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anyone trying shorts??

Up here at 845 ES....S&P is holding back this rally today...where the HECK is my plus or (hopefully) minus 8 - 10 range? has everyone gone to 24 hour trading???
lots of 30 minute closes at 81 - 82 area friday...that would be a minus 10 off open print area per today.......30 minute closes slightly above open but below conflicts there...need to see at least 2.5 and preferably 5 points as a qualifier...there gonna get a range from Friday ( high or low) plus 4 -5.5 does that....just some thoughts.....on how I view this FWIw...ym trying to lead up so I favor the shorts still..let see what the 10:30 close can do...critical...
Have price action resistance level at 895-897 area w/900 as next resistance ... which coincide with the open + 4-5.5 and + 8-10 areas. Don't know if the potential trade has been negated by any factors.
we are getting closes above fridays highs on the 30 minute...I'd prefer to see closes below that and thursdays highs to short , then we need closes below the 60 minute high and the open to kep us far no signs of that ...till then shorts will be on the wrong side and long traders will win....I have no trade yet.....
there's the signal at 96.50...don't like this one...never do though!!
Just looking at the 30 min chart beginning in the overnight session through this morning up until current ... has been trending up strongly with few and small pullbacks. ES and Dow have flattened out a bit on the 5 min chart some for past hour and a half or so ... but still "holding up" ... as is the NQ. Have resistance up here as mentioned above, but price isn't backing off much at all as of yet. Still seeing strength for now ... even tho have 900 as signif resistance ... and I think Koolblue has a projection to 902-904 area. I'm on sidelines after a couple of long scalps for some pocket change this morning. Don't want to step in front of a freight train, even tho it's a grinder right now.
i took a 1.75 point loss and trying again from the plus 10........had good triples to target but would like the 96 retest to tighten ...for some strnge reason I tink they want it to roll over.....Don't like grinds up when volume diminishes...get caught on those sometimes...we gotta traverse the volume created with the push into the plus 10

EDIT : I closed out initial trade becasue the 30 minute created an outside bar to the upside and closed above the key level
samllest 15 minute bar sits at the high...not sure that will be enough to roll us over though....I'm hoping they don't try to testthe low of that bar in this low volume trade
getting impatient...would like to see a 2:30 close down here..on my one minute data I have a gap way down at 889.....these happen on low volume days but I have had IB data problems before..can anyone confrim when they have time if anybody is out there..I certainly donot like how they are consolidting above Thursdays and Fridasy highs.......this shows acceptance but too much time without movement is no good either...we need some volume.....hey Joe, put down that fishing pole and fire up your is my 96.25 retest....?? Not a good sign
us MP folks have ledges and Single prints below
market made a plus 1400 $tick and new high on the day yet ES didn't get new highs...I would of expected new highs on that thrust if I was on longside
Just about perfect - perfectly wrong that is!

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