
08:02 palmer: tick ended over 1100 yesterday
08:30 Robin:
08:30 Robin: Larry P
08:37 palmer: shorting 848
08:38 palmer: 847.50
08:39 Robin:
08:40 Robin:
08:41 Robin: Larry P
08:46 Robin: take care kool.... we'll be thinking of her and wish her well :)
08:48 Margie: Robin, I am sorry, I don't have sound on, what happened?
08:52 Robin: Margie.... Kool's ex called and was taking his youngest daughter in to the hospital... he'll be back in a few hours
08:54 Margie: Thks Robin, I hope everything is ok.
08:58 gila: robin thanks for your emails .they are great
08:59 Robin: your welcome :)
09:00 trader999: ader999
09:17 prestwickdrive: fwiw, bigs were -2500 a half hour ahead of the numbers but bought to flat at the numbers. they went +2500 on the number, sold to -500 10 min after, bought to +2500 into the 48 area peak and have since sold off to -2000 now. no decisive bias so far. it seems bullish that a worse than expected # on top of a downward Dec. revision is still leaving us positive.
09:21 prestwickdrive: crude has fallen 2% since the numbers
09:28 Benny: might make the profile understanding easier for some......
09:28 Benny: GM all
09:30 Robin: thanks... much appreciated!! :)
09:30 Benny: G luck trading
09:31 PashaLV: Good morning everyone !
09:33 Benny: just another POWERFUL tool in the shed that little profile at least I think so
09:33 VO: L # 44.25
09:36 VO: 1 off 50.50
09:36 Margie: vo that was awesomw
09:36 VO: stop 50
09:37 karen: nice trade VO
09:37 Robin:
09:37 palmer: wow
09:37 VO: stop 52.50
09:37 Robin: great Jack!!
09:38 Robin: great trade as well Vo :)
09:43 Benny: yep bring the RUT back !!!
09:49 Robin: short 56.50
09:52 Robin: just going for 2 pts here
09:55 Robin: I exited at 55...
09:55 Robin: glad I did :)
09:57 Robin: thanks... formed a small abcd with div. on the downside on smaller timeframe so I took it
09:57 Robin: would have liked your trade better :):)
09:57 gila: gs went neg
09:59 Robin: I see it....
09:59 Robin: still haven't taken that trade yet.... next week... it's my goal :):)
10:19 palmer: I think
10:19 palmer: 851.50
10:19 palmer: will be in play
10:19 gila: trinq rising
10:20 Robin: new tick lows
10:22 Robin: you mean 53.75?
10:23 Robin: oh... ok
10:23 Robin: sorry :)
10:24 Robin: great :):)
10:25 Robin: it's really nice for pattern traders
10:26 Robin: actually.... the Ensign founders partnered with Larry P. to create alot of the studies
10:26 Robin: so for someone who is a pattern trader it's perfect
10:26 Robin: I frankly LOVE the cost :)
10:27 Robin: I use to be a q charts person.... 150.00 vs 50 is a deal :)
11:15 karen: I'm showing some divergence with the stochs up at these highs
11:16 karen: bearish divergence...but gunshy to short because of my day yesterday
11:27 LordAlfa: GM.
11:27 Durendal: VO: when you open a new chart, there is an entry there to put the number of days back you wish to include
11:28 LordAlfa: Looks like bullish. WTH happened 9:30. I know that 8:30 was definite bear like yesterday.
11:37 VO: yeah ty just took awhile for NT to load the data
11:38 gila: put call very lo .67 means almost everyones long .56 trin near lod gs now near hod
11:57 karen: cnn....they're awaiting pres obama's remarks
12:00 LordAlfa: As long as there is no approval of the stimulus, the announcement might just be air.
12:01 karen: very true lordalfa
12:01 LordAlfa: I've sold 60
12:06 LordAlfa: Need them to break this 60 moving average
12:11 LordAlfa: Come on come on break 54 ema
12:13 LordAlfa: Yeah! Go seabiscuit
12:13 LordAlfa: Trailing target. 1 off at 2.
