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Day Trading with TTT and other tools

Welcome to this new thread, where we can share trading ideas and our thoughts on the Taylor Trading Technique.

Anyone with questions on TTT, this is the place.
Originally posted by rigel

Thks Durendal - obviously you read Richbois better than I do:)))))
and that is despite the fact that I have managed to crack Taylor's grammer:))))))))

thks Richbois for clarification- sometimes it gets mixed up looking at european and US markets due to opening times and price action at the open when they overlap.

Yes your observation of TVGR conforms to Zero Decline of Taylor and getting back under SS day high would be consistent with decline required for a Buy Day, although it is puzzling as to why Taylor calculated his decline from Sell Day high, have you managed to figure that out?

I never saw that he calculates from Sell day high I always tought it was from SS day high.

I would love to see where you got that as this would change things
I recall WHY? discussing this aspect sometime back, will have to search my archives for his notes.
my mistake, monday blues, my daughter came to visit us over the weekend after nearly 6months, so it is the effect of late parties for 2 days.

It is the rally he measured from Buy Day low to Sell day high and not to SS day high.

Click link to access uploaded file:
wow you got me scared that I lost it

Glad to see it was visitors confusing you LOL
The Oscar goes to richard for picking the exact top (recap) in the Australian SPI futures today Tuesday 2nd march at 4727 day session which was the projected rally from the buyday low. pinpoint accuracy.

And i should have posted yesterday as richards TVGR went into effect immeadiately at the open and made us m oney since it never looked back.

Congrats to Richards home country for putting on a terrific winter olympics.

Yes, hear nothing but praise both here and at Traders Laboratory for Richbois TTT service,

both ftse and dax hit the projected levels (~5340 and ~5780 respectively) today Sell day and on globex ESmini is also at the projected level of 1122.
There are folks interested in Taylor and in your service
perhaps you may like to participate on the thread by Thales who I believe subscribes to TTT
Originally posted by rigel

There are folks interested in Taylor and in your service
perhaps you may like to participate on the thread by Thales who I believe subscribes to TTT

Thank you for the message
Show me the money.

Well Richards TTT did exectly that again today. On the Australian futures today was a SELLSHORT DAY and Richard projected the average 3 day rally to 4744 (recap) day session and we got to 4745 at 11.25am local time. We are now challenging the SSDay High in our Sycom session(that is what we call our night session).

Also hit the rally target of 1125 on ES and on European markets as well. Disciplined implementation with patience does pay off with Taylor's methodology
I hope all you TTT traders had a good 2014 and I wish you all a better 2015
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