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Day Trading with TTT and other tools

Welcome to this new thread, where we can share trading ideas and our thoughts on the Taylor Trading Technique.

Anyone with questions on TTT, this is the place.
BV on a Sell day, good for 10-20pt scalps on Euromarkets, keeping mindful of the downtrend first target is Buy day Low.
should have worked out well on ESmini as well
Richbois, certainly feels like a Buy Day today at least in this first couple of hours here in Europe
Rich, Although I don't actively trade ESmini, I basically now only keep the Taylor spreadsheet for this market only, as all other behave in tandem with it.
Yesterday I believe the day session high was 1100 and low 1090, however before end of day the market fell to around 1081

Now when I plug in high/low values of day session only with the average projected and violation levels, the reversal at 1082 is spot on for todays trading.

Do you employ day session or include the globex high/lows as well in which case does that make a substantial difference to the readings regarding projected levels etc.
SELL DAY - A Buy Violation on FTSE- not strictly taylor , however price action dictates
darn thread Iam not getting notified of new posts.

Yes Rigel It was a great Buy Day specialy in Europe followed by a normal confusing Sell day

So far today the SS day is looking pretty textbook for DAX

As far as using Globex or Day session I use both and have seperate projections for each. I normally use the Day session numbers on smal minutes charts and Globex numbers on 240min or Range/Tick charts.

For Europe since it doesnt trade the full 24 hrs I use the full 16 hours of trading only as it seems to work well that way.
The sell days are certainly working better lately, ES back towards its support of 1080, if that breaks, that could be significant.

Also sell days have shown larger intraday ranges for the past several weeks.
European markets down over 150pts:))))))))))))))))))))
well this was a real nice SS day.

Both TF and ES failed to sustain a rally past the Sell day high and reversed hard.

If you didnt enter at the top you had a reversal up with an ABC patterm that gave you a second chance to short. Exit at previous low was enough profit for me
Well, on exit, did you have a huge smile on your face:)))

HB on ftse and dax this morning on a BUY day.
Well, on exit, did you have a huge smile on your face:)))

HB on ftse and dax this morning on a BUY day.
Originally posted by rigel

Well, on exit, did you have a huge smile on your face:)))

HB on ftse and dax this morning on a BUY day.

hard not to have a smile with that kind of trade :)
I hope all you TTT traders had a good 2014 and I wish you all a better 2015
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