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anyone trying shorts??

Up here at 845 ES....S&P is holding back this rally today...where the HECK is my plus or (hopefully) minus 8 - 10 range? has everyone gone to 24 hour trading???
by the way when i say wave 5 , that would just complete wave one up of the expected 5 waves out of the daily tringle i pointed out yesterday! time will tell!
just to put things in proper perspective to on the bigger picture, were enjoying the biggest short term rally off that 666 in 35 years! And yet not a day goes by that we dont see leading and ending diagonals, a-b-c's and triangles! this whole rally is one after another! Those of course are corrective waves! DOESNT BODE WELL FOR THE LONG TERM PICTURE! Never saw that in 87, or 2000 or any other major decline that i can remember! AND weve gone up what 35-40 % in 12 weeks or so? freakin amazing!
es trying to lead us higher but so far YM and Nq not buying it
spx cash peak so far...953.88! semi- bingo! lol
Originally posted by koolblue

I should also point out that this appears to be a wave 4 , with eventually wave 5 expected to peak some where around 953? Of course any thing can happen but once again i see a possible triangle forming on the 5 min chart. If so then we are in wave d up right now! if its a normal a-b-c correction then c=a at 939.50! this will be interesting........BINGO?!?!...ACTUAL PROJECTION WAS 952.75

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and so the battle rages against last weeks high.....all probabilities filled in this week....didn't catch any long side today though..still trying to sell these rallies for that 38.50.......hopefully IB isn't messing with me..High volume at 44 is magnet price for shorts to beat
volume finally at a good clip for trading september..trying from the 50.25 as per september now...44.50 is first highs will take my money
need to see this 30 minute close below that old high from last week..which will hopefully be below the 60 minute high
Just about perfect - perfectly wrong that is!

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