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anyone trying shorts??

Up here at 845 ES....S&P is holding back this rally today...where the HECK is my plus or (hopefully) minus 8 - 10 range? has everyone gone to 24 hour trading???
also classic single prints at this area ( 900)..I made a mistake on my key volume is the 89 - 91 area.......posted incorrectly least we have a 30 minute below the hour low.....will post the "p" profile later
If im right about a triangle then this decline is b of an a,b,c, up to 918-920 to complete wave advised .50 of the move from 876.75 to 914 is 895.25 and .618 is 891.00
if we hadn't spent so much time above I would agree that buying might come in at fib levels but in this case I think the smart money is short..........and will go check out lower ASSumption is that was nothing more than a one day news related rally
Got below 905 and held for a short bit, then ran down to 900 without much of a bounce just sticking in that area ... now holding below 900 ... sellers are in charge ... took 2 trades (both scalps) short below 95, cut out at 91 ... next trade, the bounce up to 900 that failed and rolled for another short scalp of 3 pts. These levels were talked about by a variety of folks from a variety of trading approaches. THAT synergy and input from others here was confirmation to take the trades that concurred with my own levels and trading style ... so thanks folks, and good stuff!! Made up for some earlier losses.
low volume at 901.50 - 903.75 based on time but very high vertical if sellers are gonna win this that is the zone they will protect..
hey MM..I don't have 95 or 91 on my charts today.......yet !!!
Originally posted by BruceM

hey MM..I don't have 95 or 91 on my charts today.......yet !!!

Hey Bruce, you'd mentioned a ledge at 906.50 and I had 905 area as support that looked if penetrated and held, would bring in sellers. Also, your mention of a DT in place (and without it making another attempt at 914-15 which I had expected during RTH ... and Red had 914 projection that was hit premkt)... also the idea that it would be a range trading day with a bias to short the areas in 909-911 (give or take a bit) … the pitbull 4-5.5 price mentioned that the wkly R1 in same area, also mentioned on a post. And a couple of other things, added more pieces to the puzzle for me … along with some of the comments I posted with prices and what would draw sellers in … well, that’s what I call helpfully synergy with others’ inputs !!! Good stuff!!!

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BTW ... my price levels I had mapped can be seen on the last post of page 30 ... was working off that and other things and others' input. Hopefully the chart posted makes sense why/where I had those numbers coming into the day.
you meant 905 and it now...always helps with synergy.......great to have lots of folks thinking the same way...they gotta get closes above the 902 area ( 30 minute ) of course if any attempt at a rally is to happen......3 pm closes missed...if that low volume ( high vertical) has any power then we may actually see 89 - 91 today....

Just about perfect - perfectly wrong that is!

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