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anyone trying shorts??

Up here at 845 ES....S&P is holding back this rally today...where the HECK is my plus or (hopefully) minus 8 - 10 range? has everyone gone to 24 hour trading???
Monkey, check your email.
Thanks Joe ... and regarding the dbl post ... me not know.
all eyes on the possible 76 - 79 breakdown point......I have that and the bigger zone of 90 - 95..that incorporates the close gap from the overseas session when the US market was closed Monday...866 - 64 is next downside key if we roll over today...waiting for RTH session today..I expect a bigger range than normal as the "Floor" will try to make up some range with a holiday week...and the low range on friday this is not my chart ,thanks anonymouslt to the poster, monkey meat u can use the widest and narrowest spots on this large mp as supp's and res,along with tl's it is a pretty accurate view of the markets rest stops
I have a gap at 87.75 due to that this 96.75 is my 16 - 20 is up here to hopefully lean print implys trend so this is tricky fade today....air sits at 91 .25 for initial target.....on trend days I lose......FWIW!!
gap below the 900 everyone is trying to get too on longs.......
Thanks Iowa! The plus 20 and daily gap close is up here around 900 as you mentioned Bruce ... I shorted 99.50 w/stop a couple ticks above session hi ... and am wishing this thing would lose some of it's "buying juice." NQ was acting "toppy" in the 5 min chart too. If this doesn't offer breathing room very soon, will try to scratch it. Next potential price action resistance "zone" I have is 905.50-908 area.
Overnight we tested the 877 area which I had as a signif support price area ... it attempted a retest around the session's open and then headed straight up like a homesick angel. Just scratched trade for a few tick loss. Want to watch price action a little more and will be looking at that 905.50-908 area ... and if not held will be looking for weakness near 914 area (if it gets there)...wkly R1 and more signif price action Resistance there also.
got stopped at 99.75...trying again from 903.50.....trend days we can throw the Value areas and previous highs and lows out the other words , us faders lose.....watching this hour high carefully.....obviously the hour high would fail too on a normal trend day...lots of range so far.....but I'm not convinced yet of the classic trend day..need to see greater volume outside of that hour break..

reason I didn't let this run and took loss on first is the same reason I didn't sell a plus 8 - 10 and waited......the open was in the a key zone and we started moving quickly away from it.....sometimes the signs are there.......sometimes they are there and we just can't trade with them....
not the best way to put in a high so they may stop run those highs still..I still like that push at the 91 area...that goes on my radar if they don't get it back there today..and the 87.75

we can also throw the "window" away on trend days...useless......

almost a 30 point range which is very big given current ranges.......It doesn't seem like they want to buy above the 6o minute high so far....perhaps i'm just justifying my trade...
Just about perfect - perfectly wrong that is!

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