12:17 LordAlfa: I don't believeit the news. The "father" of my country is going to reveal how much reserves we have.
12:17 LordAlfa: 1 off 58.25
12:18 prestwickdrive: I have dpoc @ 58.5
12:19 LordAlfa: Revealed that we have 100B USD
12:20 LordAlfa: Huh? All my years of paying taxes and my father's taxes.
12:26 LordAlfa: Sold 59.75, 1 contract
12:27 LordAlfa: I'm going to drive this auto test. Reverse at 58
12:28 LordAlfa: Just the red candles drew me in.
12:30 LordAlfa: Target 59.50
12:30 LordAlfa: 1 point stop
12:35 LordAlfa: Reverse at stop above 54 ema long
12:35 LordAlfa: I reverse at target or stop. Stop above 54 ema
12:38 LordAlfa: Not bad 3.5 for the exercise
12:43 LordAlfa: I think I'll stop for today while I am ahead.
12:45 LordAlfa:
12:46 LordAlfa: He is Charles Goodyear IV. The Fourth
13:08 LordAlfa: Boys back from their lunch
13:11 prestwickdrive: 67.25 is 50% ib extension
13:12 LordAlfa: R2 at 67 too.
13:12 LordAlfa: Sorry 67.50
13:16 LordAlfa: I'll sell R2, 67.50 upon confirmation of 2 red candles and MACD pointing down, Red bars on MACD histogram
13:23 LordAlfa: No sell.
13:30 Margie: vo, I'm sorry, what did you say?
13:32 Margie: our last mini hi should be just passed us
13:34 VO: s nq @ 78.75
13:35 VO: half @ 77.50
13:37 VO: flat @ 77.75
13:41 Robin: short from 68
13:42 Robin: BE right now
13:42 Robin: not taking any chances
13:43 Robin:
13:44 Robin: that's my goal... but i'm at be if it doesnt
13:45 Robin: if i'm taken out... i'll relook... for another entry
13:45 Robin: ok... taken out
13:46 Robin: i'll be watching
13:48 Robin: thinking 71 might be a nice area of resistance
13:48 karen: 71.50 is a value area high from about a week ago
13:50 Robin: good luckl :)
13:52 LordAlfa: S 66.75., crossover, macd down, histo red
13:53 LordAlfa: same here.
13:54 LordAlfa: Out. 66.50. It might turn. 3 bars of bearish resistance.
14:02 LordAlfa: S 66
14:02 Robin: looking for long at 65
14:03 Robin: yep
14:04 Robin: so divergence.... so thinking it should get there
14:04 Robin: fillled
14:04 LordAlfa: +1
14:04 Robin: thanks...
14:04 Robin: 68
14:05 LordAlfa: 16 pts
14:05 Robin: but will of course access on the way up
14:05 LordAlfa: Looks like we traded. I short and you bought
14:11 LordAlfa: 1st resistance at 65.50
14:22 Robin: haha
14:23 Robin: looking to exit on next push down... if we get it
14:24 prestwickdrive: udva 65.5 fwiw
14:24 Benny: on what time frame you think it's most effective
14:25 Benny: 34 on the 5 min I like
14:25 LordAlfa: S65.50
14:25 Benny: yea today after the close
14:26 Benny: well add the 200 on the 1min too lol
14:27 Benny: PT what is your zero line on the bands 34 ??
14:29 LordAlfa: Out. Don't like the indecision on the average
14:29 LordAlfa: BE +1
14:30 LordAlfa: Phew.
14:31 LordAlfa: Maybe then they laugh. I mean an evil laughter.
14:32 Vast524: lol
14:33 LordAlfa: Dr. Evil holds the world ransom for 1M USD.
14:34 LordAlfa: I think I need to subscribe CNBC for my cable.
15:05 LordAlfa: S63.75 for 2
15:06 prestwickdrive: dpoc 58.5
15:08 prestwickdrive: upper ib 59.0
15:12 Vast524: PWD. What are the bigs up to please.
