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re: shallow decline on Buy day, this is a recurring pattern I have observed especially in rising trend.

Here is the Master himself:
"Usually in a strong Uptrend the stock will make the High FIRST on a Buying Day—about 35% of the time on an average—it then declines, then rallies and holds the gains for a strong closing. A trader sees the up-opening and a penetration or failure to penetrate the Short Sale Day High and notes the activity at or through this point, just as it slackens and stops, he sends in his order to sell—he then watches whatever reaction that takes place from this high and the activity around the low—if the stock shows no indication to rally but he waits before going ‘long’. From this decline low the stock often rallies—in an Uptrend—and should it make a new top after this decline, by going higher than the opening price or the high of the first rally, he buys on any set back from this high, before the close of the market. He covers the short sale earlier as insurance, because he must anticipate just such a rally as might occur here. This action indicates a strong close on the Buying Day and a strong Selling Objective for this ‘long’ stock, next day.
Monday 26th April, Sell Day

As expected strong selling objective,
great short plays both on Ftse and Dax, after hitting projected and 3DR levels.
Sorry for the lack of response as I have been traveling and having fun with internet access.
Great shorts on a SS day after reaching 3DR zones both on Dax and FTSE
well now back from Europe and done with travelling for a while.

Lets get back to serious trading.

This last few days had wild swings but did follow the cycle.

Hopefully will get back to normal tomorrow
Projected decline on a Buy Day was around 1143.
Classic SS day on Ftse and Dax after open
Originally posted by rigel

Classic SS day on Ftse and Dax after open

well it did work well until US open and then they did move higher with the DAX hitting the penetration levels befor reversing.
Yes Ftse reached it penetration projection level around 5432 and dax around 6280, however in the first 90min, it was very much classic Taylor.
Taylor caters for scenario under strong uptrend category

"When a short sale is made -even on a penetration- of selling day high- then declines from this high but at the low point of this decline, the market becomes quite and dull, then begins to rally, cover your Short Sale and just as the rally starts, the indication then, is for a strong close"

Tomorrow Buy Day we may get a higher opening and a further shorting opportunity as per Taylor, High made first on a Buy Day.
Monday 17th May: Buy Violation longs on a Sell Day on European bourses.
I hope all you TTT traders had a good 2014 and I wish you all a better 2015