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anyone trying shorts??

Up here at 845 ES....S&P is holding back this rally today...where the HECK is my plus or (hopefully) minus 8 - 10 range? has everyone gone to 24 hour trading???
got rid of my 33.75 at 41.50.....will add to short ( have 36's and 40's) .. to target ledge still....45 -47 would be my ideal add point .....i feel we are sturggling know I am
stopped at b.e. on the other half...just sold again at 946.25
out half at 944.50...lowered stop to b.e. again...we'll see!
947 was important to me because it was twice the weekly IB.....add the 34 points to the high of 912.75 ( last Tues, wednesday RTH range) that is a retest of HV number at 41.50 would be very cool and make it a great day.....having kids has taught me patience......having bigger stops and bigger losses when I lose is actually a good thing..but the overnight usually just sucks for me and gets me in trouble

always like the 5 minute for triples and the one minute for the surge areas but that's about it on the usefulness of those time frames for me.....ledge still there and if real luckily they will let it cave in.....38 and 33 is the air - no price overlap as was mentioned already
and nice trading KOOL...nice projection also!!
well, i exited at 942.75 cause im a real short term scalper but lower to that 38 level would not surprise me ....will likely re short again as close to 945 as i can
obviously i could be wrong but i would expect a general down trend to continue thru most or all of tomorrow
as most know, I copy the notes I type here ( and others ideas) to an end of day journal in WORD. I know at times it seems like I'm just "talking to the wind" and I am.....

Todays journal will be titled " How to be 75% wrong and still be profitable ".

Just broke the ledge as I type...I find them better on true consolidation days.....but always good to know where they are..

if the ledge gives way they have single prints and then the 33 which attempted to start this rally
I agree Kool...we know they don't often gap it outside of the previous weeks range and keep going in one direction...we know the weekly pivot is a I prefer downside too
Originally posted by koolblue

obviously i could be wrong but i would expect a general down trend to continue thru most or all of tomorrow

well i posted last week i had the 3rd as alow so it makes sense...but time will tell! it is some what bearish to make a high early in the week (mon) and then head lower!..Thats the opposite of what we have seen for the last several weeks! incidently i bought puts up here so heres hoping!
Just about perfect - perfectly wrong that is!

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