15:13 LordAlfa: Stop moved 64.50
15:14 Vast524: cya
15:18 LordAlfa: Out
15:22 gila: lord alpha you can get cnbc plus on your computer 24hr news from us asia europe $10 per month
15:23 LordAlfa: Naw. I'll change my cable plan. No extra cost. Just take out the Mickey Mouse channel. My daughters will just beg. ha ha.
15:26 LordAlfa: S again 63.75, anticipate crossover
15:28 LordAlfa: flat 62.25
15:36 prestwickdrive: bigs +69k now and smalls buying some too
15:40 prestwickdrive: bigs +72k
15:42 prestwickdrive: +75k and at hod
15:43 Margie: vast too true
15:47 prestwickdrive: +79500
15:47 Margie: the one you watch is always better than the ones you take!!!!
15:47 Margie: I didn't, that's why I am so foul!
15:47 prestwickdrive: +81k
15:48 Margie: no sh**
15:48 LordAlfa: Which one? 830 or 930. I wasn't in yet. Dinner with In laws
15:48 Margie: I am I am so angry with myself right now
15:51 Margie: LA at the open, it was awesome and VO did a great job
15:51 Margie: I had the sound off and I missed it
15:53 Margie: lol
15:55 Margie: VO, the failed top at ;53 and ;03 fake me out, wasn't even thinking about long once that happened. Any words of wisdom VO?
15:57 Margie: the failed highs were from 8;53 and 9:03
16:01 Margie: no I ddin't hear you, I had my Mike off, I was trying to see if I could see it by myself then I saw you were in when it took off but I was sitting here looking at it going holy cow, I am not in!
16:02 Margie: no this am
16:04 LordAlfa: Damned. My AAPL option to exit at $100 did not fill.
16:04 prestwickdrive: bigs +85k
16:04 Margie: The break above the 34 ma was a great clue wasn't it?
16:05 prestwickdrive: TICK +1227 now but won't settle for a few more mins
16:06 Margie: mine closes at 44.75, but no difference it was a great trade, I just want one!!!
16:06 Margie: how mqany did you get?
16:07 Margie: I am using mirus and ninja on 610T but my first candle closing above the 34ma was 44.75
16:08 Margie: 853 ist target
16:08 prestwickdrive: TICK +1253 now
16:09 Margie: It was great!
16:11 Margie: Dandy, that's what you get when you're a good person and eat your mangos!
16:12 VO: YEEHAW!
16:13 Margie: lol!!
16:16 prestwickdrive: take care
16:16 Margie: see ya LA, good trading
16:16 Vast524: see ya
16:16 Margie: you guys kill me!
16:16 Margie: yucky?
16:17 Margie: rofl!!!
16:18 Margie: very interesting!
16:20 Margie: vast you're killing me
16:20 Margie: the cheeks of the mango'
16:20 Margie: hedgehog!
16:21 LordAlfa:
16:21 Margie: I needed a good laugh
16:22 LordAlfa:
16:26 LordAlfa:
16:27 LordAlfa: South East Asia. Nahm Dawg - Available all year round, this Thai variety has greenish to canary coloured skin with smooth, soft, silky textures. It has a zingy citrus aroma with a juicy, sweet, aromatic flavour.
14:34 myptofvu: testing
14:35 myptofvu: anyone there
07:20 Margie: I see a projection to 863.25, fwiw
07:26 LordAlfa: Yes Margie. I have that same number on the 610T
07:28 LordAlfa: Today is the 15th day of the Chinese New Year. Full moon always. Maybe the buying today is some crazed China Man.
07:30 LordAlfa: This 15th day is the end of the the Chinese New Year celebrations.
07:32 Margie: 1974
07:44 LordAlfa: Still long from 60.75
07:45 koolblue: covered my short at 859.25, plus 1.25 and up that amt on the day...watching
07:46 koolblue: 1 min proj was 858.00!
07:47 Margie: good job Kool
07:52 LordAlfa: Teach that boy!
07:52 LordAlfa: It is also his responsibility.
