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anyone trying shorts??

Up here at 845 ES....S&P is holding back this rally today...where the HECK is my plus or (hopefully) minus 8 - 10 range? has everyone gone to 24 hour trading???
no doubt a poor read on the market for me today...I guess this is what happens when you get a late start some days...was greedy on last trade when they ran out the ledge and it cost me on runners....will be watching the 904.50 - 907 area..all longs trying to get that gap filled in from 5- 12 and THEY know what you want so I'd be careful up here....
my last try is from 02.75..going lite as I'm off today
I shorted into the break of that high at 914 ....trying to tagte the gap close, and if lucky the 901 - 903

key areass for me today


901 - 903

trying in day session now from the 13.75...have air on chart down near 910..will add on a plus 8 -10 zone near overnight high if needed
secondary target now becomes the 07.50 area as it is near the opening range, the Va high from Monday and a volume thrust which confirms interest in an area on the lots of folks interested in that.....yesterday they borrowed my money on 2 out of three trades.....a net loss on Monday.....I never assume they will just run it on a day after fades tend to work better and we can recoup....we had huge ticks up there..the key zone at 12- 15 , the plus 4 - 5.5......the overnight high wasn't far R1 area was nearby...a weekly number...

now all we need is that "air" to fill in a bit more and the 07.50 should be doable
the only thing now that will change my bias will be a close ( 30 minute) above the 60 minute high but I'm not buying today..that double top is the only concern as it doesn't show any rush for traders to initiate shorts....I still like selling the rallies though
a ledge below 8.75..FWIW
$ticks hitting lows...should go good for ledge run out
Nice initial short entry this morning Bruce ... hope you booked some decent profits on that one ... was out today and wished I'd been in the thick of it here and on the thread. If all goes well, will be back in the saddle hopefully tomorrow (Wed).
Thanks was a much better day then yesterday......sometimes it's just good to know what way we shouldn't be trading ( for me that was the long side today) and stick to the signals of our bias....I find that days after what most consider to be a trend are the better days to fade.....
Just about perfect - perfectly wrong that is!

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