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Originally posted by rigel

my decline objectives were 1068 on ESmini, the market turned around at ~1070

on Dax 5752 and ftse 4990, once again both markets reversed from near those zones.

Similar levels as mine.

I am not trading today as it is a holiday here in Canada so took most of the day off to enjoy the great weather.
Hi rigel.

What's your take or today's Sell day?. Cheers.
Huge Buy Violation Gaps today(over 100pts) - news driven (Eurozone/Greece), on such days the prices overshoot the calculated objectives.
and the prices have remained range bound. Lots of selling pressure- tape reading.
these were still the BV long opportunities, lots of patience required. These trades are not necessarily swing trades. But Taylor's rules still operate.
For more info.
Look at Chapter 6: Buying on a Buying Day Low Violation
I re-read the chapter 6 myself, the description of expected price action on severe Buy Violation by Taylor bears uncanny resemblance to today's market behaviour, once again reveals what great insights he had and remember this was over 50yrs back:)))).
It is just amazing day after day, just when you begin to think that today's markets perhaps are not meant for Taylor type analysis, the price action unfolds (like yesterday Sell Day) just as Taylor has outlined in his book. It is tryly full of Gems

Here is the Master himself:

"With the Book Trading we are concerned, only, with the Objective Points and we don’t care much whether the price goes straight up or down to reach them
Many times when we are expecting a decline and ‘feel’ sure the stock or future will decline, the price will hold tight near the top and use up most of the trading session in doing it, only to ‘roll over’ and decline near the close. [blue]The same with a rally, the stock or future will trade most of the session near the low, then rally near the close.[/blue] Don’t be impatient because the market, temporarily, seems to be going contrary to your Objective.

When accumulation is taking place in a stock, [blue]considerable buying would be done around a low point for a considerable period of time,[/blue] then when the floating supply is about bought up in and around this range of low prices, the price will move up to a higher range for further buying—when accumulation is completed at the lower and higher ranges—then the stock is in position for [its] upward move, for a top and distribution.
Very good rigel. Carry on!.
Yesterday's comments to subscribers were as follows:

"Today was a Sell day and even with this large gap down, markets were able to get back to the Buy Day Low. I must admit that I never thought it would, but the TTT odds did favor that scenario"

So far today momentum is taking the prices higher in order to produce a Positive 3 day Rally.

Will we reach the objectives, that is the ?????
The sell day high penetration levels have been reached
Originally posted by rigel

The sell day high penetration levels have been reached

and so far TF reached TTT and TTT MA levels and reversed right on Q

with divergence to boot and DP zone.

5-6 points is not bad :)

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screenhunter01 may 26 11 10
Glad it worked for you. What made you ignore TVGR this time around?.
I hope all you TTT traders had a good 2014 and I wish you all a better 2015