07:53 LordAlfa: My wife miscarried twice. It was just as traumatic for me. Now I have 3 daughters.
07:54 LordAlfa: Stopped.
07:58 Margie: Is this an abc off the bottom?
08:00 LordAlfa: I had a crossover at 58.50, I am long again.
08:04 koolblue: I think it may be Margie
08:07 koolblue: ill buy 858.75, but the 15 period (boll.) avg is 859.00 so I probably wont get it.
08:07 LordAlfa: Margie, what is your 100% for the ABC at the bottom?
08:09 Margie: I get 866 if I take from the lowest point
08:09 Margie: sorry 866.75
08:10 LordAlfa: Yeah I see it.
08:22 LordAlfa: Took 1 off. +3pts
08:23 LordAlfa: Stop moved 60.50 to protect 2pt profit
08:24 Margie: Lord, way to go
08:24 LordAlfa: 2 more contracts.
08:24 Margie: you are trading with 3?
08:25 LordAlfa: Yep. Confidence in this move.
08:25 Margie: that's excellent, good for you
08:28 LordAlfa: Margie. This looks like an AB=CD. Well almost. 610T. A at 0544, B at 0708, C at 0757. D at 0822. Short of 1 tick.
08:29 LordAlfa: Stopped.
08:33 LordAlfa: Margie, VO. chart posted. Can we consider this AB=CD. CD is short of 1 tick technically.
08:33 johntrader: good morning
08:34 Robin: 08-27 ES #F 5.png
08:34 Robin: good morning everyone :)
08:34 Robin: from Larry P
08:35 koolblue: thx,Robin
08:36 Robin: your welcome :) Kool... how is your daughter?
08:36 Robin: ok?
08:36 koolblue: doing fine...home now after emergency surgery
08:36 Robin: oh my...
08:37 Robin: sorry to that but glad she's doing better now... and home
08:37 koolblue: ruptured corpus luteum(overy)
08:37 koolblue: pregnant!!!!!
08:37 koolblue: sigh....
08:37 Robin: aw :(
08:37 Robin: but she's doing better so that's good....
08:38 koolblue: yup, thats whats important.
08:41 LordAlfa: L 61.50, 3 contracts
08:44 LordAlfa: Stop at 60.00
08:48 LordAlfa: I should have made that ABC of the opening. 161.8% is at 62.75.
08:48 LordAlfa: Bailed out.
08:51 Margie: I would love to see the larger one play out.
08:51 koolblue: still may, Margie, but a good decline here first...
08:52 Margie: I already got 1 1/2 but would love to work on staying in for the entire move and every time one plays out, I get more confidence
08:52 LordAlfa: Chart posted
08:53 Margie: thx LA
08:55 LordAlfa: Resistance at 62.75, 161.8% off the ABC of Globex open.
09:02 koolblue: next resistance 864.25-50
09:04 LordAlfa: Just below R1
09:05 LordAlfa: L 63
09:14 koolblue: interesting note... the avg range the past two days has been 32.50 handles. if weve already seen the low today at 852.75, then the low plus 32.50= 885.25....just something to keep in mind...
09:15 koolblue: remember the resistance areas I posted this weekend 883-886 and 895ish
09:20 LordAlfa: Move stop BE +1.
09:21 Margie: It's raining like crazy here
09:22 LordAlfa: Where are you? Its windy here. Australia is so dry that its burning.
09:22 Margie: Las Vegas
09:22 Margie: hope Vast is ok
09:22 LordAlfa: About 170 people razed to death in OZ.
09:23 LordAlfa: Vast is in SeedNee. The fires are near MellBorn. :P
09:25 LordAlfa: 1 off from 3. +2.25
09:25 Margie: LA here it comes!
09:27 Margie: beautiful trade, now I just have to work on staying in, patience
09:28 Margie: I originally entered 59.25, would have been 7 handles before my sun came up!
09:28 LordAlfa: Better post it as "Best trade of the day" on VO's thread.
09:28 Margie: most definitely
09:33 LordAlfa: Stopped.
