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anyone trying shorts??

Up here at 845 ES....S&P is holding back this rally today...where the HECK is my plus or (hopefully) minus 8 - 10 range? has everyone gone to 24 hour trading???
Originally posted by SPQR

As a side note to volatility, it'ld be worth looking into the 60 period RSI, Joe. Every swing big or small has divergence play and it reflects more accurately cyclicity.

(& I won't ask what you covered up there. ;)

Its interesting you say that about the 60 min. I find that I get the same signals on my 30 min than I do on the 60, but the stops are smaller and I am a bit closer on the 30 min.

The reason I started the 30 min was because I never figured out what to do with the first half hour on the chart. So I have 13 1/2 hour bars instead of on odd 1/2 and 6 whole hour bars.

And I covered with one point on those calls "near" the highs, now I'm short.
Yes, I remember you had some foul words for I believe you were also the same person who posted some huge draw down trade that many questioned in the ES jounal threads. Then you disappeared. I'm still waiting for the name of the group you were in that toured with the Grateful Dead. Your are opinions are welcome here as everyones are.

Originally posted by SPQR

We've had our words, Bruce (one more shot). But I agree. I say if we see price above the gap again, we're looking at a wedge and a breakout to the upside. No more than 910 if so, and a failed breakout then. My 2 cents.

trying from the 68.50 today based on my interpretation of Market for Vwap at 62-63 if lucky......a retest of 70.25 will take me out on this slow friday after noon..single prints at 65 area I'll begin to tighten up if given the chance
if memory serves Bruce it would have been a 180,000 dollar margin call!!!
by the way the room just shorted this 870 level, tho im of the opinion 6-8 handles higher by the close
thanks Kool...I just covered at 68.75..based on MD showing big bid volume but no selling gonna make this into a MD thread though..we still have a plus 8 - 10 that hasn't hit either so a good place to get out for me...
trying again from 71.25....after we hit the plus 8 to the tick...want that double 15 minute low and then the single print zone.....MD no value up here to me
hey red..that's a nice far !! that I can breathe....on the 5 minute this new high into the plus 8 showed much less Ask volume then the bid.....not sure if this thing will actually help me but willing to give it a good workout..67.25 is best fill so far...trying to hold as usual...
Originally posted by BruceM

hey red..that's a nice far !!

I see that, but the 5min. gives me a better look...
I could see it so good I put on my shades...

Just about perfect - perfectly wrong that is!

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