anyone trying shorts??

Up here at 845 ES....S&P is holding back this rally today...where the HECK is my plus or (hopefully) minus 8 - 10 range? has everyone gone to 24 hour trading???
nice how they suckered in the 80% rule folks by one point...I suggest to anyone that we need to have some qualifier to exceed....for example a close at least 2.5 points below or above key numbers
on that 80%? I use the mean of the VA; If I get a close below/above I look
to stay long/short...just my 2cents
Yeah, was watching that and noticed how they did it to the "T" on the 30min and then immediate U-turned down ... was also testing the morning high tho too and ended up as a DT looking at 5min chart, reacting off that 901-902 area after quite a selloff-and-retracement in just "morning" trading (and NQ and Dow were lagging/draging on the way back up FWIW). Another woulda coulda shoulda didn't as I was planning to short off a retest of the high w/DT potential in mind. Was a tad snakebit after a couple of losses trying to get long at the bottom (stops were too tight). Anyway, just some observations.

Look at a 5min chart going back several days (RTH). got a bounce high at end of yday that roughly coincides with the DT formation so far today = potentially toppy short term and I'm looking at a break below 895 that holds to draw more sellers in further into the p.m. ... there's significant price action S/R level there along with Wkly PP. The wide "base" makes it a little more challenging it seems.
... and NQ needs to stay below 1400 ... and Dow below 8300
we have a ledge and a 60 minute high to target for anyone who caught a long......I'm far sellers unable to keep YM and nq below the lows of yesterday on that retest...another test will not be a good sign for longs today.......don't like initiating inside a large IB
The expected rebound i talked about yesterday appears to be in force. Now can they push it back to the 910 level, and 918 tomorrow? time will tell. Remember a significant low is likely next wed.
Frankly, the push below that 891 level yesterday should have led to a test of the bottom of the triangle 877-882. But 886.25 is all we get? very confusing.
910.75-911.00 is all i really expect to see today.
can't find any real reason that this shouldn't go get that 912.75...
as long as that key 901 - 903 holds this is gonna keep going...interesting how everyone got short in that area yesterday and today it seems they reversed in that zone to get volume profile is a mess today....
Just about perfect - perfectly wrong that is!