09:39 LordAlfa: L 61.50, 3 contracts
09:39 LordAlfa: Sorry, 62.25
09:40 VO: L @ 63.25
09:40 Margie: yes
09:40 Margie: no way
09:41 VO: stop = 61.25
09:41 LordAlfa: I know the feeling. I just keep talking when mobile phone battery went dead for like 10 mins. What an idiot I felt like!
09:42 LordAlfa: Stop moved, 61.50
09:43 koolblue: still long from 862.25 on a chase...
09:43 koolblue: taking profits here
09:44 koolblue: out at 865.25,plus 3 there(only one...sigh) ..and now up 4.5 on the day
09:46 LordAlfa: Long 1 64, Out 66. +2
09:46 LordAlfa: Still 3 contracts long.
09:47 prestwickdrive: gap fill 67.75, vah 68, glbx hi 68.25
09:48 prestwickdrive: singles 68.25-69.25 also
09:49 LordAlfa: Will buy 63.75 or 64.00 againb if hit for 2 pts
09:50 karen: 66 is uva
09:51 prestwickdrive: 68 here karen for uva
09:52 karen: ok prest...sometimes levels vary depending on charting data
09:53 prestwickdrive: agree - it can also vary between big contract and mini
09:54 karen: yes
09:55 prestwickdrive: crude + $2
09:56 LordAlfa: L64.25
10:03 LordAlfa: stopped
10:04 palmer: remember closing ticks kool
10:04 palmer: last 2 days
10:04 prestwickdrive: lva 57, poc 58.5
10:04 prestwickdrive: 56 sq 9
10:04 VO: flat @ 60
10:06 LordAlfa: L 59.75
10:08 koolblue: long [email protected] avg price...860.25
10:16 LordAlfa: out 61.75
10:17 gila: ge up $1
10:18 koolblue: exiting one at 862.25
10:19 koolblue: missed at 862.25!...sigh
10:20 koolblue: bingo! out both at 862.25, plus 2 on each... now up 8.5
10:21 omeister: nice kool...
10:26 koolblue: Margie, see that 5 min ugly cycle?...9:35 to 10:05?
10:27 VO: s 1 @ 62.75
10:27 Margie: I do Kool
10:29 VO: flat 62
10:30 Margie: thx vo
10:32 LordAlfa: Yep medical profession is a guild.
10:38 Robin: 3-2156.png
10:38 Margie: s.b this candle
10:39 Robin: ok....
10:39 Margie: should be
10:40 Margie: knock it off
10:40 Margie: this 66.5 is getting old
10:47 DonKeyote: yes
10:51 prestwickdrive: 871 sq 9
11:04 VO: 1 off 71
11:05 VO: flat 69
11:05 LordAlfa: Multi-tasking
11:08 LordAlfa: My last long contract at 59.75 finally stopped. at 69.75. +10
11:09 LordAlfa: Flat.
11:09 prestwickdrive: great day LA
11:09 koolblue: went short at 871.50,out at 859.25,plus 2.25 on only one...sigh... now up 10.75 on the day
11:10 prestwickdrive: GE +12%
11:11 LordAlfa: I'll stop. Great day. Final count, +47.25 pts. I was buying 3 contracts today. I think too much confidence. Scary in certain moments.
11:15 prestwickdrive: drinks on LA!
11:16 LordAlfa: Just lucky. Too gungho today. Maybe because I've won Blackjack with friends.
11:18 Margie: great job LA,
11:19 LordAlfa: I'll post this great trade.
11:25 koolblue: CHARTS POSTED
11:34 prestwickdrive: to 57
11:35 LordAlfa: Margie, PWD, Great trades posted.
11:35 prestwickdrive: Fri singles 42.25-53.75
11:37 prestwickdrive: bonds -1%
11:37 Margie: great abc, LA
11:40 koolblue: 868.00 SHORT ONE...JUSTCOVERED AT 866.00
11:41 VO: L @ 66
11:41 LordAlfa: Lunchtime driving. Sold 68. Reversed at 66.
11:41 koolblue: PLUS 2 THERE...NOW UP 12.75 O/N THE DAY
11:43 LordAlfa: Stopped. Driving crashed.
11:43 koolblue: long one at 865.50, but just for a quick bounce!(one only)
11:48 VO: flat for cratch
11:51 VO: cant hear me?
11:51 prestwickdrive: no
11:51 koolblue: no!
11:51 Margie: no
11:51 prestwickdrive: y
11:51 Margie: yes
11:51 LordAlfa: Ditch the Dell!!!
11:52 koolblue: sure takin its time!
11:53 koolblue: could have stood on the street with a sign"will trade for food" and made 50 bucks quicker!
11:55 Margie: why did he tell on us?
11:56 Margie: lol
11:56 LordAlfa: He needs to ditch Dell.
11:57 LordAlfa: Selling 66.25
11:57 LordAlfa: 1 contract
11:57 prestwickdrive: fwiw bigs accumulated to +10k at 73 but have now distributed to -11k
11:58 koolblue: out at 866.75 ,plus 1.25 there now up 14 handles on the day...
11:58 LordAlfa: Bailing out. BE +1. Don't like the dojis
11:59 LordAlfa: Stop at 67.25
12:00 LordAlfa: Stopped.
12:01 Margie: vo can't hear you
12:01 Robin: not hearing him either
12:01 Margie: now we can
12:01 Margie: you need to speak up!
12:01 Margie: ;)
12:04 LordAlfa: L67
12:07 koolblue: projection is 871.50 so my order is in at 861.75 ,but one only!
12:07 koolblue: and it may be a while!
12:08 koolblue: that little decline from 867.50(the minimum 1 min upside projection) gives 861.25
12:13 koolblue: and that little up rush once again calls for 869.50
12:16 LordAlfa: I'll leave the trade there for 1pt scalp. Getting tired. I'm going to bed. See you tomorrow.
12:19 koolblue: selling 869.50, buying 861.75
12:20 VO: yeah something is wrong
12:21 prestwickdrive: wasn't a problem in the past
12:21 jt143: any software firewall? try puting the pc in the dmz to see what happens
12:23 VO: ill worry about tonight...I can type
12:23 jt143: dmz is like putting the pc on the wan side of the router (virtually)
12:23 Margie: yes sir
12:28 prestwickdrive: dva 61.5-69.25, dpoc 65
12:30 koolblue: short one at 869.25
12:30 koolblue: tight 2 point stop
12:32 koolblue: minimum 1 min proj down is 866.50, if we dont touch 869.50 again!
12:33 koolblue: small neg divergencies on the 1 min chart...but nothing major
12:36 koolblue: 1 min avg is at 867.25
12:38 Margie: vo, could this be abc off the top?
12:39 VO: yes margie
12:40 prestwickdrive: or small bearish 3 drives?
12:41 VO: 2 1/2 pwd :)
12:42 Margie: y
12:44 koolblue: out at 867.25,plus 2 there, now up 16 handles on the day...
12:47 VO: margie you have to be careful in a situation like this cause we are still in a uptrend...we just now touched the ut line going back to globex lows
12:48 Margie: ok vo
12:49 koolblue: also this could be sloooow... the 15 min boll is at 866.25 and the 5 min avg is 865.25
12:51 koolblue: and next 'decent low(from 5 min chart) might be around 2:00pm
12:51 koolblue: next mini peak...2 -4 min
12:52 prestwickdrive: be safe
12:55 karen: thks for that info
12:56 VO: margie you always have to look at setup in context to where trend is
12:56 jt143: just 2x his taxes for 08
12:57 Margie: ok vo
12:58 jt143: just heard about it this wkend but no
12:58 prestwickdrive: not entire book - only segments
12:59 prestwickdrive: prophecy
13:06 VO: s @ 70.75
13:06 VO: just a scalp
13:11 VO: bidding 69.75
13:19 VO: flat
13:22 VO: could be big triangle here
13:24 VO: or failed high
13:27 Margie: anyone heard about camarilla?
13:28 Margie: no need to comment now, wait til you have time
13:30 VO: we are at ut line again
13:31 johntrader: I'm watching that
13:31 VO: break
13:32 johntrader: covered
13:32 Margie: keep walking
13:33 VO: look at 30m pt
13:35 johntrader: darn should have held for more
13:46 VO: yep
13:47 VO: no
13:51 VO: my mumble is screwed up
13:52 Margie: I just lost mumble
13:52 Margie: now I can
14:11 jt143: 65 area support , 68-69 resist
14:18 VO: we need close under B point @ 63.50
14:19 Vast524: Howdy all. Hope the day has been going well.
14:20 Margie: cast nice to see you safe n sound
14:20 Margie: *vast
14:22 Vast524: Hi Margie. Nofires near me or floods. I grew at where the fires were. Know of a few people who have died unfortunately. The fires are about 2000 miles away. The floods are about 100miles away in the opposite direction
14:23 Margie: LA said you would be safe so glad to hear that
14:25 Margie: but sorry to hear about your country and friends
14:25 stb: Hi Vast. I am with Margie. Sorry for your countrypeople.
14:26 prestwickdrive: bigs -25k
14:31 Vast524: Been a very nasty weekend. Unfortuantely mother nature can dish out some pretty heavy stuff. Worst fires on record. Over 130 dead. They are saying the toll may even reach 200. All very sad.
14:33 Margie: was it arson?
14:35 Margie: over here they report it was arson
14:35 gila: vast good to see urok sorry s much devastation and deaths in aus
14:36 Margie: about 863.75? before turning
14:44 Vast524: Unfortunately a number of the fires were arson. The temp on Saturday was 114F. Hottest day on record. 4%humidity and winds blowing at 60mph. Worst day on record.
14:45 VO: 161.8 = 57.50
14:46 prestwickdrive: 57 lva, 55.25 -50% ib
14:47 prestwickdrive: eating singles now 59-61.25
15:03 Margie: vo are you flat?
15:05 VO: flat
15:05 Margie: ok thx pt
15:05 Margie: thx vo
15:07 VO: heck of a shelf @ 64
15:09 VO: send us to 66ish
15:10 VO: L 1 @ 63
15:11 VO: I can have a 1 point stop and know quickly
15:12 VO: stopped
15:17 Vast524: Don't you hate that VO.
15:17 Margie: vo they robbed you
15:17 VO: hate it when that happens
15:17 VO: 66 = 50% of downswing
15:18 Margie: well than lets see if we get a sell signal
15:20 VO: 15m deadly = 69.75
15:24 prestwickdrive: dvah 69.0
15:25 VO: 52.75 L , 73 H , 60.50 L
15:25 VO: 60m
15:26 VO: 1st = 80.75
15:26 VO: close @ 68.25 triggers entry
15:27 VO: close ABOVE
15:28 VO: theres the deadly
15:29 VO: dont forget big bullish gartley
15:31 Vast524: The fib bands on the 610t look like a roller coaster track now
15:32 Margie: where does your big bad gartley project?
15:34 Margie: could you repeat pt?
15:34 Margie: ty
15:40 Margie: thx pt, I took that one and have a smile
15:40 VO: 50% would be nice
15:41 VO: if they dont take high I will sell
15:48 VO: 50% retrace on the nose
15:59 VO: whats the question?
15:59 VO: L 1 @ 67.25
16:00 Vast524: The ABC of the 610t. A=860.5 B=864 C=861.50. The run stopped at the 261.8 (870.50)
16:01 VO: yep
16:01 VO: back to 161.8
16:01 Vast524: Shame I didn't take it. Worked beautifully.
16:02 Margie: Vast don't worry we see them now and soon we'll all be catching them
16:02 Vast524: Gotta go. Chat to you all later. Take care
16:03 Margie: see ya tomorrow
16:03 Margie: thank you
16:04 jt143: gn
16:04 Margie: gotta run, see ya tomorrow
16:04 Margie: byebye
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